Car Buying on Amazon? Ridiculous, or Genius?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have the option between having a root canal performed, or heading down to your local dealership to buy a new car. Allow those two options to sink in, while you weigh out the pros and cons of each one individually. Both of these options are likely to leave you in a tremendous amount of pain, require a ridiculously uncomfortable procedure to complete, and will have you questioning your faith in humanity for weeks, if not months, after completion. Despite the fact that one ends with a brand new car parked in your driveway, and the other with no sort of pleasurable outcome, a recent study found that more people preferred enduring a root canal, over having to step foot in a dealer showroom. Perhaps it is for this reason, that the number one online marketplace is beginning to offer shoppers the chance to buy new cars, while simultaneously stocking their pantry with Prime goodies.


Amazon Prime Keeps Getting Better

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for buyers to order their Christmas gifts with free two-day shipping. What started out as a regular old consumer website, has spiraled into a one-stop shopping experience that is the answer to every recluse’s prayer. Out of toilet paper? Need a shower curtain before your evening shower? Can’t send your husband out for emergency feminine supplies? Amazon has capitalized on the laziness of Americans and their desire to get what they want, when they want it. Thanks to new services from the online consumer giant, you can place an online order in the morning, and receive your shipment before the sun sets that evening. Convenience at its very best, Amazon is the perfect excuse to stay in and drink that bottle of wine in your PJs, while the rest of the world is busy going about its daily routine.

Even more amazing than same day delivery for an impressive amount of products, Amazon is beginning to offer car buyers the chance to procure their newest vehicle from the same, convenient website they already depend on so heavily. For now, the French are serving as the Amazon-auto guinea pigs, while we get to sit back and see whether this endeavor is a good one, or a complete failure.

For its initial test run, Amazon is teaming up with Seat, a Spanish automaker no one has ever heard of. Apparently, the Mii compact car is meant to appeal to women drivers, which is fitting for an online sales site. As a woman myself, I can’t argue with their logic that more women will be signing into their Amazon Prime accounts and ordering up a brand new car, then their male counterparts. I can’t imagine too many men sitting in the late night glow of their television set, feeling the urge to click the “Buy It Now” button on their Amazon shopping cart, just after popping a handful of M&Ms into their mouth, while simultaneously wiping away a red-wine mustache. Before you dish out sexism accusations, try and picture the man in your life in the above scenario. If you can’t at least smile at the ridiculous notion, then go right ahead and dish away. I probably deserve it.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with my assessment of a woman’s trigger-happy online buying habits, the future of car buying is coming to Amazon here in the U.S. For the sake of my husband and every other person who resides with a wine-induced impulse-buyer, let’s hope it has plenty of cryptic security questions and four-digit passcodes on the happy path to new car ownership.

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