A side view of a beige 2021 BMW i4 is shown in front of windows, which will have a long wait before it is a used car for sale.

Looking Ahead to the 2021 BMW i4

Although BMW is still keeping pretty tight-lipped about the upcoming i4 that they’re working on, some details have slipped out from behind their walls. We’ve had a few teasing glimpses of what it will look like, and some specs that have been released. Beyond that, there’s a lot of conjecture floating around out there about what the BMW i4 will offer when it rolls out next year, and I thought I’d join in on the fun and speculate away. Normally I would spend my time looking at used cars for sale or other options within my budget, but today I’m living dangerously!

So let’s check out the upcoming 2021 BMW i4 and see what it will have to offer. Keep in mind there will be some best-guessing going on here based on available information that could absolutely turn out to miss the mark or be different from what we see next year. In general, however, I’m using pretty reliable information, and I won’t be making any wild claims (no, the i4 will not feature a Mr. Fusion power source; we are still waiting on that one).

Here’s what we can expect…

2021 BMW i4 – The Basics

Let’s start with what we’re dealing with here: the 2021 BMW i4 will be an all-electric four-door sedan slated for release at some point in the coming year. Although not the first EV from BMW, a lot of people are looking to the i4 for a taste of what’s to come, rather than what we’ve already seen. BMW has set a goal for itself to have at least 12 all-electric models for sale by 2025 – so the clock is ticking for them to get there. The i4 looks to be the first significant step to seeing this come together, which is why many people are eager to see what it has to offer.

With the i4, BMW seems to be going straight at Tesla and Audi, offering a significant competitor to the Model 3 and the e-Tron GT from those manufacturers. It will be interesting to see how these kinds of EV luxury cars compete and what it does for the market in general. As EVs become more affordable and the idea of an all-electric future for every driver gets more realistic, the trickle-down effect from the luxury cars at the top will undoubtedly be fun to watch.

2021 BMW i4 – The Engine

A beige 2021 BMW i4 is driving past a rock face with the sun setting behind it.

As an EV, the 2021 BMW i4’s engine is going to be the subject of scrutiny and set the scene for what this car has to offer. While BMW has not revealed every detail about what the i4 will be packing when it comes out, we actually have a pretty good picture of its engine. An electric motor will generate 530hp for a very powerful and responsive ride with a battery pack that will offer a great overall experience.

The word going around is that the current estimate states the i4 will be able to go more than 370 miles on a full charge. The major caveat on that, however, is that this estimate and information comes from European testing, which is typically far more generous than our EPA testing and calculations we get here in the US. In other words: don’t expect to see “370-mile range” advertised here – but it will certainly be greater than 300 miles; we’ll have to wait to see how much greater.

We do know the battery pack in the 2021 BMW i4 will be very powerful and fast to charge, with an 80% recharge possible in only 35 minutes. A quick, 6-minute charge at the right power station will get you more than 60 miles of range. In other words: this is an EV built for practical use, which you will be able to use for long trips and getting across town with equal ease. BMW has stated it can go from 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds – but some folks think that’s conservative. The actual acceleration from the 530 hp engine should be even faster than that, and the i4 has a top speed north of 120 mph.

2021 BMW i4 – Interior Features

Details about the 2021 BMW i4’s interior are frustratingly scarce – this is one of the aspects of the upcoming car that BMW has been able to keep well under wraps. You can pretty safely bet on it having a host of high-end features available in order to compete with the other luxury EVs that are available. Expect a spacious interior since it is a sedan, with leather and high-quality materials used to create a luxurious and comfortable experience.

You can also expect the best technology BMW can possibly pack into it. That means a large infotainment screen, likely a digital driver display, and similar features. An incredible sound system is pretty much a guarantee, and there will probably be a few surprises tossed in there to keep their competitors on their toes.

A white and rose gold interior is shown in the 2021 BMW i4.

2021 BMW i4 – The Outside

In addition to concept art, some spy photos and a few official images have been released, but all of them are limited. The pictures we have seen include some camouflaging, so we have not even been given a full, unrestricted view of the BMW i4 in the wild. In general, it doesn’t have a crazy design or bizarre details, though what we’ve seen does have a few “futuristic” touches for good measure. I would expect that it will make a statement and that no one will confuse it with any other car on the road – but don’t expect a sedan version of the Cybertruck.

2021 BMW i4 – Safety Options

It’s a safe bet that the i4 will also have a fantastic suite of standard and available safety features on offer. Things like forward collision alert, a blind spot detection system, and front and rear park assist are pretty likely. I would also expect pedestrian warning technology, lane-keeping assistance, and similar active safety features.

The big question mark is whether BMW will pack in something to compete with the autonomous driving technology that Tesla is so well known for. I think it could go either way and is dependent on whether or not BMW has something reliable in its pocket for that. If autonomous or semi-autonomous driving is not in the i4 at release, it’s a safe bet that it will come in a future version.

2021 BMW i4 – Release and Price

Speaking of the BMW i4’s release – when can we expect it? So far, all we know is that it is scheduled for a 2021 release, so you can start saving now. Exactly when we will see it next year is unknown, but I imagine it will be a late release in the fall or at the end of summer. No price has been given for the i4, though everyone is predicting it will start somewhere around $50k. That seems like a pretty safe estimate, though I imagine there will be some options and available features that quickly push that price up even higher.

The 2021 BMW i4 looks good so far. Even if this newer model is not in your price range, it can be fun to look and see what’s in store. However, if you’re in the market for used cars for sale due to your budget, you may want to look into a 2015 BMW X4 or a 2016 BMW 5 Series. And eventually, used i4 models will be available; just bide your time.