5 Reasons Why the 2016 Kia Cadenza is a Luxury-Loaded Sedan

The 2016 Kia Cadenza is one of the more refined and luxurious designs out there, and it shows. It’s not one of those vehicles where you only realize just how comfort-oriented and refined the vehicle is when you get on the inside; it’s shown on the outside as well. The luxurious nature of the Cadenza is the first thing you notice when you see this car, and it follows up with an interior that’s just as comfortable.

Saying the 2016 Kia Cadenza is a refined vehicle is an understatement; it’s like having a gigantic hand-crafted expensive feather-down pillow on wheels. Which is just as comfortable and well-made on the inside as it is on the outside. 

Exterior Design

If you took the Kia logo away on this Cadenza and slapped a BMW logo on it; you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. That’s the level of luxury the outside of this sedan is sitting on. The front-end is poised and narrow, with a single tight-lipped grille sitting in the center. On each side of the grille are sleek and angular headlights that can be fashioned with either LED bulbs or High-Intensity Discharge Headlights. The available HID headlights have Dynamic Bending Light that will adjust the headlamps based on the steering angle, speed, and body pitch. Which allows the driver to have a perfect visual of the road no matter what position the car is in.

The rounded front-end melts into a hood that’s just as rounded, with ridges on both sides for added aesthetic appeal and aerodynamic efficiency. This appealing curvature continues over the sloped windshield, and up onto the roof; where a dual panel sunroof is present. The back of the Cadenza’s most appealing feature are the dual exhaust pipes that poke out the bottom of the rear-bumper, adding a touch of sporty appeal to an already luxurious looking design. The tail-lights on the back are just as sleek and angular as the headlights in the front, and the elongated slope of the rear windshield neatly tucks the back end together.

For an added touch, there is a raised ridge that runs along each side of the Cadenza. It starts at the back-end of the front quarter panel, and runs through the doorhandles to the tail-lights. The result? A sedan that has the same luxurious appeal as a high-end model like a BMW.

Interior Comfort

You can tell from looking at the Kia Cadenza that it’s going to be a luxurious car on the inside, but it still doesn’t prepare you for just how luxurious it really is in there. From the heated steering wheel to the 16-way adjustable driver’s seat, the Cadenza has been designed too make you as comfortable as possible going down the road.

The interior of the 2016 kia Cadenza is generous when it comes to space, with 106.8 cu-ft of total passenger volume. The Cadenza has 15.9 cu-ft of cargo volume, which is plenty of room to hold supplies for a short trip to the beach. The Cadenza has plenty of head room too, with over 3 feet in the front and back, plenty of space for taller people. Too help compliment this headroom, it also has almost 4 feet of legroom in the front, along with over 3 feet of legroom in the back. Shoulder and hip room are similar, and come in at over 4 feet.

With all that space, it’s easy to see why this is such a comfortable interior. The features that compliment this spacious cabin only make it an even more luxurious vehicle. The first thing you will notice getting inside is how bright and open it feels; which is thanks to the dual-panel sunroof that gives front and back passengers the feeling of added space. After you’ve turned your attention away from the sunroof, you will notice the seats you are sitting in. The Nappa Leather Seat trim is what makes it feel like you are sitting on a pile of the fluffiest stuffed animals, and the fact they can be heated takes their comfort to the next level. Even the back seats on the outside can be heated, which is relatively unheard of for most vehicles. They aren’t just heated, either, but vented as well. That way, on a hot summer day the seats will circulate air through the perforations to keep you nice and cool.

As a final addition, the chrome accents and wood trim will provide a refined aesthetic touch, especially when coupled with the contrasting two-tone interior. These luxury features, along with many more, combine to provide this sedan with an interior that feels like you’ve stepped into a posh mansion.

Technology for your Entertainment

The 2016 Kia Cadenza also has state-of-the-art technology that aims to not only provide you with safety, but the latest in entertainment as well. The first and most noticeable feature is the Infinity Surround Sound Audio System. This surround sound system has 12 speakers that run throughout the entirety of the vehicle. They provide the Kia Cadenza with clear and crisp highs, which are backed up by deeply rich bass tones for a concert-like experience.

There’s nothing more fun (and safe) than being able to control your music with your voice, and that’s exactly what the UVO eServices Infotainment system does. Not only does it allow you to control your music through your voice, but your phone as well.

The Cadenza is also able to offer it’s drivers to 12-volt power outlets in the front of the vehicle, in order to keep whatever it is you need charged and ready to go, which brings me to the 4th reason.

Technology for your Convenience

A big part of luxury is having a comfortable atmosphere, but also features in that atmosphere that will make your life easier. This is where features like power-operated mirrors, push button start, dual-zone automatic climate control, auto defrost systems, and an auto dimming rearview mirror come in. On top of these more basic convenience features, the Cadenza also sports some technology that makes your life easier in other ways. Such as a power-operated rear window shade, which ensures that the passengers will be able to stay cool during the hot summer months.

These are only some of the more prominent technology features that are available in the 2016 Kia Cadenza, and there are many more that are ready and waiting to make your life easier.

Like Riding on a Cloud

The 5th reason why the Cadenza is such a luxurious vehicle is because of the way it handles. Thanks to the comfortable interior, and advances in engineering design, driving the Cadenza is like riding on a cloud. The engineering innovations provide a way to reduce noise and vibration inside the cabin, so that riding in the Cadenza is as quiet and smooth as possible.

Like I said before, the outside of the 2016 Kia Cadenza is styled to reveal what lies beneath. Which is an interior loaded with luxurious features; like the Infinity sound system, Nappa leather heated seats, and other features mentioned (and not mentioned) that make this smooth-riding sedan feel more like your living room couch than a sedan.   

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