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The Best Times to Service Your Car

Generally speaking buyers just know when is the best time of year to buy certain items.  For instance, let’s say you want to buy a big ticket item, like a television or computer, smart shoppers know to wait for the after Christmas sales to purchase these items.

Should it be the same for cars?  Is there a time of year, or season or even day that it is best to service your car?  We all know that there are definitely times when you have to pay closer attention to car repair Cincinnati, but can we be more specific than that?  

Breaking it down to even the appropriate time of the day can give us a lot of insight into when the best time is to get your car serviced.  

Time of the Season

Getting your car ready for winter should you live in a snowy climate, is an absolute must.  Whether or not you even need snow tires, your car still needs extra maintenance to ensure it will run properly for you throughout the season.  


Like most things in life, it is a good idea to be ahead of the curve ball.  If you know you want to get your car serviced and ready for the winter, make the appointment for the fall.  

Also, let the auto body shop know what you are specifically going to be expecting while you are there.  This way they will be prepared with exactly what you want and or need which will eliminate any surprises and lessen the chance of return visits.  

Another bonus to booking your service appointment earlier in the season is that if you wait till the winter months arrive then you will be competing with other people who have waited.

Competing for time from a technician means they can raise rates, or just won’t have the time that an earlier appointment to really check things out would’ve afforded.  You want to avoid this.  


Summer months is another busy time for mechanics.  As the warm weather approaches, the entire population feels that rush to get outside and explore.  

The winter months are long and the feeling of being out on the open road, singing your heart out to your favorite tunes with the windows down is unbeatable.   

As people start preparing their cars for vacations, trips to beaches and lakes and small journeys, their cars need a lot of attention.  Auto repair shops are always busy in the late spring and summer months.  


Like before, make your appointment earlier in the season to avoid the competitive rush.  Unlike the winter where you may not have better things planned with your snowy, already dark afternoon, the precious sunlight and warm weather of the spring and summer lure you outside and you can think of 15 things you would rather be doing than waiting for your car to be serviced.  

Avoid this by making the appointment in the early spring.  April is said to be less busy due to it being tax month and those who owe won’t have the extra money necessary for auto servicing.  

Being that you will have already made your appointment, you’ll have saved the appropriate amount of money and will be prepared. Again, the technician will appreciate your readiness and will have more time to provide the attention it needs.  

Eight Days a Week

Technician working in auto shop

Just like with season and months, there are appropriate times of the week that will also be better for auto service as well.  If your auto repair shop is open on the weekends then you should be aware of the fact that that’s when they will be busiest, which is why they are open on weekends.  Busy is good for business.  

Avoid Weekends

However, being that you are trying optimize your time with your technician, the weekend will not be your best bet.  It’s understandable that this time is most likely what is going to work for you, as most people don’t work on weekends, but if you can avoid Fri-Sun, it would be best.  

Earlier In the Week Is Best

That being said, it only leaves four other days to choose from.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as a very general rule, tend to be less busy.  However, given the popularity and normally flow of your auto repair shop, there may not be a day that is slow.  If you know this shop is usually busy, ask them which day is their slowest and try to get in for that day.  

Do remember this: while it may be frustrating to have to wait for your appointment, or plan one further away than you wanted, a busy shop is usually the sign of good business so it may be worth the wait.  Finding a good auto repair shop is like finding gold.  

If you call during a Monday, the chances are better that they can fit you in for an early or mid week appointment.  Being that auto repair shops get busier as the week progresses, you may not be able to get an appointment till the following week should you choose not to call until mid week.  

Morning Has Broken

Businesswoman driving car

Of course there is a right time of day as well.  You can see the direction I was going in.  You got this figured out and as you properly assumed from the previous two sections, the earlier is better.  

Drop Off the Night Before 

As technicians have to prioritize which vehicle to work on first, they will usually choose the one that is first available and whose parts are all available.  Being that you made this appointment a while ago and expressed what you want looked at, your reliable auto body shop was able to order the correct parts in time for your arrival.  

If it is possible to bring your car in the night before and leave your keys in a drop box, then this is ensuring the technician won’t have to wait to get started on your car.  No one wants their time wasted.  

Avoid Late Day Repairs

A good time of day to avoid is late evening.  If you are looking to bring your car in right before they close and want it serviced, well, I hopefully don’t have to tell you this is poor practice.  

They, too, want to get home to enjoy dinner with their families and your car may be rushed through so they can do this.  Everyone understands this is a job and I’m not suggesting anyone is going to provide less service, but if you are looking to optimize your technician’s services, then cater to them.  

Come back the next morning.  Oh, and fresh doughnuts never hurt either.  Everyone loves something sweet.  

Be a Good Customer 

What all this comes down to, is there is a good time to visit your auto body shop and that is when you’re prepared for it.  Work on developing a good reputation with your auto body technician.  

Be mindful of their time and courteous of their busy schedules.  

Being conscientious about timing proves you care about your vehicle as well as valuing their work on it.  Your reputation as a customer and their reputation as an auto body shop goes a long way in  maintaining a healthy vehicle.  

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