Used Car Prices at All-Time High

Buyers often target used vehicles because of the reasonable price tags. However, that financial incentive is slowly being reduced, as a recent report showed that used car prices are increasing. How much are they climbing? The average used car price (which we’ll get to later) is expected to reach an all-time high! Regardless of […]

The Chevy Chase

No, not the actor. The Chevy Chase is my own unique search for my ideal Chevy. The trouble is, this iconic brand has been churning out cars, both classic and cutting-edge, for generations. Choosing just one is impossible. Well, maybe not impossible, but certainly not a task that I’m up to – after all – […]

Hyundai’s Hybrid Ambitions

The automotive industry is fueled by competition, with innovation the intended result. Perhaps the most competitive segment right now, one that requires ultimate innovation and outside-the-box type of thinking is the hybrid and alternatively-fueled vehicle segment. And it seems every automaker wants a piece of the action. Take the latest green-hued automotive new from Hyundai… […]

Chevy’s Aluminum Ambitions

In a classic spin on “Follow the Leader,” we have received word that one leader in the automotive world is following closely on the aluminum heels of another. Chevy is right behind Ford in its plans to rebuild its lineup, specifically the Chevrolet Silverado, out of aluminum materials. This, after Ford successfully risked re-crafting its […]