A rider is shown sitting on a black 2022 Harley-Davidson Road King Special at sunset.

Harley-Davidson Riding Gear

Even if you don’t ride, we all know the iconic motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson––a name that provokes thoughts of the open road, freedom, and rebellion. Not only has Harley-Davidson been creating some of the most popular motorcycles since 1903, but it has also been successfully making riding apparel and some of the best equipment out there since 1912. In fact, its apparel line was so popular when it first began that it had to reorder stock three times in a single season in order to keep up with demand at Harley-Davidson dealers.

The rebellious image of the Harley-Davidson rider was complete with the introduction of the leather jacket in 1928, and the rest was history. By the time the 1950s rolled around, the image of the rebellious biker had become ingrained in American pop culture. Think Peter Fonda on his 1952 stars-and-stripes chopper, Captain America, in 1969’s Easy Rider.

Ingrained in the minds of people worldwide, Harley-Davidson’s clothing line has continued to garner mass appeal over the decades. By the time it introduced the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes division of Harley-Davidson, its gear had expanded to include clothing for men, women, and children, plus leather accessories like bags, key fobs, and belts.

High Fashion and Mass Appeal

The gear was designed to bring the biker look to a mass audience. Because of this success, Harley-Davidson was given the Council of Fashion Designer’s Award in 1992. Since then, Harley-Davidson has only continued to grow and expand its gear, with the aim of taking up a large portion of a rider’s closet with everything from leather goods, to activewear and sleepwear. By creating a broad range of clothing, riding gear, and accessories, Harley-Davidson continues to appeal to a wide spectrum of buyers.

So what keeps customers loyal? What sets Harley-Davidson apart from others in the market is the brand’s keen observations, knowing what its customers need from their riding gear, and delivering not only high-quality goods but focusing on small details that take it helmets, jackets, gloves, and more to a whole new level.

But that’s enough chit-chat because when it comes down to it, Harley-Davidson enthusiasts know why the brand is so good. As a trusted name among bikers, Harley-Davidson has proved its roadworthiness time and time again. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect riding gloves or the best all-weather jacket, we’re here to help you decide by highlighting some of the best Harley-Davidson has to offer. Check out all of the latest Harley-Davidson gear in person at your local Harley-Davidson dealer and experience the freedom only a brand like Harley-Davison can offer.

A red 2022 Harley Davidson Street Bob is shown from the front at an angle while driving down the highway after leaving a Harley-Davidson dealership.

Riding Gloves

It’s a small thing, but gloves can make all the difference when you’re riding down the road at 70 mph and the sleet starts pouring down. One thing riders love about Harley-Davidson is the brand’s wide range that seems to meet any need that comes up.

If you live where the weather can change from sun to sleet in under ten minutes, Harley-Davidson has you covered with its Cyrus Insulated Waterproof gloves. Lined with 3M Thinsulate and incorporating power-stretch knuckles and a padded palm area, these waterproof gloves are designed not only to keep your hands warm but dry.

Looking for gloves that will give you a good grip while keeping your hands cool? Check out the Oakbrook Fingerless leather gloves. Made from goatskin and perforated, the Oakbrook gloves make it easy to adjust the wrists for a perfect fit every time. Plus, with reinforced palms, you get all the grip and comfort you want out of a riding glove.

What’s one thing we all hate about gloves? Having to take them off in the cold or rain to quickly use our smartphone, that’s what. Harley-Davison has your back with its Touchscreen gloves. With a handful of options to choose from, the Ventura goatskin leather gloves are cited as the best-seller. The gloves sport a traditional moto-style combined with modern touchscreen-friendly fingertips that allow you to quickly answer your phone or scroll through texts without the inconvenience of having to remove a glove.

Let’s not forget the women because Harley-Davidson didn’t. Women’s Jayden Under Cuff Gauntlet Gloves are a solution to the cold. Designed to fit under the jacket with a power-stretch cuff to ensure a snug fit, the gloves prevent rain, sleet, and wind from going up your sleeves. Insulated with a reinforced padded palm and perforated fingertips, the Jayden is a practical, go-anywhere glove for chilly or wet weather.

Riding Jackets

A jacket can be one of the rider’s most important pieces of gear. It can keep you warm, help you stay cool, and protect you from injury. Some would say nothing is more important than your jacket and your helmet, so choose wisely.

For a serious riding jacket, check out Harley-Davidson’s best-selling Trenton Mesh riding jacket. This jacket is for warmer weather but offers the durability of a heavier traditional jacket. The mesh fabric allows you to stay cool. The reinforced shoulders and elbows, along with the padded waist, give you the long-lasting durability you want from a riding jacket.

Looking for something more traditional? Check out the Swingarm 3-in-1 leather jacket. This jacket is designed to be as flexible as the rider. Perfect for warm and cold rides, the Swingarm offers an outer cowhide leather jacket with a fleece jacket insert that can be worn together or separately, depending on the temperature. Body armor pockets, perforated leather elbow insets, and a comfort action back panel keep the jacket flexible and comfortable.

Looking for a stylish but versatile jacket that can fit almost any situation? If so, women should check out the best-selling Auroral II 3-in-1 leather riding jacket to get the most out of their gear. This jacket has been engineered with the female rider in mind, making it a multifunction tool that is ready when you are. The cowhide leather shell can be worn alone or with the removable windproof fleece for extra warmth. Need a jacket but feeling the heat? The Auroral II’s shoulder and exit vents allow the wearer to stay comfortable, while the action back keeps you comfortable.

A red and black 2022 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic 114 is shown from the front on a desert highway.

Riding Helmets

A good helmet can mean a matter of life and death. So it’s important you choose one that is not only comfortable but one that can deliver the protection you need in case of an accident.

It’s worth checking out the Curbside DLX X06 Half Helmet for your daily ride. This highly-rated, understated helmet meets DOT (Department of Transportation) standards. The helmet is designed to be comfortable with a lightweight thermoplastic shell done in a low-profile black matte. The helmet offers a retractable sun shield with an anti-fog coating on both sides. This helmet is offered for both men and women.

Looking for more coverage with a little flare? The Metallic Graphic Sun Shield M05 full-face helmet is fitted for both men and women riders. The best-selling and highly rated Metallic Graphic Sun Shield M05 is noted as being exclusive to Harley-Davidson. The helmet meets DOT standards for safety while also sporting channel vents to keep you cool. Plus, the retractable sun shield protects your eyes on bright days or from glaring lights.

There’s More

The gloves, jackets, and helmets are just a few of the essentials bikers need to make their rides safe and comfortable. But there’s more! Check out Harley-Davidson’s full line of riding essentials, from rain gear to boots to eyewear. Anything a rider needs to stay cool, warm, or safe is available now. So don’t wait until you’re stuck in a downpour or find yourself burning up under a blazing sun; get equipped for your next ride, so when adventure calls, you’ll be ready to answer.