Why You Should Never Buy Used Tires

The cost of owning a car can certainly add up over time. Just when you’ve replaced your battery, you learn that it’s time for an alignment. Right after you’ve replaced some belts, you find out that you need new tires.

Treating your car well and getting the recommended maintenance on time is the best way to protect your car from repairs. However, you can’t avoid all these expenses. After all, tires don’t last forever, no matter how often you balance and rotate them.

You may be tempted to try to save a few bucks by purchasing used tires instead. However, this is always a bad idea. Instead of buying inferior tires, you should shop quality tires stores in Cincinnati that will offer you everyday discounts on the top name brands. You’ll get the tires you need and save a little cash.

Here are a few reasons why you should never buy used tires:

Older Tires are More Likely to Fail

When you shop for used tires, you have no idea what shape they are really in. You don’t know if the tires were driven for too long or if they were driven while carrying heavy loads. Even if the outside isn’t bulging and the tread looks fine, the tires may have severe damage that you cannot see. Inside, the rubber may be degrading or may be cracked.

Even tires that have been well cared for will break down over time. The rubber will start to oxidize and degrade. You could be driving down the road and your tires could just blow out.

Some tire manufacturers say to replace your tires every 10 years, but some experts say the cut off is more like six years. You also need to replace the spare tire, even if it has just been sitting in your trunk unused.

You can’t rely on honest dating of tires from a used tire supplier. The only way to know for sure is to check the date yourself. You can find this information right on the tire. A Department of Transportation code about 11 to 14 digits long is stamped on the sidewall. The last four digits of the code stand for the week and the year that the tire was made. Therefore, if you see the numbers 3211, the tire was made in the 32nd week of 2011, or around the middle to end of August.

You should also check the dates on new tires since they can sit in a factory for months before being delivered or sold.

You Won’t be Notified of Safety Recalls

tire date

Despite the extensive safety testing that manufacturers perform on their products, some issues aren’t discovered until long after those products have been on the market and used in a variety of situations. Manufacturers rely on the purchasing information or registration information to contact owners in case a problem arises and the product has to be repaired or recalled.

If you buy used tires, the manufacturer will not have your information and you will not be notified in case of a problem. You may hear about the issue on the news at some point, but it could be months after the problem was discovered. Had you purchased your tires new, you would have been one of the first to know about the problem.

Sometimes, if a product has to be repaired or recalled, the manufacturer will pay for the repair or the replacement. Again, if you bought your tires used, you will likely not qualify for this service. Even if you do, the manufacturer has no way to let you know. You’ll end up spending money you didn’t have to in order to replace the tires.

Sellers Can Fake the Quality

Used Tires - Tread Level

Not every tire that gets a flat or has a nail puncture has to be junked. Many products are available that provide a quick fix for the tire, making it driveable for a short amount of time. However, these products do not restore the integrity of the tire, and the safety of the tire is compromised.

When you buy used tires, there is a chance that the seller has used some of these products or other methods to make the tire seem like a higher quality than it is. Some sellers use rubber products to make the tread seem healthier than it is. Others simply paint the tires black to make them look newer than they are.

You can inspect used tires to look for signs of problems, but the work of a skilled con artist will be hard to detect. You’ll only discover your mistake weeks or months later when the tire blows out while you’re driving. The only way to protect yourself is to buy your tires new from a reputable seller.

Saving a few dollars by purchasing used tires just isn’t worth it. The reality is that you won’t even save money because you’ll end up paying more on frequent replacements and potential damage to your car — since blowouts are more likely and can lead to a wipeout or an accident. It is very important that you always buy new tires directly from the dealership or an authorized vendor.

By shopping with the right vendor, you also ensure that the tires are installed correctly to factor specifications. The vendor can also give you guidance on the best tires to buy for your particular vehicle and for your driving habits.

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