A close up of a Ford F-150 grille.

Rumors about the Next Generation F-150

Since it hasn’t been officially unveiled by Ford, and spy pictures and leaks are only starting to make their way onto the internet, there’s a whole lot I don’t know about the next generation of the Ford F-150 and the off-road Raptor trim level. One thing I do know is that if you’ve got a year or two before you start looking for the best Ford trucks at your local auto mall, then the next-gen models should definitely be on your radar. If you want a truck right now, then you’ll be looking at the end of this current generation, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

The few details that have started making their way out from behind closed doors at Ford are enough to get anyone salivating aggressively. I predict that this will be a very competitive new generation for the F150. Inside, you should expect to see a greatly revised and improved interior, particularly as a response to what Ram has done inside their latest 1500 models. That means a large Infotainment screen, more luxurious and sophisticated options, and trim levels meant to blow away their rivals.

Almost nothing is known about what a next-generation Ford F-150 Raptor might include, but it looks like the Raptor will go out with a bang in this generation. Want to know more?

Next Generation Engines

So far, very little is known about what the next generation of Ford trucks will bring to bear, but based on some early information and past developments, we can make some educated guesses. While this is a new generation for the F-150, it will more likely be an evolution of what we have right now, rather than a radical departure or total reinvention. That’s not a bad thing, however, as this generation’s F-150 has been fantastic. There’s something to be said for improving what works rather than trying to fix what’s not broken.

There are a few rumblings, about the engine options for the next-generation F-150 that are worth mentioning. For one thing, it is quite likely that we will see a 4.8L V8 engine to replace the current 5.0L V8 based on rumors about a new engine and the most likely time table for this change. This won’t be an earth-shattering alteration, but if you’re looking for more remarkable engine news, then consider this…

All signs point to an electric option and a plug-in hybrid available for the F-150 in the next generation. These won’t be standard, of course, but the mere fact that they will be available variants is a big deal. It will be interesting to see what kind of performance these engines can deliver, and how they will impact the legacy of Ford trucks, the F-150 in particular.

Next Generation Exterior

Very little is known about what the outside of the next generation of Ford trucks might look like. Spy photos, as seen on Motor1 have been taken of a prototype model in the “wild” near Ford’s factory, but so far it has been quite thoroughly wrapped in camouflage. The eye-warping decals used on the exterior make it difficult to discern much in the way of clear detail, but a few things can be seen.

For one, there’s no indication of a radical departure of the overall design for the next-generation F-150. It will likely still be an all-aluminum body, just like the current generation, since this has proven to be quite popular and required a lot of time and expense to develop. The general shape of the F-150 doesn’t look to be much changed, nothing radical like a mid-engine design or anything like that.

A model with a crew cab has been clearly seen, and two different sets of wheels have been spotted, most likely testing out different trim and package options. This includes a model driving around with impressive 22-inch wheels that I expect will be available on higher trim levels, such as the Raptor and Platinum. Spy photos also seem to show a spoiler on the rear of the roof, but that could easily be part of the prototype or something for testing and not a part of the final exterior design.

A 2021 Ford F-150, which is going to be popular among Ford Trucks, is shown with camouflage over the redesigned body.

Next Generation Interior

A lot of focus will be on the interior of the next generation of Ford trucks, especially the F-150 since this is one area where shots have been fired by other manufacturers. In particular, the most recent Ram 1500 has been noted as having an interior that puts other trucks to shame, with a massive 12-inch Infotainment display that is one of the most notable features of any truck on the road. While the inside of the current generation of F-150s is far from austere, more lavish and sophisticated features should be expected.

All spy shots of the prototype models out in public that actually manage to get a glimpse of the interior have revealed it to be completely covered from view. That is to say, no one has gotten a good look inside the next generation of Ford trucks. That’s no surprise; they don’t want their reveal to be spoiled, after all.

That being said, it’s safe to assume that Ford will come at Ram head-on with an interior designed to at the very least compete with, and just as likely surpass, what Ram offers. A lot of people are looking at the new Ford Explorer as a sample of what the updated interior of the next generation of Ford trucks might look like. For one thing, it has a large Infotainment display that is oriented vertically, rather than horizontally. It would not be at all surprising to see Ford match the 12-inch display in the Ram 1500 and set it in a portrait position instead of landscape.

The Raptor Finishes this Generation Right!

Essentially nothing is known about specific trim levels for the next generation of Ford trucks, such as the Raptor, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to get excited about. In particular, the Raptor is not going to go out of this generation quietly, with Ford planning one major update before this current generation comes to an end. Sometime in the next year or so, a special limited edition of the Raptor will be released with one of the most requested features for the off-road pickup: a high-power V8 engine.

Specifically, rumors are that it will have the Mustang Shelby GT500’s 5.2L Supercharged V8 engine for absolutely insane levels of performance. From what has been announced, the V8 in the GT500 will produce more than 700 hp and about 650 lb-ft of torque. While it might not be tuned quite so high in the Raptor, it will still be an amazing engine and likely paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

This won’t be a standard model, by any means, and rumors are that it will be a very limited option with a small production size. I don’t know exactly when it will become available, but all signs point to either late 2020 or early 2021, depending on how everything else lines up for Ford. It’s no coincidence that the upcoming Ram TRX off-road pickup is slated for sometime in 2020, so a release time that goes head-to-head with the Ram model is more than likely.

Since such a low number of these Super Raptors will be produced, you should head to your local Ford dealership or auto mall if you’re interested in one. They will definitely go fast, so a pre-order or reservation is not a bad idea. Since the Raptor is going out of this generation with style, it will be interesting to see what a next-generation model will have in store.

A test 2021 Ford Raptor is driving down a city street.