A red 2021 Ford F-150 is parked in a field with distant mountains.

Ford Invites Adventure, Power, and Technology to the New Year

Ford is producing some exciting new vehicles right now, not the least of which are the electric and revamped models that you are soon going to see at your local Ford dealer. In particular, the Mustang Mach-E promises to be a wild stallion in the Ford stable. Gas-powered Mustangs may go extinct once the Mach-E is available at dealerships, although the Mustang Mach 1 may keep heads riveted for the limited time it will be available. For 2021, the F-150 has Pro Power Onboard available to make your truck into a workstation anywhere you want to build and is offering a hybrid powertrain. For the adventurous at heart, Ford is bringing back the Bronco, and buyers get to choose their adventure style with a Bronco or Bronco Sport model.

Ford seems to be carrying on with relative nonchalance when it comes to announcing its new products and features, but it’s clear there is competition with brands like Tesla and Toyota to get more exciting hybrids and electric vehicles on the road. Those lucky few who were able to order their Mach-E Mustangs will be the only ones to discover how the new Ford electric will match up against the Tesla offerings. But then you see one of those commercials for the 2021 F-150, and you realize Ford is just continuing to do what it does well: sell vehicles that perform. Even the line of commercial vehicles is getting state-of-the-art upgrades with options like over-the-air updates to software, cloud storage for data on fleet vehicles, and the means for fleet managers to keep track of vehicles virtually. Ford certainly has an eye towards the future.

The New Sync 4 Says the Future Has Arrived

Ford is once again updating its Sync system to its fourth generation, and the already user-friendly system is about to add features anyone can love. Replacing the small infotainment screen will be a large tablet-like display in the center stack that will operate more like the familiar smartphone or tablet touchscreen interaction most people already know how to use. Menus will be customizable for users’ preferences, and the system will learn from your interaction with it. Over time, it gets to know what you like, where you go, and how you ask for things so it can provide better information that meets your interests. The only drawback is that in order to have the new system, you have to buy a vehicle built with the system in 2021 because it requires new hardware that can’t be upgraded from earlier Sync systems.

For buyers planning to purchase a 2021 Ford vehicle, look into whether or not it will have the new Sync 4 system so you can enjoy the fun of having the system find you the best places to eat, a charging station to top off your battery, or how to avoid that pesky traffic jam. Conveniences like having over-the-air updates to the software mean you no longer have to visit the local dealership to have them installed. Wireless connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also promises to be convenient to avoid having to use cords, especially when paired with wireless charging, so your phone battery isn’t drained while you play your favorite tunes over the audio system.

The Sync4 system is shown in a 2021 Ford Mustang from a local Ford dealer.

Ford F-150 Debuts a Whole New Range of Power

Sales for the F-150 remain in the top-selling range, even though Ram is definitely aiming for that top spot. No matter how over-the-top Ram makes its trucks, Ford has held first place for 40 years because it knows how to build trucks that last no matter what. Beyond the tough factor, Ford is upping the ante with features they know their truck buyers will drool over.

Take, for instance, the insane amount of power you have available with the Pro Power Onboard that allows you to use your truck as a generator. First, you see the sets of outlets at the back end of the truck bed, set up for three-pronged plugs. When you flick the switch to turn that power station on, you can have one of three generator sizes, ranging from 2.0 kWh to 7.2 kWh. Let’s just say if you want to run a jackhammer and a fridge for a day, you could do it.

As if the generator isn’t enough to get folks excited, Ford added a powered tailgate that can also act as a workstation with built-in rulers, pencil holder, smartphone or tablet holder, and spots to place clamps to hold things in place while you work. Who needs a sawhorse when you have a tailgate like that? If you get invested in your project – which seems to always happen when doing DIY work – and you find yourself working into the night, the zone lighting all around your truck will help keep you in the light and able to continue working. Plus, it can be controlled remotely through your phone. Other cool features like the interior flatwork desk that folds out of the center armrest and the front seats that fold flat for napping are almost uninteresting in comparison.

Ford’s Bronco Is Back in the Stable

With the new breed of Bronco heading to dealerships this year, Ford seems to want to give Jeep a run for their money. In fact, you even have the ability to remove the doors and roof like a Jeep. Bronco trims will offer specific features made to handle certain types of outdoor adventure. Take, for instance, the aptly-named Black Diamond that comes equipped as an “adventure off-roading” vehicle, with features like G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Terrain) modes, heavy-duty skid plates, and marine-grade vinyl seating and interior that’s easy to hose down.

Or you could have the Badlands model, which is labeled for extreme off-roading and comes with almost ludicrous 33 or 35-inch all-terrain tires so you can just climb every mountain. Bilstein shocks and stabilizer bars are just a taste of the equipment that goes into engineering a vehicle that can apparently go anywhere you need it to and do anything you want it to. For those with a tamer interest in driving places like beaches, so you can enjoy the sunset and a nice picnic, you can opt for the Outer Banks Bronco, which has a more upscale leather interior with lots of convenience features for times when you aren’t off-roading. In case the feature options aren’t enough for you, Ford has a list of 200 options you can add a la carte to customize your Bronco.

A red 2021 Ford Bronco is shown from the front parked on rocks in the desert.

Commercial Vehicles Go Electric

Ford is broadcasting that in 2022 it will have a full lineup of Transit vans available for businesses who want to go fully electric. This is exciting news for fleets wanting to switch over from gas-guzzling beastly trucks and vans to the emissions-free electric vehicles that have lagged in availability for the service sector. While the F-150 debuts as a hybrid for 2021, delivery vans, cargo carriers, and large passenger vans can expect electric options as soon as 2022 if manufacturing can continue as scheduled.

This news follows on the heels of the new cloud systems and tech being offered to fleet vehicles this year, which is giving Ford a leg up in the game of holding onto their buyers against other competitors in the commercial industry. Most manufacturers are hustling to get out the hybrids, safety tech, and infotainment features buyers expect these days, and now the race is to see who can get to the all-electric lineup the fastest. Commercial vehicles are some of the worst producers of emissions and burners of fuel, so having a company willing to alleviate that issue with commercial vans is a big step. Ford may not be whipping us all into a frenzy over the choices for hybrid or electric yet, but as the brand plods along to its own drummer, the current options and future promises are exciting, indeed.

For Is Looking to the Future

The designers over at Ford are definitely seeing the market trending towards greener energy and are rising to meet the market head-on. With more efficient renewals of old favorites like the Bronco to pioneering power in the Mustang with the Mach-E, Ford is continuing to earn its place at the top of the automobile food chain. We can’t wait to see what else Ford has in store for us all in the coming years.