A white 2024 Chevy Silverado 3500HD LTZ is shown in front of a house being built.

Why Chevy Service Trucks Are the Go-To Vehicles for Businesses

Passing by the multitude of vehicles on the road, you may have noticed the number of commercial vehicles traveling alongside you on their way to deliver goods and services to their customers. From utility workers to construction companies, so many businesses choose Chevy for their fleet vehicle needs. Perhaps the most popular choice is the Chevy Silverado 3500 service truck, which is durable enough to handle heavy materials yet versatile enough to appeal to a number of different businesses in different industries. You may be on the lookout for a new fleet of vehicles for your business, or you may just want to know what’s out there for your future needs. Regardless, when it comes to commercial vehicles, Chevy is winning in this segment.

Various Upfit Options

If you really think about it, you could probably name at least a dozen unique businesses that could benefit from a fleet of service trucks. This means that the service truck that works for one business may not work for the business right next door, which is where Chevy really impresses in this segment. Upfitting commercial vehicles requires carefully considering the needs of your business and designing a fleet that meets the criteria. For instance, contractors and electricians may need service body trucks with various compartments so that their tools stay organized, while a tree service business may need dump truck upfits on their vehicles to haul away debris. A towing service will need platform upfits, while utility workers may need toolboxes and other compartments to stow all their materials for the day.

This is where the Silverado 3500 upfit options really shine, with a variety of choices to cater to many unique businesses. From dump truck bodies to flat frame options, there’s something for every business in this particular lineup. This level of versatility is what makes Chevy commercial trucks so appealing to business owners, no matter what industry they happen to be in, contributing to the growing number of Chevy service trucks you see on the road. Having an upfit option for every need makes it easy for businesses to choose Chevy to help them keep their business running at its best.

A grey 2022 Chevy Silverado 3500 Service Truck is shown on a construction site.

Strength & Durability

Service vehicles typically need to perform some heavy-duty work. Whether it’s hauling materials to a construction site or transporting a broken-down vehicle to the repair shop, commercial service trucks must be able to handle challenging tasks. The Chevy Silverado 3500 chassis cab is able to accomplish this with a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 14,000 lbs and a Gross Combined Weight Rating of 40,000 lbs. A payload capacity of 7,571 lbs makes it a breeze to carry more, which allows businesses to achieve maximum productivity in the workday.

Chevy has always been known to provide a selection of engines that are ideal for tough work. With the Silverado 3500’s 6.6L gas V8 base engine or available 6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel V8, businesses can expect top performance. Its turbo-diesel, especially, is a go-to option for businesses that need to perform some of the toughest tasks, with 910 lb-ft of torque to accomplish some of the most demanding jobs imaginable. Best-in-class standard torque of 464 lb-ft can be found in the base engine, so both options are ready for whatever challenges await.

Chevy commercial vehicles are also extremely durable, which is why so many industries utilize these tough trucks in their day-to-day operations. The Silverado 3500 is built with work needs in mind, with a high-strength design, large axles, a heavy-duty locking rear differential, and Chevy strength coursing through it. An available 63.5-gallon fuel capacity allows the Silverado 3500 to travel longer in between trips to the pump, and with three fuel tank options, it’s easy for businesses to design a truck to meet their distinct needs.

Mobile Office Features

Commercial vehicles don’t just need to be tough; they also need to be able to handle other business tasks on the road. This is where mobile workspaces help save the day for business owners everywhere. The Silverado 3500 is armed with plenty of work-friendly features that entice businesses of all shapes and sizes. Its interior cabin space is designed with ample room, helping your team stay organized with access to everything they need during the workday. From an available Wi-Fi hotspot and multiple USB ports to keep devices charged to an optional 120-volt power outlet and smartphone integration, a Chevy Silverado 3500 service truck makes it a priority to stay in tune with the business day.

Sending emails between teammates, scheduling appointments with customers, and navigating to new job sites are all made easier with the Silverado 3500. This is exactly what business owners are searching for to keep their companies running day in and day out. In addition to the tech found inside, Chevy service trucks also showcase a comfortable and spacious cabin, which makes it easy to transport team members everywhere they need to go. Two cab sizes are available––a regular cab and a crew cab––providing the options businesses are looking for to haul around their team with ease. It takes some special features to keep the wheels of any business turning each and every day, but Chevy thinks of everything, from advanced tech to a carefully laid-out cabin, to make this possible.

A grey 2017 Chevy Silverado 3500HD High Country is shown towing a black trailer.

Business Perks

There are many perks that business owners can take advantage of when they choose a brand like Chevy for their fleet of commercial vehicles. For one, there are tax incentives available to most businesses when they arm their company with a fleet of commercial vehicles. When businesses partner with a Chevy Business Elite Dealer, they get to take advantage of even more benefits, including a dedicated team to help them succeed with the best vehicles for their needs. Business owners get the opportunity to team up with professionals who work diligently to ensure that the proper vehicles are chosen and they’re taken care of by the best.

Chevy Business Elite members also enjoy extended service hours and loaner vehicles that are ready to work, so business keeps moving forward no matter what happens. There are fleet solutions for every size of business, whether a team of hundreds or just a handful of professionals, making it easy to build the fleet of trucks that the business needs to grow and thrive. Chevy commercial services place businesses first because the brand wants to see companies succeed with a fleet of trucks equipped to handle anything the day tosses their way.

Commercial Success With Chevy

If you were wondering why you’re seeing so many Chevy service trucks on the road, now you know. Chevy takes care of its business partners, offering a selection of options and services that appeal to virtually every type of business imaginable. From a wonderful selection of upfits to the performance and durability companies need, work-ready features, and more, Chevy commercial vehicles set your business up for success. The next time you pass a Chevy commercial vehicle, remember how valuable these trucks are to the overall flow of any industry. If you think your business may benefit from a fleet of commercial vehicles, keep Chevy in mind.