March Automotive Highlights

  Here we are back again with Auto Influence in this week’s round of automotive news expanded to cover some of the other highlights from the month of March. FORD Twitter wars are nothing new, even within the automotive landscape. But if there have been any pairings of warring automakers who have proven most interesting […]

Headlines at the Geneva Motor Show

  Here we go, AutoInfluence is back with coverage of the Geneva Auto Show, and some of the top automotive news headlines that have surrounded it. So let’s get down to it. Kicking things off, speculation is swirling regarding the possibility of Ford’s decision to bridge the gap between their base EcoBoost engine, and the […]

KIA: Putting Safety First in 2019

    Of all the engineering and technology-centric advances made in automotive technology, none might be more universally appreciable than the evolution of safety features. Cliched sentiment aside, our vehicles really do carry our the most precious of cargo, be it our loved ones, or our very own lives. But it’s not the automakers that […]