A Harley Davidson Edition emblem that can be found on certain used Ford trucks is shown.

Harley Davidson Ford Trucks Throughout the Years


If you have not heard about Harley Davidson edition Ford Trucks, then you are to be forgiven because they have not been produced for nearly ten years now. Well, at least until last year when the Tuscany Motor Company unveiled a brand new Harley-branded Ford at the Chicago Auto Show. Special edition vehicles aren’t necessarily a shock or a new thing in the automotive industry, but when you combine two big names like Ford and Harley Davidson, you end up with something unique. In the case of these Harley Davidson pickups, you end up with some unique F-Series vehicles that have become popular among those looking into used Ford trucks. I mean, how many Harley Davidson edition Ford trucks are there out there?

Well, these special edition Fords came to be in 1999 (for the 2000 model year) and lasted till 2011 (for the 2012 model year) and then had a bit of a resurgence just this past year, which is continuing into 2020. For the early years, production numbers ran somewhere along the lines of 6,000 – 13,000 each year, which would put the total numbers from 1999 – 2011 around 72,000 – 156,000, if we were to guess that around the same amount were made each year. That may not be the exact case, but you can expect there to be quite a few of these special edition used Ford trucks floating around on the used car market should you be interested in seeing or purchasing one for yourself.

Why Put Harley Davidson and Ford Together?

If you’re on this site and reading this article, it is safe to assume you like cars, or at least trucks. And you might be a Ford enthusiast. None of these things will mean you’re into Harley Davidson motorcycles or the brand as a whole, though. So why combine a popular motorcycle brand and a popular car brand for a special edition truck? First off, it would almost seem a bit silly to go the other way and make a Ford-branded Harley Davidson motorcycle. Where would you even begin? I’m sure it’s possible and more creative minds than my own would be able to come up with something aesthetically pleasing, but it just doesn’t seem right. Taking certain brand elements from a motorcycle and adding them to a pickup seems a lot easier. Basically, you’re just moving from a smaller canvas to a much larger one. And once you see some of the different models over the years, it’s a lot more simple than one may have first imagined, too.

Still, why Harley Davidson? There actually is not much behind it. It’s one of the most well-known and popular motorcycle brands in the world, plus it has the clear distinction of being an all-American brand, which lines up with Ford’s own branding. Besides, there’s something very American about the freedom you can find on the open road, whether it’s on a motorcycle or behind the wheel of a car or truck. So, why not combine these two mega brands? A bonus is that both Ford and Harley Davidson were founded in 1903, so they share all of the same anniversaries and have done so for the past 116 years.

Highlights Throughout the Years

The full lineup of Harley Davidson Ford trucks ran from 2000 – 2012 and now 2019 – 2020. Since it’s a pickup that takes some aspects from Harley Davidson motorcycles, you can expect a lot of the elements to be very similar, even though they may be used in different ways. You will typically see a Harley Davidson badge or lettering, leather seating, lots of chrome, black paint, and lots of upgrades. Here and there, you can also find colored accents like lines, flames, or other designs along the exterior.

2000 – 2003



The 2000 Harley Davidson F-150 was black, with Harley Davidson badges on either side and a classic red line that ran from the corner of one headlight to the back and around, all the way to the other headlight. This was the first year of the Ford and Harley Davidson partnership, so things had to start off well, and it seemed like they did. The very first Harley Edition F-150 was given to Jay Leno, although he later sold it at a charity event. His edition was even more unique than the others, as it came with a supercharged 5.4L V8 instead of the standard 5.4L V8.

The 2001 edition sees the red line move down near the wheels, and it no longer wraps around the back, but still goes along the sides. Overall, it remains mostly unchanged from the 2000 edition. The 2002 edition, though, comes in a few different configurations, adding on the SuperCrew to the already available SuperCab. Instead of just a plain black exterior, you can now opt for charcoal gray as well. The pinstripe moves back up to its original position, but does not continue around the back and now ends in flames. You also get a supercharged 5.4L V8, which raises performance levels to 340 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque, when before it was 260 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. The 2003 edition is basically the same, but you also get special 100th-anniversary commemorative badges for both companies.

2006 – 2012

The Harley Edition F-150 came back in 2006. This model loses the supercharger on its 5.4L V8 engine, but it does become available in either 2WD or AWD. Black paint is your only option here, and it’s the same on the 2007 model. Although in 2007, you get multiple engine options, including the supercharged 5.4L V8 again. The 2008 edition follows the 2007 model closely, and there is no Harley Edition F-150 in 2009, although you see the F-250 and F-350 with it.

And again, the Harley Edition F-150 returned in 2010. It has a Tuxedo black exterior and a standard 5.4L V8 engine. A swooping red aesthetic on either side gives it a unique look. The 2011 model comes in either Tuxedo Black or Ingot Silver, and it is the first time you see the 6.2L V8 engine with up to 411 hp and 434 lb-ft of torque. The swooping red design on the side is changed for a different red and white aesthetic. Not many characteristics changed for 2012, other than Ingot Silver being replaced by Platinum.


Current Day

The new 2019 and 2020 Harley Edition F-150s are something to behold. They’re big, bold, and very nice looking. Plus, they are packed with all the features and upgrades you could ever want. The 2020 edition is especially grand. It has a supercharged 5.0L V8 engine with over 700 hp, Fox shocks, and 22-inch wheels that are styled after the Harley Davidson Fatboy motorcycle. And the wheels come with all-terrain tires. All the while, red and orange accents play off the beautiful black exterior perfectly. While Ford doesn’t actually make these newer editions, they are still Ford vehicles, and you can expect them to function just the same. Another company has just outfitted them, but the results speak for themselves as they’re beautiful vehicles.