The Four New Additions Coming to Chevy in 2017

We’re always wary of new things. Whether it be a new living arrangement or a new recipe, we’re a bit skeptical when we’re trying something different.

You shouldn’t have these types of reservations when it comes to Chevy’s vehicles. The brand continually produces some of the most highly-regarded vehicles in the industry, and their new models often take the automotive market by storm. That will certainly be the case for the 2017 model year, as the company is adding several innovative cars to their line.

Some of these new additions are revamps on current models, while some are rereleases of previous nameplates. Either way, we can certainly anticipate some good things from these vehicles. If you’ve been toying around with the idea of visiting a Chevrolet dealership, check out the brand’s new additions for 2017…

2017 Camaro ZL1


Chevy has continued to prove that the Camaro is among the top performers in the sports car segment. Now, the engineers are hoping their vehicle will be included among the most advanced sports coupes on the market.

It starts with the vehicle’s overall design, as the platform is lighter and more rigid than previous Camaros. The exterior has been specifically designed for performance, as Chevy’s website claims that every styling decision “was made with performance and aerodynamics in mind.” For instance, the carbon-fiber composite hood air extractor removes heat from the engine while also reducing the vehicle’s lift. Meanwhile, the front fascia improves the vehicle’s airflow via the large outboard cooling ducts (which help ssend the fresh air to the brakes). Even the familiar Chevy bowtie has even been specifically designed to allow for maximum airflow.

The Camaro’s interior has been revamped to present a more “driver-focused cockpit.” The flat-bottom, suede-wrapped steering wheel is inspired by your more traditional racers, and the Recaro performance seats won’t only keep you comfortable, but they’ll also provide you with the best possible perspective of the road. There’s also the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, allowing the driver to seamlessly integrate their smartphone with their sports car.

Of course, despite these inclusions, the Camaro is still highlighted by the LT4 6.2-liter V8 engine. The unit can pump out 640 horsepower and 640 pounds-feet of torque, making for the most powerful Camaro ever. The ten-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual transmission allow the driver to truly test the capabilities of their new car.

2017 Corvette Grand Sport


The beloved ‘Grand Sport’ version of the sporty Corvette will be returning for the 2017 model year. This time around, we should expect another updated and modernized version of the famous race car.

The Grand Sport’s new 6.2-liter LT1 V8 engine can produce 460 horsepower and 465 pounds-feet of torque, resulting in a 3.6-second zero-to-60 mile per hour time. The exterior was specifically designed to deliver optimal driveability and performance, and the seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmission assures you’ll have an enjoyable and memorable driving experience.

The Grand Sport first made its debut back in 1963, although only five prototypes were produced. Featuring that familiar 6.2-liter 377 CI small block V8 engine, the car ended up having an instrumental influence on not only the brand, but the entire industry.

The nameplate returned in 1996, with 1,000 units being produced this time around. The engine was updated to the LT4 V8, and the vehicle included the reliable ZR1 chassis and that unforgettable Admiral Blue paint scheme (including the iconic white stripe and red hash marks). The last time we saw the Grand Sport was in 2010. That version included another upgrade to the V8 engine (resulting in 436 horsepower), as well as a wider chassis.

2017 Bolt EV


We’re familiar with the most notable features in the upcoming Volt Electric Vehicle (specifically the electric capabilities). However, Chevy’s engineers have been hoping that their Volt will be known for more than its incredible range. Based on our initial looks of the 2017 Bolt, we’d say they did a pretty good job reaching their goals.

For instance, the body has been designed to be both stylish and practical. The sculpted angles and long wheel arches don’t only make the vehicle stand out, but they’ll also improve the vehicle’s stance. Meanwhile, the enclosed, flat underbody help improve the airflow and aerodynamics.

The same applies to the interior. The designers added a number of technological amenities, but all of these features still didn’t compromise some of the vehicle’s most basic attributes. There’s still an abundance of cargo room, including up to 56.6-cubic-foot of space. The 60/40 split-folding rear seats allow you to fit any oddly shaped cargo, and the hidden storage compartments will keep your valuables safe.

Of course, those technological amenities are still appreciated, particularly the center touchscreen. The 10.2-inch diagonal tablet-like surface allows drivers to access their music, their phone, and an extensive navigation system.

Of course, when discussing electric vehicles, we need to address the mechanics. Via the brand’s impressive electric engine, drivers can expect a range of around 200 miles per charge. With the 240-volt charging unit, you can easily “refuel” your vehicle overnight, allowing you to further take advantage of the vehicle’s capabilities.

Best of all, the 2017 Bolt will be incredibly safe. It goes beyond the 10 air bags and the advanced high-strength steel frame. The vehicle contains several useful safety technologies, like the Forward Pedestrian Alert and Forward Collision Alert, which will anticipate a potential accident. The Side Blind Zone Alert will detect whether a vehicle has snuck up beside you, and the Rear Cross Traffic Alert will notify the driver when it’s time to switch lanes. The vehicle will also feature OnStar’s Automatic Crash Response, which will dispatch emergency personnel as soon as possible.

2017 Cruze Hatch


You’re going to be hard pressed to find another hatchback that offers the style and sportiness found on the upcoming Cruze. Luckily, the more athletic design did little to diminish our favorite aspects of a traditional hatch.

The Cruze will offer plenty of cargo room, as drivers can fit bicycles, camping gear, or luggage in the 47.2-cubic-feet of space. Up front, the vehicle’s occupants will be entertained via the Chevy MyLink system, which allows you to easily connect your Apple or Android smartphone.

The Cruze will also be equipped with a tiny (but efficient) engine. The 1.4-liter turbo unit offers “a precise balance of power and efficiency,” two attributes you usually seek from an engine.

Similar to the other vehicles on this list, the Cruze Hatchback will also include a number of safety features. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Keep Assist mode, and Forward Collision Alert will assist in preventing accidents, while the 10 standard air bags and high-strength steel safety cage will keep all up the occupants protected. The vehicle will also feature the OnStar Automatic Crash Response System.


Each of these cars offer a unique combination of style, driveability, and safety that we often desire in a new vehicle. There’s no denying that these rides will certainly be successful, and we can only expect more advanced technology and bolder styling choices in the coming years!

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