Alas, Poor Car Dealers…

Looking back at 2016, it was impressive to see that vehicle sales within the U.S. returned another banner year. With a jump of 17.5 million vehicles from 2015 sales, a total of 17.55 million new vehicles hit U.S. roads last year. While those are certainly impressive numbers, it’s been widely stated that such a steady […]

Why Go Further?

So, here you are…searching Ford dealerships online. My question is, “Why?” Please allow me to clarify: my question is not intended to cast aspersions on the Ford Motor Company or Ford dealerships. If (as stated in their motto) Ford wants you to “Go Further,” I’m going to suggest that you wait just a minute because […]

Why Drivers Can Easily Rely on Mazda’s I-ACTIVSENSE Technology

Nowadays, it seems like prospective car buyers are particularly focused on pursuing a vehicle that includes (for instance) technology or luxury. While these attributes are certainly useful and noteworthy, they’re still not nearly as essential as a vehicle’s safety capabilities. Well, if you’re seeking a brand that’s fully committed to preserving the well-being of their […]

AEV Jeeps Side-Step the Fail

Just this morning, I was having a conversation with a co-worker about how some topics are more fun to research and write about than others. While it’s inevitable that you’d enjoy writing about the kinds of cars that you love to drive (or aspire to drive someday), it’s very cool when you find yourself captivated […]

To Bolt, or Not To Bolt

With New York State’s reinstatement of the $2,000 rebate entitlement on the purchase of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, car dealerships in Albany, NY (and throughout the state) have an unspoken obligation to maintain sufficient inventory to appease the demand. Then again, do they? After all, what is the actual demand? While some car buyers […]