2018 Ford Focus vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

Hidden Power In The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus isn’t the type of car that you would not initially expect to be a high performance racer. It looks like a small family car with just enough power to get around the city without struggling. It is why so many people choose the Ford Focus in the first place: small, tight maneuvering and excellent fuel economy to reduce the number of trips to the gas station. Then, after checking the car out for themselves, they discover there is much more to the Focus than what meets the eye. The Ford Focus is one of the most successful compact cars available today. Available in a number of different body styles like a hatchback, sedan, and coupe, the car manages to offer a touch of personalization despite the small size. Combined with high tech performance under the hood, it is easy to see why the Focus is the choice of so many daily drivers and loyal fans. This even becomes even more evident when you look at all the different options in comparison to the competition. Comparing the 2018 Ford Focus vs. 2018 Chevy Cruze, for example, will show you how the fourth generation of this successful line lives up to the hype many people have for the vehicle.

Hidden Performance

Performance in a compact car to many seems unlikely.  Remembering the days of uncomfortable, boring, poorly made, and even worse performing compact cars of a few decades ago is what most think of when talking about a “compact car.”  Driving change and pushing technology and performance to the forefront the 2018 Ford Focus couldn’t be farther from those cars of old.

For the budget-conscious type of driver, the Focus comes with a 1.0L EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that is both more affordable and fuel efficient than its competitors. The engine does an excellent job of providing adequate horsepower and torque to serve as a value-minded daily driver to get around town or the city.  The 1.0L EcoBoost comes standard in the base model Ford Focus to remain an affordable option for just about any budget.

Taking it up a step is the 2.0L EcoBoost engine available on the Focus ST. More horsepower, torque, and overall power output makes this engine a reliable choice for more speed and performance in virtually any driving condition. While the fuel efficiency is not as high as the 1.0L option, the Focus still rests above the competition in this category, especially as you start to scale up in size to larger car and SUV options.

Need a car that has zero impact on the environment and does not require any gas whatsoever? The Focus Electric is one of the leading all-electric vehicles that is zero-emission. The high-voltage electric motor and battery setup is perfect for anyone wanting to try out the electric revolution without the massive price tag of other options. The Focus Electric runs smoothly and silently during everyday driving conditions, making it perfect for a comfortable ride as well.

Finally, the drivetrain of the Focus is where the car shows its hybrid approach to efficiency and performance. In most trims, the drivetrain is a standard forward wheel drive for casual driving on highways and side streets. When the terrain or weather gets challenging, an all-wheel-drive option exists that combines independent wheel drive and an intelligent traction control system. The Focus also comes with several settings the driver can use to change the handling characteristics and traction objectives for different conditions.

Hidden Space

It is difficult to see from the outside, but the interior of the Ford Focus is something especially unique. While many compact cars feel as small as they look on the outside, the Focus manages to open up the interior through intelligent design choices. Better still, the interior is full of features and luxury options that are typically reserved for larger vehicles that come with a much higher price tag.

The Focus includes enough head and legroom for the front driver and passenger to feel comfortable during long drives and trips. Rear passengers will enjoy the standard amount of space you get in larger vehicles as well. The seats come with optional leather trim with French stitching for a classic, stylish look that will not break the bank. Other small details include an ergonomic steering wheel and modern integrated dashboard that ties the overall look and feel of the interior together.

No car would be complete without the modern technological conveniences that make the overall driving experience even better. The great thing about the size and price of a compact like the Ford Focus is you can afford more technology for the price. Anyone who has ever driven a car with advanced safety systems and convenience features knows that this technology opens up new doors and possibilities when it comes time to take your car onto the road.

The center of this technology package is the large infotainment system mounted right in between the driver and front passenger. The infotainment system has a number of different features and options including voice control, turn-by-turn navigation, and general vehicle settings/specifications. The screen is responsive to the touch so you will not be fumbling around to find the right control or setting while in motion.

Enjoying The Ford Focus

It is easy to compare the Focus to other options and know that this compact car is the best option when you want lightweight, tight handling, and excellent fuel efficiency. Few other cars manage to strike the right balance between these different, essential properties. This is the reason so many people choose to buy and drive the Focus as their primary form of transportation. When you choose the Ford Focus as your main car, you are getting something that is quite capable in many different driving situations.

Take a cue from countless other Focus owners and check out this compact for yourself today.