Buick Luxury or Honda Essentials?

Choosing Between The 2019 Buick Encore vs 2019 Honda HR-V Trying to decide between the 2019 Buick Encore vs 2019 Honda HR-V? You’re essentially choosing between a luxury compact SUV and a more simply-built subcompact SUV. While the Encore is more expensive, it offers numerous standard features and incredible luxury touches. However, the 2019 Honda […]

Which GMC SUV Reigns Supreme

Being tasked with exploring the lineup of GMC SUVs is, in many ways, an exercise in giving credit where it’s due. In 2019, it’s basically pointless to argue the enduring appeal of the SUV segment, be it directed at traditional full-size offerings or those of the modern crossover format. Even if (like me) you’re rarely […]

Exploring the 2019 KIA Sorento

In a world growing evermore saturated with competitive crossovers and SUVs of various sizes, it goes without saying that it has gotten progressively more difficult for any offering to stand out. But the 2019 KIA Sorento almost seems to make it look easy and, after almost two decades and three generations, the Sorento only seems […]

Are Days Numbered for JLR?

    Today on AutoInfluence, we look at Jaguar Land Rover, their last decade of ownership under Tata Motors and the questionable nature of their longterm viability. Just over ten years have passed since the June 2, 2008 acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover by Tata Motors for a cool $2.3 billion dollar ‘all-cash’ transaction. At […]

Choosing Used is Choosing Smart

  In a world where the idea of $100K trucks is becoming more commonplace, one can’t help but think back to a simpler time when trucks were accessibly-priced, and designed simply to ‘get the job done’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the thorough and well-realized offerings that continually elevate the truck segment […]

March Automotive Highlights

  Here we are back again with Auto Influence in this week’s round of automotive news expanded to cover some of the other highlights from the month of March. FORD Twitter wars are nothing new, even within the automotive landscape. But if there have been any pairings of warring automakers who have proven most interesting […]

Headlines at the Geneva Motor Show

  Here we go, AutoInfluence is back with coverage of the Geneva Auto Show, and some of the top automotive news headlines that have surrounded it. So let’s get down to it. Kicking things off, speculation is swirling regarding the possibility of Ford’s decision to bridge the gap between their base EcoBoost engine, and the […]