A blue Chevy Colorado with a surf board on the roof

4 Reasons Why Trucks are The Most Versatile Vehicles on The Market

We know, you’re accustomed to the stereotype that exists around trucks. Trucks are only for manly-men or working men. Although this is an old-fashioned idea, it’s still more common than one may choose to believe. That being said, we wanted to know just what the appeal behind these trucks is and why people are flocking toward “truck life” by the thousands. For the amount of money that you’ll be shelling out in monthly payments and gas costs, there has to be some greater appeal. You can typically find trucks for sale at local dealerships, but they’ll still cost you a pretty penny as compared with their smaller vehicle counterparts. Read on to find out what we love about trucks and why trucks are the most versatile vehicles on the market today.

#1: Space and Cargo


This is huge. For anyone who has ever driven a two-door vehicle, you know the struggle. You also know and understand that the cargo space provided in a truck is invaluable. Being able to transport everything that you need to without playing a life-sized game of Tetris is huge. Whether you’re looking for a truck to transport tools and materials to the job site, or you’re looking for the extra cargo space for the upcoming camping trip, you’ll be glad that you have it. Although you’ll definitely pay for the extra space at the bottom line, one may argue that it’s incredibly worth the money. In fact, others may argue that there’s really no price tag that could be put on this aspect. Very infrequently will you hear an individual comment that their vehicle has “too much space.” In fact, one of the most common complaints about vehicles is the fact that they lack storage space. A truck will always offer superior space and storage options for work or for play.

#2: Increased Protection and Safety


Due to the fact that trucks are higher from the ground than most vehicles on the road, they are almost always equipped with rollover protection. To this end, most trucks have other safety and protection features that you wouldn’t typically find in a smaller vehicle. Trucks go beyond the standard safety systems and truly revolutionize what it means to “drive safe.” If you’re looking for a vehicle that will keep your family safe while on the road, a truck is definitely the way to go. If you’ve ever seen a wreck on the road, you know how mangled vehicles can get. It’s scary, but it’s a fact of life.

That being said, you’re going to want to have the right safety features and built-in protection to ensure that you are able to walk away from those incidents unharmed. At the end of the day, there really isn’t an amount of money that you could place upon the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones. If you purchase a truck, you’re choosing to become a part of the large demographic of people who value their safety and the safety of others while out on the road.

A black Chevy Silverado HD towing a large trailer

#3: Towing Capacity


While you can tow trailers, RVs, boats, campers, and more in a smaller vehicle, it’s not as easy or safe without a truck. Just because your vehicle is able to tow something, does not mean that it was built to do so. You may or may not be doing irreversible damage to your vehicle by towing something that your vehicle isn’t built to tow. However, you’ll never have an issue when it comes to towing capacity in a truck. In fact, you’ll find that towing and trailering is easy and simple with built-in attachments to easily hook up. If you’re looking for a vehicle that promotes work and promotes adventures, you’re going to love driving a truck. Just be wary, though, because friends and family will ask you to start doing favors for them with your new vehicle.

If you want to join the millions of Americans who are efficient and safe on the roads while towing, a truck is an excellent fit for you.

#4: Power and Handling


Trucks are known for their sheer power and the way that they can navigate treacherous roads. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will exceed your expectations when it comes to power and handling, a truck is a great option. Most trucks offer several engine options, which will provide you with a few options for horsepower. Selecting the engine that best fits your needs will ensure that you’re driving efficiently. Furthermore, the handling features and capabilities are impeccable in trucks. Interested in going off-roading? You’ll be able to with ease in a truck that is built for that sort of activity. You’ll be able to navigate areas and situations that limit other vehicles easily. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will give you everything that you’re looking for and more, it’s time to test drive a truck.

The Elephant in The Room


We know that trucks can be expensive. There’s no way that trucks could be sold for lesser amounts solely based on the number of features that we mentioned in this post. However, you will find trucks for sale in a variety of places. If you’re looking to follow a traditional route, you can shop at a dealership to allow for safe and secure payments. However, should you have the cash up front, you can often find trucks for sale in other places such as Craigslist or Facebook. We warn you to be cautious when shopping for trucks from a third party in a similar manner since you won’t have the security that’s offered by buying with a dealership. By this we mean, you could be purchasing a truck with questionable history or even significant issues, and have no idea. The person selling may not be forthcoming with that information, and you could find yourself spending more money than you anticipated. If you decide to take the traditional route, you’ll get all of the necessary information through the dealership.

Finding the Best Trucks For Sale in Your Area


If you’re looking to save money on a truck, you’ll want to go with a dealership rather than a third party. We say this due to the fact that dealerships will be able to offer specials and deals to bring down the bottom line cost due to the high volume of vehicles that they’re selling. If you’re planning to go through a third party, you likely won’t have that benefit. Although the choice remains for you to make, we ask that you heed caution if you decide to shop with a third party. However you decide to purchase your next truck, we urge you to wait for sales or deals. Many dealerships will advertise when they have trucks for sale and may even run a special promotion.

Although trucks are expensive in comparison with other body types, we believe that you’ll be pleased with all of the perks and capabilities that come with purchasing a truck. You’ll enjoy incredible space, power, handling, protection, safety, and towing capacity, just to name a few. If you’re interested in purchasing a truck, it’s time to head to your local dealership and test drive one today!