2017 Chevrolet Traverse Crossover Beats Out Performance

The Mid-Life Crisis…Crossover? Why Practicality Beats Out Performance

Ah, the mid-life crisis. The perfect excuse to throw caution to the wind, and indulge yourself in frivolous expenses and the purple highlights you always wanted but didn’t think you could actually pull off. Well, here you are – fifty years old and proudly displaying your violet-tinged hair, and red-bottomed heels from behind the wheel of your brand new, fully-loaded…crossover.

The Chevy dealer where you purchased your newest set of wheels was just as surprised as your anxious friends, when you pulled up in a practical family car, and not the red-hot Corvette you had lusted after all these years. So, what gives? What made you opt for functionality over the thrill of a powerful V8 sports car? While you might still be asking yourself the same question, we can help shine some light on your oh-so-unexpected buying decision.

Seriously, Though – A Crossover?

As it turns out, drivers who are experiencing the first throes of a mid-life crisis in 2016, are more likely to choose a car for functionality over performance. As a Millennial, I still can’t wrap my head around a conversation I recently had with my Dad. A 55-year old retired business owner, my dad could walk into a Maserati dealership and buy a 2017 Gran Turismo in cash, without blinking an eye. Must be nice, right? It would be nice, if he actually exercised his right to zoom through his later years in a car that would make him the envy of everyone he encountered – but he didn’t. On that rainy afternoon last September, he told me without a doubt, that his next car would be a minivan. A minivan? Are you KIDDING me?!  A minivan – the kind with the seats that fold at the push of a button, with coolers built into the floor, and enough room for his dogs to comfortably spread out for longer trips. As he continued to envision his dream car aloud, I continued to fight my gag reflex, which was growing increasingly persistent with each word my dad spoke. A minivan?

While I didn’t express my surprise verbally, I am certain that my uncontrolled facial expression conveyed my utter shock and awe at his nonsensical revelation. Our discussion not only left me baffled in a way that I had not ever been before, it triggered a desire to explore this phenomena further. As it turns out, by dad might not actually be losing his mind.

The Newest Trend in Mid-Life Crises

A study conducted last year by Ipsos Public Affairs, found that drivers approaching their mid-life crisis years, were just as likely to choose an SUV or minivan as they were to buy a sports car. As it turns out, people in my dad’s generation are more active than those who came before them. Finding a vehicle that is practical for an on-the-go lifestyle regularly wins out over the performance and status delivered by a 2017 Chevy Corvette or Camaro.

While my dad might not be alone in his crazed dream to bring a minivan home in his late fifties, he certainly isn’t going to convince this Millennial to jump on his mid-life soccer-mom crisis. Not a chance.

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