A grey 2021 Chevy Tahoe is parked next to a brown Suburban on a rural road.

Shopping For a New Chevy: How to Forego Analysis Paralysis

If you’re a Chevy enthusiast like me in need of a new vehicle, you may find yourself clicking through countless articles about, in my case, which SUV model is best. For some, it may be your first time buying a vehicle on your own, while for others, it may be routine. But either way, you should still like to do your research before diving right in. While there is a Chevy dealer near me, like most people, I prefer to do my research before heading down to the shop.

So what is the best chevy SUV to buy? That depends on your situation, of course. If you are seeking an SUV for a small family, you may want the Chevy Equinox, while large families may want to turn their attention to the Chevy Tahoe. While we are at it, let’s discuss which Chevy is best to buy for a variety of situations.

Chevy Model If You Are On a Budget

When you are thinking about buying a car on a budget, most people would recommend a compact car. It will save you on gas and be very reasonably priced compared to other model types. If you are looking for extra savings, you may want to consider a used vehicle over a new vehicle. As long as you keep an eye on important aspects of buying used such as mileage, service history, and the condition of the title, you will be in good shape. This applies to all purchases, whether you are buying directly from another driver or, in my case, my local Chevy dealer.

The best new Chevy SUV model to pick up if you are on a budget would be the brand-new Chevy Trailblazer. This subcompact SUV offers outsized performance with plenty of cargo space and enough room to comfortably fit five passengers. And the best part is that the base trim starts at just $19,000, making it a real bargain for someone who needs an SUV but who doesn’t want to scour used car lots.

A brown and white 2021 Chevy Trailblazer is driving on a dirt road past a pond after leaving a Chevy dealer near me.

Chevy Model For First Time Buyers

If it is your first time buying a vehicle, you may not know a whole lot about how to maintain and fix your cars on your own. That is not an issue, simply a factor to work around. Because you most likely will need some help with the overall process, a newer car from a dealership will both last you longer than the alternative and give you that helping hand before, during, and after you buy your new car.

As far as the model goes for you, the option you may want to consider is the 2020 Chevy Spark. While this is a hatchback rather than an SUV, the Spark is very reasonably priced, starting at $13,400. Plus, it gets incredible gas mileage. The Spark is not the fastest car on the road, as it has less than 100 hp, but it is zippy enough to get you around town.

Because the Spark is a small car, you will be able to easily maneuver through tight turns and small parking spaces even if you don’t have much driving experience. Since it is your first time purchasing a vehicle, you would do well with the Chevy Spark as long as you don’t have as much to lug around or any need to go off-road.

Chevy Model For Small Families

With a small family, you may not need all of the size and glamour of a behemoth such as the Chevy Tahoe. But if you find yourself searching for a local Chevy dealer, you may be well-suited by pursuing a Chevy Equinox. Many overlook the Equinox since people tend to sway all the way to the Traverse, or in the opposite direction with the Trax. But, the Equinox serves a sweet spot in between the various SUVs out there.

The ultimate goal for Chevy was to create an SUV that had the best of both worlds. It set out to be compact as well as spacious, sleek, and rugged. The modern Chevy Equinox is a lightweight, agile SUV with a comfortable ride that is meant to be a crossover of an SUV and sedan.

Chevy’s engineers did a great job keeping noise outside the cabin. That, along with pleasing road manners, makes the Equinox a superior choice for both long and short commutes. The Equinox also is a strong contender when it comes to gas mileage as well. While it may not surpass some of its hybrid competitors, it certainly achieves commendable figures.

A white 2020 Chevy Equinox is parked on a gravel driveway in the woods.

Chevy Model For Large Families

For those of you with large families, you will need some extra room and luxuries to keep everyone happy. This includes space for the kids to stretch out or an area to store larger items such as boogie boards or dog crates. The Chevy Tahoe is an excellent vehicle for large families. The model not only provides more room, but it even has the ability to tow a light trailer should you require even more space.

And for those of you who live in climates that see bad winter weather, the Tahoe offers a highly capable four-wheel drive system. You won’t have an issue driving to work or school, even while other vehicles struggle to remain on the road. The Tahoe’s four-wheel drive system is also great for handling back country roads if you are taking your family camping or hiking.

Chevy Model If You Are Looking For Power

If you want to go fast but your lifestyle demands something more practical than a Camaro or the new C8 Corvette, then Chevy still has you covered. The Chevy Blazer (not to be confused with the smaller Trailblazer) shares its aggressive styling with the Camaro and also boasts a powerful 3.6L V6 engine option that produces over 300 hp. Deck this vehicle out with the available 20-inch gloss black wheels, alloy sport pedals, and some black accents, and you have a sporty SUV that can still handle all your daily tasks.

And while somewhat less powerful, a Chevy Equinox with the optional 2.0L turbocharged engine will give you over 250 hp in a more nimble body. Add in the Sport package for 19-inch gloss black wheels and sportier styling, and and you will have yourself a surprisingly capable package. So don’t despair just because a true sports car isn’t in the cards, you can still have lots of fun in a modern SUV.


Hopefully, by now, you have some ideas about what to look for at the Chevy dealer near you. Whether you are looking for your first car, seeking a family SUV, or trying to find something on a tight budget, there is a Chevy model for you. The important aspect to keep in mind when buying a new vehicle is to not immediately go with the cheapest or most expensive option out there. Stay within your means with the information listed above. With all of the options out there, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. But if you keep to your shopping list, you will easily find the perfect fit that will last you for years to come.