Is The New ‘Vette Worth The Upgrade?

  With the turn of the century, it is only appropriate that America’s favorite car company releases another edition of their revered sports car. The Corvette has been an iconic American car since it’s debut in 1953. There is, however, something different about the newest edition of the Corvette. Most cars don’t get the opportunity […]

More Than Words: A Look at Frank Kent Culture

Their mission is both simple and worded succinctly. To paraphrase, their employees, customers, and community are their most valuable assets. They consider it their responsibility to provide a professional atmosphere founded on sound business ethics, honesty, and integrity. That philosophy has been the foundation of their business since 1935. It’s unlikely that you’d associate such […]

A Quick History Behind the 2020 Chevy Spark

  Whether it’s stadiums of competitive video game fans cheering for the most dominating gamers in the world, the telecommunications companies they’re typically sponsored by, or the cutting-edge up and coming car manufacturers, South Korea is known for excellence. The subcompact 2020 Chevy Spark created by GM Korea has a quirky yet quality backstory behind […]