Three Rules of the BMW 7 Series

Have you ever seen the original “Transporter” movie?

While one can never be sure whether or not the elite of your community would actually require your services as a “transporter,” finding the right BMW Dealership would be the ideal first step in pacifying your inner Jason Statham.

Granted, you may have no immediate desire to begin a career as a highly-paid mercenary driver (considering the inherent dangers of the profession) but perhaps you really liked the BMW 735i that Jason Statham’s character drives in the beginning of the movie. If that’s the case, you’re probably here because you’re searching for a BMW Dealership for your next BMW lease or purchase. That said, there should be no concerns about breaking the “Three Rules of Transporting” when talking about the sleek elegance of today’s BMW offerings.


Rule Number 1: Don’t Change The Deal

Despite its well-established legacy, BMW has never been afraid of refining its approach. Whether intended to enhance overall performance, or simply to meet the evolving expectations of drivers everywhere, BMW doesn’t shy away from changing things up.

The 7 Series is the embodiment of that ideal. To use BMW’s own words, “We believe the best way to predict the future is to create it. With the BMW 7 Series we are creating tomorrow’s luxury, today.” All in all, it’s a fairly accurate statement. Despite retaining many classic BMW design features, the introduction of the 7 Series in 1977 marked a fearless departure away from the expected, to the creation of something distinctive and innovative. With unique proportions and a sloped stance, the 7 Series came to symbolize forward motion and progression. This continues through today’s 7 Series, which begins with the base (yet anything but basic) sedan.

At an MSRP of $95,195 the 7 Series Sedan (or 740i) is powered by a turbocharged 3.0-liter 6 cylinder engine that delivers 320 horsepower. But (just in case you’re actually considering a career as a Transporter) you may want to favor the 750i trim, since you may need all 445 horses served up by its turbocharged 4.4-liter V8. If your considering going fully-loaded, plan on a price tag closer to $120K.

The overall design retains BMW’s signature sportiness, imbued with a sense of elegance that is felt in its overall proportions, sleek contouring, and authoritative stance. With an adaptive air suspension you are assured of a smooth ride from the 7 series, regardless of trim level.


Rule Number 2: No Names

Okay, maybe BMW walks the line on this one. While it might be easier for the casual driver to discern between offerings if the marketing team gave them snappy names like other manufacturers do, BMW’s naming procedure is a testament to the brand’s elitist connotation.

In addition to the 740i/750i Sedan, the 7 Series serves up a plug-in Hybrid alternative in the 740e X Drive. Wrangling 322 horsepower, this hybrid is powered in unison by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and an electric motor.

Atop the series, sits the high-performance M760i which houses a 6.6-liter V12 turbocharged engine and comes with the full array of performance and luxury features (that one might expect from a $170K price tag).

Regardless of which best suits your lifestyle, the bottom-line is that the 7 Series serves up a fully-realized line of powertrain options.


Rule Number 3: Never Open The Package

Forget that! Open the package! Open the package!

From the inception of the first-generation 7 series, elegance has served as the primary inspiration in designing the interior. Today’s offerings are no exception, suggesting that BMW has one eye on tomorrow.

Crafted from rich leather interiors, there is an immediate sense of unity within the cabin. Precision in shape and a seamless flow between all areas create an organic feel, indicative of attentive design. The environment is further enhanced with ambient lighting, adding a sense of both warmth and welcome.

Adding to the sense of design accommodation comes command versatility. In addition to the forward-thinking design of the touchscreen and the console-mounted iDrive controller, 7 Series drivers have the option of utilizing voice or gesture control. The latter provides an innovative alternative in controlling everyday functions, allowing the driver to remain focused on the road while adjusting climate or volume.

As expected, the executive inspiration is truly embraced in the rear cabin design. When equipped with the Executive and Luxury Rear Seating Package, the 7 series is evocative of first-class air travel. Seating is designed for comfort; and an extended central console creates a divide between rear passengers, providing an armrest and further encouraging a sense of personal space. Atop the console sits a touchscreen control panel intended for use by the rear passengers. With 24 different functions included, passengers can tailor their environment from climate, to comfort.  And within that console, each passenger can find a collapsible desktop that enables them to work comfortably and efficiently.

Speaking of a luxury experience, the 7 Series also includes an innovative option in remote-control parking. More than just park assist, this feature allows the car to safely enter or exit a garage (or select parking spots) by the driver’s remote command.
And if a 7 Series is an affordable reality for you, why not explore the enhancement packages that can further improve your overall experience? Looking to experience enhanced control and road performance? Consider the Autobahn Package. Heated seats and driving wheel are available through the Cold Weather Package. The Parking Assistance Package provides a 360-degree camera, and active park assist feature. Any number of enhancements are available to make your 7 Series experience worth the price tag, and suitable for anyone looking for a more dangerous career.

Whether you’re interested in the 7 Series, or any other of BMW’s offerings, there is plenty to be excited about. To quote the movie, “Transportation is a precise business.” If we didn’t know any better, this statement could have easily been attributed to BMW.

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