Four Reasons Why the 2017 Chevy Colorado Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Chevy’s array of pickup trucks, including the heavy duty Silverado line, are certainly alluring. However, when customers are seeking trucks for sale, there’s no reason why they should ignore the 2017 Chevy Colorado. While the vehicle may be relatively small compared to the other offerings, the truck still delivers plenty of power, an unmatched driving experience, a host of technological features, and a number of safety functions. Best of all, the vehicle is the least expensive of the brand’s pickup offerings.

If you’ve been searching for trucks for sale, see why the 2017 Chevy Colorado may actually be the right choice for you…


Powerful and Efficient Engines

Despite the fact that the 2017 Chevy Colorado is the smallest of the brand’s pickup offerings, the truck is still more than capable of delivering all of the power a driver could possibly seek. Thanks to the brand’s three available engine options, drivers will truly be able to pick out a unit that fits all of their requirements.

The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine cranks out 200 horsepower and 191 pounds-feet of torque, which is more than enough power to overcome any type of road conditions. Of course, these specs also influence the vehicle’s other capabilities, including the 3,500-pound towing capacity. Despite all of this power, the vehicle still manages to deliver a best-in-class 19 city/26 highway mile per gallon fuel efficiency.

The Duramax 2.8-liter Turbo-Diesel engine boosts those power numbers, delivering a number of best-in-class specs. The system can crank out 181 horsepower and a best-in-class 369 pounds-feet of torque, leading to a best-in-class 7,700-pound towing capacity. Meanwhile, the best-in-class 22 city/30 highway mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency means drivers won’t have to commit even more money at the gas pump.

Finally, the 3.6-liter DOHC V6 engine is the most hulking of the bunch, pumping out an incredible best-in-class 308 horsepower and 275 pounds-feet of torque. If you’re seeking a hauling behemoth, then this unit is the perfect choice, as drivers can also anticipate a best-in-class 7,000-pound towing capacity. Finally, the 25-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency is mighty impressive for a vehicle that is able to produce so much power.


Unmatched Driving Experience

While each of the Colorado’s three available engines offer plenty of power, drivers shouldn’t anticipate a rocky driving experience. Rather, Chevy’s engineers included a number of specific features that will improve any owner’s commute. For instance, the leather-appointed or cloth seats are as luxurious as they are comfortable, providing maximum support during those longer journeys. Furthermore, passengers will appreciate the surprising amount of legroom, assuring that they won’t be cramped when trying to fit inside of the truck.

Meanwhile, thanks to inclusions like the four-wheel disc brakes with the accompanying Duralife rotors, drivers can also expect a relatively smooth driving experience. Drivers also won’t have to worry about maintaining control of their vehicle, as the Electric Power Steering will assure that they’re consistently staying on their intended path.

Finally, if you’re looking to relax during your commute, then you’ll certainly appreciate all of the sound-deadening materials included in the Colorado’s construction. The inlaid triple-sealed doors will reduce that pesky howl of the wind from distracting you, while the thick windshield/side glass and liquid-applied sound deadener means the roar of the engine won’t take away from the listening experience of the Bose sound system.


Intuitive, Innovative Technology

While owners will certainly appreciate the Chevy Colorado’s capabilities, they’ll ultimately be spending the majority of their time inside the pickup. Therefore, they’ll want to capitalize on all of the technological amenities that the truck can deliver.

It naturally starts with the Chevrolet MyLink system, which provides drivers with a number of useful applications via the eight-inch diagonal color touch-screen display. Meanwhile, thanks to the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, drivers can seamlessly connect their smartphone to the system. As a result of this amenities, drivers can listen to their favorite playlists, send text messages, and make phone calls.

Occupants will also appreciate the inclusion of the 4G LTE Wi-Fi, which provides a reliable wireless internet connection for up to seven devices. If you or your passengers are required to use the internet during a journey, you won’t have to pull off the highway in pursuit of a free wireless connection.


Reliable Safety

No one wants to find themselves in an accident, especially when it involves their recently purchased vehicle. Fortunately, the 2017 Chevy Colorado is equipped with a number of safety functions that should keep every occupant secure. If a driver does find themselves in an accident, then the occupants can rely on the high-strength steel frame, reinforced safety cage, and the assortment of interior airbags (including dual-stage frontal, head-curtain side-impact, and seat-mounted side-impact air bags). If emergency personnel is required, drivers can use the accompanying OnStar Automatic Crash Response System to summon the help that they need.

Of course, it’s unlikely that drivers even find themselves in an accident thanks to the wealth of preventative safety features. Inclusions like the Forward Collision Alert will notify the driver when an accident appears to be imminent, while the Lane Departure Warning will alert the operator if it’s unsafe to switch lanes . The accompanying rear vision camera is also an important inclusion, as drivers can constantly monitor everything that’s happening behind their pickup.

If the Colorado is going to be used by a young driver, then parents can rest easy knowing that the Teen Driver Technology has their back. This system encourages teenagers to practice safe driving habits. For instance, the radio won’t activate until belts have been secured, and the vehicle will alert the driver via audible and visual cues if they’ve exceeded a set speed limit.

Now that you’ve determined that the 2017 Chevy Colorado is actually a solid target, it’s time to begin the buying process. If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, then there’s no better place to purchase that new pickup truck than from McCluskey Chevrolet.

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