7 Reasons Why It’s Better to Buy a Truck Used Over New

Dodge RAM trucks are some of the toughest and most dependable trucks you can buy. The newest models also have luxury features like navigation systems, rearview cameras, and advanced audio systems at improve your experience. Your truck can be more than a work horse — it can offer an amazing ride wrapped up in a sophisticated and stylish design.

Yet you don’t have to buy a new model to get the great benefits of owning a Dodge truck. In fact, shopping for used Dodge trucks may be the better choice.

Ultimately, the best truck for you depends entirely on your personal circumstances, such as your family needs and your circumstances. However, here are seven reasons why it is often better to buy a used truck over a new truck:

You Can Save a Lot of Money

Dodge trucks tend to hold their value because they last a long time if well cared for and because they are in high demand for their practicality. However, when you buy a truck used, you can save thousands of dollars of what you would pay for a comparable model new.

You’ll save even more money if you look at trucks that have taken a bit of a beating. A rough exterior can be a turn off for many buyers, lowering the value of the truck. Yet if you are interested in a dependable work truck or a truck for off roading, the exterior doesn’t matter at all so long as everything under the hood is working the way it should. You can find a diamond in the rough for a bargain price.

You Can Get More Perks

Another way that you save money by shopping for used Dodge trucks is that you are likely to get more perks with the truck without having to pay extra. The previous owners could have made modifications such as premium engine parts, an upgrade to the audio system, or new carpeting or upholstery.

Some of these modifications may be obvious and raise the selling price a little, but other modifications may not be discovered on the initial inspection, and you’ll get the upgrade without the price bump. Either way, you’ll pay much less when you buy a used truck with these perks than you would if you bought the same truck new and paid for each of the upgrades yourself.

You Can Get a Package Deal

In addition to the perks you might get on a used truck, you also have the opportunity to get a package deal with extras that were added to the truck. For example, the truck may include a tool box, a previously installed bed cover, a hardtop camper cover, or more.

Just like with the perks, these are items that will be included with the price of the truck. You will save a lot of money buying a used truck with these items than you would buying a new truck and shopping for the accessories separately.

You Don’t Have to Be Gentle With It

2010 Power Wagon

When you buy a new truck, you feel like you could spend all day admiring the gorgeous, polished paint job and you love that “new car smell” when you hop in the driver’s seat. You want to do anything you can to preserve the newness of the truck, from the look to the smell.

If you need your truck to haul equipment, yard supplies or more, you may worry about getting it dirty or scratching up the bed and tail gate. If you bought your truck because you like to go on off-roading adventures, you may be hesitant to go because you don’t want the mud and the gravel to ruin the paint job or to be tracked in to your carpets and upholstery.

When you find a great used truck, you don’t have to worry about being so gentle with the truck. Your truck is already “broken in,” and you can feel more comfortable putting it through its paces, whether you need it for work or for pleasure.

You Have More Choices When You Shop

Each year, the current lineup of Dodge trucks is limited to a few models. There is great variation in the type of cab you can choose, the engine, the features and so on. However, you are still limited to those few basic models.

When you shop for used Dodge trucks, you open up your search to dozens of models from multiple years. With so many more options, you improve your chances of finding the perfect truck to fit your needs and meet your budget. You can afford to be more choosy, making sure you don’t sign on the dotted line until you find a truck that meets every one of your criteria.

You Have More Chances to Find a Special Edition

Dodge RAM Rumble Bee

Special edition trucks are sometimes released in limited numbers. These special editions can have a unique set of mechanical features or they could have a unique design. Because they are available in limited numbers, you may not be one of the lucky few able to buy one.

Used truck lots have a much larger selection, and they offer you a better chance to find the special edition you let get away. Not only will you find that perfect truck, but you’ll save money in the process. Special editions often cost more than the models in the regular lineup, so the savings of a used truck can make these limited models more accessible.

You Can Learn About the Best and the Worst

One of the biggest advantages of shopping for any used vehicle is that enough time has passed for you to learn about what to really expect from the model. Beyond the marketing information put out by the dealer or reviewers, you can learn what the truck is really like from those who have driven it for years and years. You’ll learn which trucks are prone to break downs and which ones have a reputation for durability and longevity.

The longer the truck has been out, the more information you can get about it, helping you to make the best buying decision. Look at online forums, read customer reviews, and go to truck blogs to get all the information you can. Ask friends and family if they have any experience with the model and ask for their feedback.

Dodge has a reputation for quality trucks, so you can’t go wrong whether you are buying a new or a used truck. However, shopping for used Dodge trucks has many benefits that can help you find the perfect truck at the perfect price.

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