A black 2022 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited is shown driving on an open highway.

The Best Type of Rebellion: The 2022 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

The Harley-Davidson reputation for breaking the rules is just as integral to the brand’s present as it is to its past. This rebellious spirit defines the brand’s rich heritage, from the rise of the iconic chopper motorcycle style to the introduction of a new segment of baggers known as Grand American Touring bikes. Harley-Davidson always thinks outside the box, inspiring riders to do the same by taking a no-compromise approach to their time in the saddle. It’s this mentality that attracts riders to the Harley-Davidson lineup and models like the 2022 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited.

The Ultra Limited embodies this rebellious nature by defying the standards of a traditional touring bike. It proves that more is always better. Instead of sticking to the status quo, it ups the ante and lives up to the Grand American Touring name as one of the most comfortable bikes in the Harley-Davidson lineup. But what else makes it so extraordinary in a segment laden with ordinary baggers and tourers? It dares to be different, providing more power and customization than competing models.

Customization at Its Core

Harley-Davidson has defied the odds since first opening its doors in 1903. Even when the Great Depression threatened its future, Harley-Davidson remained steadfast and became one of only two American motorcycle manufacturers to survive. Along the way, Harley-Davidson carved its niche in the industry by breaking all the rules and gained a loyal following in the process.

By defying every standard, Harley-Davidson gave riders more opportunities to ask for more. We see this firsthand in the rise of the chopper motorcycle style that gave riders a blank canvas to customize their bikes to represent their unique styles and fulfill their riding needs. Today, the Ultra Limited continues that bespoke heritage and dares to be different as a Grand American Touring bike that you can custom build to your specific needs.

Color Palette

Appreciating that the Ultra Limited as a blank canvas requires looking at its biggest rival, the Indian Roadmaster. However, a closer look proves there’s no real competition, at least not regarding customization. Harley-Davidson maintains its advantage, staying true to its roots even with premium touring bikes like the Ultra Limited. For example, customizing the color of a 2022 Indian Roadmaster is limited to choosing between Black Metallic or Bronze Pearl Metallic with Silver Quartz Metallic graphics. In contrast, the color palette of the 2022 Ultra Limited is exponentially more impressive. It offers a ton of different color combinations, including single-tone Vivid Black or Gauntlet Gray Metallic, two-tone Midnight Crimson or Reef Blue with Vivid Black highlights, and chrome or black trim. Even more genuine Harley-Davidson accessories are available to make your bike speak to you right off the showroom floor.

Rider Enhancements

While manufacturers like Indian give you some room for customization, Harley-Davidson refuses to stop there and adopts the “more is always better” mentality with every aspect of the Ultra Limited. For example, Harley-Davidson riders know that choosing a paint color is only one part of the build process. There are also plenty of other choices, like rider safety enhancements, that can dramatically improve your experience in the saddle.

The Ultra Limited sets a new benchmark for customization with its Rider Safety Enhancements. The bike comes standard with anti-lock and electronically-linked brakes, but Harley-Davidson expands these offerings with optional upgrades like Hill Hold Control and a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The Ultra Limited also gains a significant advantage in the segment with its cornering-specific features. This technology outfits the bike with a Cornering Enhanced Anti-Lock Brake System, Cornering Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking, a Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System, and a Cornering Drag-Torque Slip Control System. You’d be hard-pressed to find similar technology in the segment, with nothing but awkward silence coming from rivals like the Roadmaster.

A No-Compromise Approach to Comfort, Convenience, and Performance

The Harley-Davidson brand’s rebellious nature extends beyond the many options for customization to its no-compromise approach in delivering the premium comfort expected of a Grand American Touring bike. It’s a stark contrast to rivals like the Honda Gold Wing, a notorious rule follower synonymous with comfort. The Ultra Limited carves its niche in the segment by offering sedan-like comfort, exceptional ride quality, and the legendary rumble of the Milwaukee-Eight engine. While the Gold Wing may set and keep the rules, the Ultra Limited breaks them in every way possible.


The Honda Gold Wing is an 804 lb bike powered by a 1833cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine. By Harley-Davidson standards, the 1833cc engine converts to 112 cubic inches and is notably smaller than the Milwaukee-Eight 114 in the Ultra Limited. With a displacement of 114 cubic inches, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 delivers 122 lb-ft of torque for the 917-pound bike and the throaty rumble synonymous with the Harley-Davidson name.

Harley-Davidson expands on the bike’s performance by allowing riders to harness its power using its unique design. For example, the 64-inch wheelbase is slightly shorter than the 66.9-inch Gold Wing. Likewise, the seat height of 27.5 inches is significantly lower than the Gold Wing, which measures 29.3 inches tall. This lower stature, shorter wheelbase, and upright riding position enhance your control over the Ultra Limited, giving you more confidence in the saddle wherever the road takes you.

Comfort and Convenience

The Ultra Limited doesn’t require riders to choose between touring performance, comfort, or convenience. Instead, Harley-Davidson makes it possible to have it all, which is something rivals can’t match. For example, the Ultra Limited and Gold Wing come standard with heated hand grips, but Harley-Davidson ups the ante by adding six settings to the feature for customizable comfort.

As a Grand American Touring bike, it’s only fitting that the Ultra Limited offers one of the most expansive cargo capacities in the segment. Harley-Davidson accomplishes this by outfitting the bike with saddlebags that offer 4.7 cu.ft. of space. You’ll find additional room in the exclusive Premium Tour-Pak Luggage Carrier, making it easy to carry gear for you and a passenger.

These conveniences and the plush passenger seat with a backrest embody the Harley-Davidson promise that you can have it all in a touring bike and that you don’t have to compromise. That’s even more apparent when you look at the Gold Wing, which offers a smaller 4.3 cu.ft. of storage space. While riders can add a backrest with a third storage compartment, that option adds roughly $4,000 to the cost of the Gold Wing and is not available on the base trim.

Break the Rules and Refuse to Compromise: The Heart of Harley-Davidson

The Ultra Limited expands the rebellious Harley-Davidson reputation, challenging riders to no longer settle for less in their bikes. The 2022 model inspires us to ask for more, demanding as much from motorcycle manufacturers and pledging our loyalty to those that deliver. Harley-Davidson is one of the few that can deliver, and it’s why Harley-Davidson has built such an incredibly loyal following over the last century. There’s nothing quite like breaking the rules to bring people together, especially when it means getting in the saddle of an extraordinary Grand American Tourer like the Ultra Limited.