The Chevy Chase

No, not the actor. The Chevy Chase is my own unique search for my ideal Chevy. The trouble is, this iconic brand has been churning out cars, both classic and cutting-edge, for generations. Choosing just one is impossible. Well, maybe not impossible, but certainly not a task that I’m up to – after all – […]

The Five Most Desirable Used Cars

Some potential car buyers may swear off used vehicles all together, citing their desire to purchase a new vehicle. What they’re failing to recognize is the unneeded burden on the wallet that accompanies purchasing a new car. Used cars have obviously had more action than a new car, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less […]

Chevys Celebrated in Songs

Few things perk me up more than belting out songs behind the wheel of my car. But imagine belting out tunes about the car you’re driving. If that car happens to be a Chevy, you’re in luck. It’s no secret that Americans love cars. And musicians love to celebrate them in song. But you would […]