Ford Focus

Are You Driving One of the Most Popular Ford Vehicles in Illinois?

If you’re one of the eight-and-a-half million licensed drivers in the state of Illinois you represent one of the most focused concentrations of domestic vehicles in the continental United States. Call it a bi-product of the being part of the nation’s heartland, but there’s a surprising concentration of showings from Toyota, Honda and Nissan (among other imports) when comparing Illinois registrations to that of other states. Granted those automakers hold the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th spots (respectively) but fail to reappear throughout the rest of the list. Simply put: Ford, Chevy, and FCA offerings make up the lion’s share of Illinois’ most popular vehicles.

So if you find yourself seeking out a Ford dealership in Illinois, there’s a fairly good chance you’re looking to purchase a vehicle which rates among the most popular in the state. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 5 Most Popular Ford vehicles in the Prairie State, and what the current model year offerings serve up to interested buyers.


Ford Focus

Is anyone else surprised to learn that Focus is Ford’s most popular offering in the state of Illinois? Coming in at #7 the Focus speaks to both economy and sensibility while managing to have a little bit of fun doing it. In fact, if you were surprised that the Focus would rate so high, you might want to get to know the 4th generation Focus a little better.


Ford Taurus

As one of Ford’s most enduring offerings, the (now) full-size Taurus sedan has taken a number of forms over the years. Taking the 8th spot in Illinois most popular, it earns a solid standing and even manages to outrank the industry-leading F-150 truck. Now in its final year, here’s a closer look at where the Taurus stands and how it got here.


Ford F-150

Consider for a moment that the F-150 is not just the best-selling truck of all time, but the best-selling of any vehicle, regardless of segment. Now consider the fact that the F-150 barely makes the Top 10 list of Illinois favorites. That’s not a knock, it’s just a surprise, that it would rank so low. Here’s where the F-150 is headed in 2019 across its variant lineup.


Ford Explorer

Widely-recognized as Ford’s prevailing SUV offering, the Explorer, falls in at #12. Priced accessibly, there’s really no surprise that it stands as the most popular SUV in the state. What’s surprising, is that it (and other SUV offerings) fail to rank higher, especially with its enticing styling. Here’s a look at the Explorer, as it stands, for the current model year.


Ford Escape

For us, #14 counts as another relative surprise in the rankings. While we make no major criticisms of the Escape, we find it somewhat indicative of Ford’s uninspired lineup of crossovers and SUV’s. So what makes the Escape so popular? Perhaps it’s the fact that, like the Explorer, it’s a more traditional realization of the segment. Lacking the divisive styling of the Ecosport or the Flex, it serves to bookend Ford’s traditional offerings (disregarding the line-topping Expedition). Here’s a full breakdown of the 2018 Escape…

Considering Ford’s recent announcement that they’ll be overhauling their lineup of cars, it’ll be interesting to see how such changes will impact Illinois registrations in the years to come. One thing is for sure, though…if you own (or are looking to own) any of these vehicles, you are not alone.