These Are The Commercial Chevy Trucks You Didn’t Even Know Existed

It’s no big secret that Chevrolet makes excellent vehicles – whether it be their amazing new sedans, like the 2016 Malibu or the all-electric 2016 Spark EV, or even one of Chevy’s renowned pickups like the Silverado or Colorado. But this classic American carmaker has also proven itself a more-than-capable creator of commercial vehicles that can stand the heat of a serious work site.

Although you might be familiar with some of Chevy’s other great vehicles, these are the impressive commercial Chevy trucks you may not have otherwise known were out there – and could very well become the very best tool you or your work team has ever bought.

Silverado Chassis Cab

Silverado Chassis Cab

Everybody knows that few pickups provide the kind of raw power you’ll find on the Silverado, with the Silverado 3500HD able to pull an astounding 23,200 lbs in max towing capacity – enough to conquer any tough tow job, for sure.

But what about those who need all that same power but designed specifically for the worksite? After all, the standard Silverado is a great truck – with plenty of safety features and connectivity amenities for a comfortable ride – but the standard truck bed simply isn’t large enough for some serious jobs.

That’s why there’ the Silverado Chassis Cab, a commercial-style cut-away Silverado with all the power you could want out of a work truck. Boasting 765 lb.-ft of torque, a 7,287 lb max payload capacity and a 360-horsepower standard 6.0L Vortec V8 gas engine, this truck can handle just about anything – and with plenty of body options, including naked bed, utility, dump truck, and flatbed to do it with.

Or, for those looking to maximize efficiency, the Silverado Chassis Cab also comes with an available Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 and Allison 6-speed automatic transmission that are designed to work great in just about any weather conditions.

For those who are satisfied with the power and affordability of the Silverado but who need a truck that’s a bit more capable of taking on those intense jobs, look no further than the Silverado Chassis Cab, starting at an MSRP from just $33,455.

Or, for those who need all the same capabilities but a whole lot more trucking power, Chevy has an answer for you as well: The Low Cab Forward.

Low Cab Forward

Low Cab Forward

Meet Chevy’s Low Cab Forward trucks, a line of commercial vehicles made for dependable heavy duty towing with all the reliable power of a Chevy.

These trucks, available in both Regular and Crew cabs, come in sizes ranging from 10 feet to 24 feet, and with wheelbases measuring from 109-inches wide to 212-inches wide. The larger the truck, the heavier it is and the higher its towing capacity, and all come prewired for a trailer harness and brakes to make connecting and disconnecting cargo a breeze.

Drivers will have three choices of engines, from the standard 6.0L gas V8 engine available on the smaller 3500 and 4500 models, a 3.0L I-4 Diesel with a 4J manual transmission available as a small Regular cab 3500HD or 5500XD, and the heavier 4500HD, 4500XD, and 5500HD trucks boasting the powerful 5.2L I4 Diesel engine with a 4H manual transmission. This grants a maximum payload capacity up to 12,794 lbs on the heaviest model – enough to take on a serious move or a whole lot of cargo.

For those in need of a serious machine for a serious worksite, consider the Low Cab Forward trucks from Chevy, set to debut later in 2016. For now, keep your eyes on them – Chevy plans to make only a limited amount, so it’s best to act fast if you want to get your own.

Of course, not everyone who needs the space and reliability of a commercial truck needs all that power as well, and that’s why so many commercial drivers turn to Chevy’s Express commercial vans.

Chevy Express

Express Cargo

If you’re looking for a reason to want to go to the work site in the morning, the Chevy Express van might just be that reason. Boasting best-in-class 285 horsepower and impressive 295 lb.-ft of torque thanks to its standard 4.8L V8 Vortec engine, this hefty work van can haul just about anything you need – including up to 10,000 in max towing capacity. Plus, with 270.4 cubic feet of cargo space on the Regular Wheelbase 2500 or a massive 313.9 cubic feet of cargo space on the Extended Wheelbase 3500, you’ll be able to fit all of your gear with room to spare.

The Express Cargo Van also comes with an available class-leading Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8 engine with two 770 cold-cranking amp batteries that can together push out an impressive 260 horsepower and 525 lb.-ft of torque. Towing is helped by the driver-selectable Tow/Haul mode option, and the standard Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic transmission can automatically adjust to a grade to slow the vehicle using only the engine on a downslope.

Those who have a crew that needs regular transport can outfit the Express Cargo Van with the Cargo Crew Option, with seating for five in the rear. The van also facilitates easy-in, easy-out with its standard swing-out passenger and rear doors. And since the Cargo Van starts at just $30,595 MSRP, it’s a good deal for the worker on a budget.

Express Passenger

Or, for if you’re one of those van drivers who’s cargo is a little less industrial and a little more personable, there’s the Chevy Express Passenger Van, which trades out the portable workplace setup and massive cargo space and replaces it with enough seating to comfortably fit up 15 passengers, or 12 on the Standard Wheelbase option.

An Accessory Hitch-Mounted Storage Container perfectly holds luggage or cargo for long trips, while amenities like premium cloth upholstery and standard climate controls come standard on the LT models.

And, since this Passenger Van features the same powertrain options as the Cargo Van, drivers can still count on up to 10,000 lbs in max towing capacity and all the horsepower and torque you could ever need – all for just $32,990 MSRP.

Express Cutaway

Then again, there are still those looking for all the power of the Chevy Express but need all the cargo room they can get. For these, there is the Chevy Express Cutaway – basically the Express chassis with a naked body, to which drivers can attach any number of bodies – from utility to ambulance, and even everything from school bus to rescue van. Plus, with a max payload of up to 9,147 lbs, you’ll be able to haul pretty much anything with the reliable power of the Express Cutaway – starting at an MSRP of just $29,400.

Finally, Chevy introduces one new member of the commercial Chevy family – only this one is ideal for carting cargo through the city with ease.

Chevy City Express

City Express

Introducing: the Chevy City Express van, a perfect little cargo carrier that’s just the right size for zipping quickly through city streets with all your gear in tow.

Boasting 122.7 cubic feet of cargo space, this compact van offers a surprisingly roomy cargo area for whatever you’re carrying, whether it’s a flower delivery or a catering order. Built with turning diameter, size, and efficiency in mind, this impressive vehicle manages to push out an impressive 131 horsepower and 139 lb.-ft of torque with it scrappy 2.0L I4 engine, able to reach an astounding 24 miles per gallon city and 26 miles per gallon highway fuel economy. And, starting at just $21,990, this van is a steal for the small business looking for that perfect delivery tool.

At least among consumers, Chevy isn’t exactly known for its work trucks. Ask a hardcore worksite manager, however, and he or she may just tell you a different story. From the looks of this current lineup it appears as though Chevy knows just what it’s doing when it puts together a commercial vehicle. If you’re in the market for your next great worksite tool, look no further than your local Chevy truck dealer today.

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