The Epic History of the Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper entered the automotive arena just like any other–as a concept car. Fawned over by the attendees after its much-anticipated unveiling at Detroit’s 1989 North American International Auto Show, the dream became a production reality three years later. Unlike some dreams that come true, this fantasy didn’t disappoint, delighting enthusiasts and dealers, like […]

5 Coolest Toyota Cars Ever Made

Back in 2012, Toyota changed up its advertising slogan from 2004’s “Moving Forward,” to “Let’s Go Places.” These five coolest Toyota-brand cars have successfully done both; moved forward in technology and innovation, and traveled many places. From the mountain passes of Japan to the bright lights of Hollywood, Toyota has moved into a place of […]

Why We Love the Chevy Cobalt SS

  To innovators, designers and engineers, employment in the automotive industry must prove a finicky mistress of sorts. On some occasions, a particular model will prove enduring in its success, transcending generations in its evolving appeal. On other occasions, however, a particular model might only exist as a proverbial flash-in-the-pan, fading from a lineup as […]