A blue 2021 Toyota Mirai is driving on salt flats in front of distant mountains.

Hop a Ride to the Future in a New Toyota

Toyota has always been a well-liked brand, but today’s models are so futuristic, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a time machine. With Japan arguably being the epicenter of high-tech innovation, it should come as no surprise that a Japanese brand is bringing the latest smart features to their vehicles. After all, Japan is home to unique modern tech like space-saving parking garage elevators (for vehicles), capsule hotels (where visitors sleep in comfy compact pods), and even hoodies designed with a pouch for your cat (called a mewgaroo hoodie). All that’s left to do is set your GPS to locate a “Toyota dealer near me,” and you’ll be well on your way to an exciting adventure to the next best thing.

2021 Toyota GR Supra

One of the lesser-known but highly impressive vehicles in the Toyota line-up is the 2021 Toyota GR Supra. This ultimate sports car evolved from the great minds of the designers at Calty Design Research center. After hundreds of sketches and about forty years in the making, this sporty dream car was molded into reality. As true artists, the Calty Design Team focused on sculpting the Supra based on negative space, removing mass for a lightweight speed machine.

There are four models of the GR Supra slated to be introduced in 2021. The first is the 2.0 model, producing 255 horsepower with a 2.0-liter twin-scroll single-turbo inline four-cylinder engine. The 3.0 is a step up with a 3-liter six-cylinder engine that puts out 382 horsepower. With the same engine but some keen upgrades, the 3.0 Premium has 14-way power-adjustable heated leather-trimmed sport seats with driver’s seat memory functions. Brembo brakes are four-piston fixed-caliper disc brakes with a silver TOYOTA Supra label and red-painted calipers. A 12-speaker, 500-watt HiFi surround system by JBL is undeniably cool, matching the captivating vibe that radiates from every inch of the Supra.

Finally, the A-91 Edition is styled with a black-painted satin-finish carbon fiber duckbill rear spoiler and 19-inch forged aluminum twin-spoke wheels with a matte-black finish to match. Eye-catching leather-trimmed heated sport seats in black/blue Alcantara with blue stitching are primed for action. Despite the Supra’s upscale look, you might be surprised to hear the MSRPs range between $42,990 and $55,990. Fuel economy is between 22 to 25 MPG in the city and 30 to 32v MPG on the highway, even with such powerful engines on board. The Supra is just one example of Toyota’s passion for engineering excellence.

A glimpse into the Supra’s technology features only brings more intrigue and anticipation to its fan base. The Supra’s advanced technology suite includes real-time traffic information, automatic emergency calling service, and a Connect iPhone app which lets you activate Ventilation Now and Ventilation Timer features, along with locking or unlocking the doors. An 8.8-inch high-resolution touchscreen and color heads-up display keep you connected instead of distracted.

A red 2021 Toyota Supra is taking a corner on a racetrack past blurred trees.

2021 Toyota Mirai

Another sophisticated modern creation from Toyota is the 2021 Mirai. With a wide offering and long history of producing fuel-efficient hybrids, Toyota is no stranger to alternative power. The hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Mirai is slated to pull off zero emissions with elegance and grace. Every detail of this gorgeous car is impeccably designed with comfort, simplicity, and refinement in mind.

Don’t underestimate the Mirai’s power based on its superior fuel-efficiency. Its premium rear-wheel drive platform handles sharp turns and speedy acceleration with ease. By combining hydrogen and oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere, the Mirai generates full power with water as its only by-product. Due to its advanced aerodynamic design, the Mirai ushers in a new segment of sports cars with clean fuel that is sure to give the gas guzzlers of yesteryear a run for their money. Even popular battery-powered competitors should be on their guard for the Mirai’s predicted 400-mile driving range, which represents a 30% improvement over previous generations.

Interior tech includes a 12.3-inch touchscreen display that’s fully customizable and compatible with your favorite devices. As you sit comfortably grounded in the (heated and ventilated) driver’s seat, an 8-inch multi information display is conveniently placed for clear visibility on everything from audio controls to safety alerts. An available heads-up display gives you turn by turn directions as you drive to make sure you never waste time with another wrong turn.

2020 Prius Prime

A grey 2020 Toyota Prius Prime is driving toward a sharp corner next to the ocean after leaving a Toyota dealer near me.

A discussion on Toyota’s innovative alternative fuel vehicles doesn’t seem quite complete without any mention of the iconic Prius. The Toyota Prius put hybrid vehicles on the map and into the garages of regular American families around the country. The 2020 Prius Prime continues Toyota’s legacy as an industry leader, with a combination of affordable value and forward-thinking technology features.

Plug in at home, work, or a public charging station (there’s now more than 16,500 stations around the United States). The Prius Prime has an EPA-estimated 25-mile driving range when operating on a full-charge means you’ll rarely need fuel for day-to-day commutes.

The Prius Prime has an 11.6-inch multimedia display like no other. Pinch, zoom, swipe, or tap to navigate user-friendly features. With the Toyota+Alexa app, you can get the news, listen to music, check the weather forecast, and connect to your home devices. Qi-compatible wireless charging and USB ports make it easy to charge your smartphone without worrying about tangled wires getting in the way. Attach your phone to the non-slip holder and get on with your drive.

Gone are the days when attractive, high-tech vehicles were out of the question for everyday consumers. The 2020 Prius Prime has a starting MSRP of $28,220, and that’s not counting the thousands of dollars you’ll save on gas over the years to come. With Apple CarPlay, Alexa, and satellite radio now considered standard features, you won’t need to upgrade in order to enjoy the best of the new Prius.

Three trim levels make choosing the right Prius Prime a simple decision. While performance is identical across the board, the LE, XLE, and Limited vary in the amount of tech and comfort features you can expect. That’s not to say the LE is poorly equipped. This base model has LED headlights, automatic climate control, heated front seats, keyless access and starter, and Toyota’s suite of driver safety aids, Toyota Safety Sense P.

The XLE is where you’ll find the 11.6-inch touchscreen (the LE has a 7-inch) and a power driver’s seat. Simulated leather upholstery, an upgraded infotainment system, and wireless charging make this step-up worth the added cost for many buyers. True Prius fans won’t be able to resist the Limited’s high-end features, such as a premium steering wheel, auto-dimming mirror, heads up display, automatic wipers, and a few additional driver assistance programs (including semi-automatic parking).

Toyota Leads the Pack on Value and Style

Whether you opt for one of Toyota’s lesser-known race car models, or it’s ever-popular Prius, you’re sure to get an efficient vehicle that comes equipped with a great tech package. Not only are these fuel-efficient options geared up to save you money at the pump, they’ll save you the hassles of a dead phone battery, lagging navigation system, or overly complicated touchscreen design. Toyota puts customers first with top of the line engineering and commitment to improvement year after year. Don’t waste time on brands that can’t keep up with the times. Visit your local Toyota dealer and get the latest and greatest, all wrapped up into a fair price point.