4 Things to Know About the Kia K900

As an introduction into the world of luxury vehicles, Kia premiers the K900 among the first class executives and seasoned veterans. As its first ever luxury sedan, Kia’s entrance into this world is both bold and ambitious.  The K900 is a full size rear wheel drive V8 featuring an 8 speed transmission. Having already won numerous accolades in luxury sedan categories and vehicle satisfaction, the K900 is proving its worth among the best on the road.  See why your Kia dealer in Miami is excited to show off the K900.

The Power

While the K900 looks like it belongs in the luxury sedan world, what we know for sure is looks aren’t everything.  It’s powertrain better be able to stand up to its competition.  Kia is pleased to announce that it does.

Introducing a new transmission to the Kia family, the K900 now dons an electronically controlled 8 speed shift by wire transmission.  Sitting on a steel frame with completely separate front and rear suspension, its said to offer a higher quality ride than both its BMW and Lexus counterparts.

As the most powerful Kia ever, the K900 boasts a 5.0L V8 engine with 420 horsepower and 376 lb/ft of torque.  Running with power, but keeps a cool and quiet full throttle as well as idle which competes with others in its class.  Its understated power takes full advantage of what’s under the hood as it gets to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

With a combined EPA total of 18 mpg, the fuel economy is average for this size sedan boasting such equipment.  The craftsmanship to engineering of the K900 leaves nothing to guess how exquisite this ride is.

Even More Luxury in Two Trims

Competition is fierce in the world of luxury sedans.  Names like Mercedes, BMW and Lexus can be both daunting and intimidating, but that doesn’t stop Kia.  Entering the field with a Christmas list full of amenities, the K900 doesn’t stop short of providing the utmost in luxury and comfort.

Kia is confident the K900 will change perceptions of consumers whose eyes once fixed on a European market will now be enticed to try something different. Still more affordable than its classmates, it does hold the highest price tag in the Kia family.  With that comes the details in comfort and luxury that is to be expected from the major players, but resides in the Kia name.

Offering only two trims, the K900 is loaded with extra goodies regardless of trim.  Style, ease, and exuberance are all celebrated.  Kia dressed their first luxury sedan to impress.  With soft leather seating comparable to your living room sofa, sound quality as clear as a studio.  Side mirrors that not only signal your turn, but fold in so as to avoid bumps or bruises.  Sometimes its the little things that add are the most appreciated.  The quality of the drive is so smooth and quiet it reminds you that it’s not the destination, but truly the journey.

Premium Trim

2015 K900 interior

The Premium Trim package is base package, but there is absolutely nothing basic about this.  Starting with with a power trunk which allows you to open or close trunk with ease at the push of a button.  No force necessary, the remote access takes care of the process for you.

Adding comfort wherever possible, ventilated leather seats circulate air through perforations to keep the driver cool and calm under any situation in any weather climate.

The K900 showcases top of the line technology on an interface that has 9.2 inches of clear display.  Offering voice command to remain hands free while using your cell phone, controlling your music or directing navigation, the touchscreen interface keeps up to date traffic information through SiriusXM.

A panoramic sunroof also provides shade on days when the sun is just a bit too bright.  A parking guide system uses ultrasonic sensors to alert driver when an object appears in its way while maneuvering in and out of parking.

Luxury Trim

Coming with all the Premium trim has to offer, the Luxury trim gets into even bigger details with a Lexicon Surround Sound System.  At 900 watts with 17 speakers located throughout the vehicle the goal of enhancing the passengers auditory experience is achieved.  It shouldn’t even be surprising to find yourself driving around just for the pure enjoyment of listening to the clear quality of sound.  From Beethoven to the Wiggles, the Lexicon Sound System provides the very best in listening quality.

To ensure optimum visibility, a Supervision Thin Film Transistor LCD provides clear, crisp resolution illuminating a full meter display.

Highlighting safety, blind spot monitoring is available in the luxury trim.  Alerting the driver with either auditory or visual signals when an object is detected in your blind spots.  Decals appear on the side and rear view mirrors to visually alert you in extra safety prevention.

Expanding comfort to the backseat guests are controls that allow passengers to dictate their own lumbar support, air conditioning and preference on heated or ventilated seats.

LeBron Loves It

2015 K900 LeBron

You may or may not have seen the LeBron James endorsement for the K900 or even that Kia made a special edition in his namesake.  The Spring of 2015 LeBron James became Kia’s official Ambassador of Luxury for the K900 with the campaign entitled, “Fit For a King”.

Here’s the reason why:  Kia is the official automotive sponsor of the NBA.  When LeBron James won MVP of the NBA, he was so impressed driving Kia’s K900 that he asked if they could make him a special edition.  Who wouldn’t jump (ha!) at that chance?

Playing on Biblical terms, The King James Edition Kia K900 is custom everything from paint color to reclining rear seats.  Sitting on 22” on Monoblock Alloy wheels, Alcantara suede interior, tinted windows and a Lexicon Logic 7 audio system, its finishing touches included “LBJ” icons on the headrests and an exterior paint color in a flashy pearl red metallic.  The specific “King James Edition” was auctioned off with all proceeds going to Wheels of Education, sponsored by the LeBron James Family Foundation.

Love him or hate him, LeBron James is everywhere and most recently making headlines in Hollywood studios.  Asking fans to accept his new role as an actor as well makes LeBron the perfect spokesperson for Kia as they become accepted into the world of luxury sedans.

Wins Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

The summer of 2015 the K900 ranked among the top in the AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards, specifically in the luxury car category and won the coveted President’s Award.  The President’s Award goes to the vehicle which achieves the highest VSA score (vehicle satisfaction).  In the 19 year history of the VSA, this is only the third time the President’s Award has been given, so for it to have been awarded to a vehicle in its first year is quite impressive.  Little other proof is necessary to prove that Kia is developing vehicles that are standing up to competition.

Everybody has to start somewhere and the K900 is a great place for Kia to begin.  Having done enough to garner a large amount of respect in recent years with the sincere dedication to cleaner production, development of the successful Soul EV, which eventually will have a wireless charge, Kia has proven it deserves to play with the big kids.


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