An orange 2019 Ranger and 2019 Ford F-150 are parked on a grass lined dirt path.

Buying Used Ford Trucks

When looking for a used truck, it’s hard to go wrong with the Ford brand. Known for its “Built Ford Tough” motto, the Ford Motor Company has certainly backed up its slogan by consistently producing high-quality and reliable vehicles, particularly their pickups, over the course of the last 116 years. This is why looking into used Ford trucks would certainly be a well-informed decision.

Still, it’s important to learn a bit more about the brand and its vehicles before heading into a dealership. Today, the Ford brand has three different pickups in its 2020 lineup — the Ranger, F-150, and Super Duty. You can also include the F-150 Raptor as another choice since it is commonly seen as a class of its own. Each model has its own unique features and capabilities, so there are plenty of options to choose from when searching for your own used Ford truck.


Ford’s F-Series pickups are the most popular trucks in the United States and have been so since 1977. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve also been the best-selling vehicle in the United States since 1986. That can be tough to imagine when you see so many cars and SUVs driving around, depending on where you live, but it’s true — the F-Series is the undisputed king in America.

The F-Series lineup includes all of the F-150 and Super Duty models.


A white 2018 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab is parked on grass next to a railroad crossing.

Arguably the most well-known truck in the United States, the F-150 paves the way for all other pickups. It’s at home in the field, on the pavement, or on the trail. No matter the conditions, the F-150 has proven tough and reliable.

The Current 2020 lineup includes seven different trims, including the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, and Raptor. Starting prices for 2020 models will range from $28,495 (XL) to $67,485 (Limited). Clearly, there’s a big gap between the lowest and the highest, but that’s because there are so many options and features available.

If you’re searching for a used F-150, you’re almost guaranteed to not see any huge price drop in the first couple of years after a model is released. For example, according to Kelley Blue Book, a used 2018 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Cab XL has a Fair Purchase Price of $26,025. And that’s when it has a typical mileage of 32,309. It’s not until you reach the same model in 2014 that you see the Fair Purchase Price drop below $20,000 (it hits $18,365). That’s with a typical mileage of 84,411. Clearly, the F-150 is a highly sought-after vehicle, even years and tens of thousands of miles later. Of course, that must mean it holds up pretty well to not depreciate as rapidly as some other vehicles.

F-150 Raptor

The F-150 Raptor should be mentioned separately because it’s a separate machine. Sure, it’s an F-150, but it’s also quite a bit different. Specifically, the Raptor is built to function very well on rough terrain, or off-road situations. Each new model has come with various upgrades and add-ons, with the 2020 version showing up with a High-Output 3.5L V6 EcoBoost Engine, High-Output & Off-Road FOX Live Valve Racing Shox, and the incredible Trail Control system, or basically cruise control for off-roading.

When searching for a used F-150 Raptor, it’s important to remember that this model line isn’t that old, only about a decade. However, that’s plenty of time to build up a lot of used inventory for this pickup.

A grey 2017 Ford Raptor, which is a popular model among used Ford trucks for sale, is rock crawling up a rocky hill.

Let’s look at a few different years of prices, according to Kelley Blue Book:

  • Used 2018 Ford F-150 Super Cab Raptor – Fair Purchase Price of $47,732 (typical mileage 32,309)
  • Used 2017 Ford F-150 Super Cab Raptor – Fair Purchase Price of $40,026 (typical mileage 46,483)
  • Used 2014 Ford F-150 Super Cab SVT Raptor – Fair Purchase Price of $30,358 (typical mileage 84,411)

Factoring in the 2020 model’s starting price of $53,205, you can see the Raptor retains its value a fair amount through the first couple years and then starts to drop off a bit more. However, even a 2014 model still commands a price tag over $30,000, which is a testament to the Raptor’s popularity.

Super Duty

Ford Super Duty trucks range from the F-250 to the F-450, with different trims along the way, including the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited. As you might imagine, just from hearing the term “Super Duty” or seeing the increase in the F-Series numbers (F-150 to F-250, F-350, and F-450), these are your bigger and more powerful Ford pickups. They’re able to both haul and tow more than their F-150 counterparts (as well as many other pickups from other brands).

Super Duty starting prices on 2020 models range from $33,705 (F-250 XL) to $90,530 (F-450 Limited). Nearing the $100,000 mark can seem a bit scary, but you’re sure to be guaranteed a lot of options and capability at that price point.

For used Super Duty trucks, you can expect a similar trend as other Ford trucks. Within the first couple of years after model release, the price won’t change too dramatically, but after a few years, it will start dropping a lot more.


A blue 2019 Ford Ranger is parked on a shaded grassy area.

The Ranger is Ford’s mid-size pickup, with 2020 models coming in three different trims, the XL ($24,410), XLT ($28,460), and Lariat ($32,500). Although the Ranger has technically been around for a while in the United States, it took a small hiatus in 2011 and has since returned in 2018. Since it is relatively new again, there won’t be as much of a selection in the used pickup market, but you will always find more as time goes on.

If you want to search for Rangers from 2011 and back, you may be able to find a decent deal. Kelley Blue Book shows the Fair Purchase Price for a used 2011 Ford Ranger Super Cab XLT at $11,433 with a typical mileage of 98,390. That’s under 100,000 miles (if barely) and getting close to the $10,000 mark on price, which is pretty low for a pickup.

Of course, the 2019 Ranger model will still be listed close to its starting point since we’re barely into the 2020 models. Kelley Blue Book lists the Fair Purchase Price for a used 2019 Ford Ranger SuperCab XL at $23,874 with a typical mileage of 15,998. Clearly, this new Ranger generation made need a few more years before used deals can start to become much better for consumers. However, you never know when or where you might find a good deal, so it doesn’t hurt to look.

Popular for a Reason

Ford pickups have dominated sales figures for decades because they’re trusted and reliable. Although the latest generation Ranger is very new and won’t have as many options, you can still find plenty of options for any of the F-Series trucks. Also, the variety is broad enough that there should be a price point fit for any normal price range, from an F-150 XL to an F-450 Limited. The real key to searching through used Ford trucks, though, is just finding the one that suits your wants and needs the best, whether it’s off-roading or heavy hauling.