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A red 2021 Toyota Prius Prime Limited is parked on a city street with neon lights in the background.

2021 Toyota Prius: The Ultimate Hybrid Smart Buy

The Toyota Prius, largely known as the first hybrid car to be sold commercially in the United States, has released a new model for 2021. In the nearly 20 years since its initial release in the US and with two million sales in the model’s history, the Prius has become a household name. The 2021 [...]

A blue 2017 Toyota Avalon from your local used car dealership is driving on a desert highway.

Is a Used Toyota Reliable?

When you are looking to purchase a used vehicle, many questions arise during the process. One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not a certain model or brand is considered to be reliable because no one wants to end up with a lemon. Luckily, there is one automaker out there that consistently [...]

A blue 2021 Toyota Mirai is driving on salt flats in front of distant mountains.

Hop a Ride to the Future in a New Toyota

Toyota has always been a well-liked brand, but today’s models are so futuristic, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a time machine. With Japan arguably being the epicenter of high-tech innovation, it should come as no surprise that a Japanese brand is bringing the latest smart features to their vehicles. After all, Japan is [...]

A black 2020 Toyota Sienna is parked in front of a wall covered in ivy.

The 2020 Toyota Sienna is in a Class of its Own

The minivan segment has gotten thin over the years as crossovers flood the market. There’s no arguing with the numbers - the popularity of minivans has dropped a lot, which is a shame. We hope we can turn the tide in the minivan’s favor because these are excellent vehicles that have come a long way [...]

A white 2019 Subaru Outback, a popular used car, is driving on a desert road.

Getting the Most Out of Your Used Car Budget

When shopping for used cars, there are a lot of options to choose from. In fact, many folks might feel there are too many options! Even if you narrow down the type of vehicle you want- a truck, an SUV, a car, or one of the many sub-segments of each- you’ll be faced with a [...]

A red 2020 Kia Optima is shown from above on tan tiles after winning the 2020 Kia Optima vs 2020 Toyota Camry comparison.

Kia’s Rising Star

Kia has been rapidly moving up in the world. What was once commonly referred to as a “throwaway car” has increasingly become one of the most dynamic auto manufacturers in the world. Although Kia has yet to break into the big leagues in terms of volume, the vehicles that they are currently producing are every [...]

Three versions of the 2021 Toyota Corolla are parked in a desert with distant mountains.

A Look at New 2021 Toyota Models

Every year we see new vehicles with new designs and features from all the major car manufacturers around the world. It’s exciting to see what every company has in store for us, and we can hardly wait to check out what the big brands have brought to the table. The best way to see the [...]

A blue 2020 Honda Odyssey is shown from the side driving in a city.

A Minivan Showdown

In your quest to nab the ultimate minivan, you have most likely been faced with some serious dilemmas. It isn’t always easy picking out the perfect little people-mover that doubles as a road trip warrior and home project material delivery vehicle. Whatever your primary purpose for wanting a new minivan, as you narrow down your [...]

A red 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee is driving on a tree-lined road.

Within the SUV bracket, there are tons of models competing for the top spot. And with such big shoes to fill, plenty of models struggle to live up to the challenge of being a well-rounded SUV. That said, there are two models that manage to provide a rather worthwhile driving experience, all while standing far [...]

A gray 2020 Chevy Tahoe is driving in a city and shown from the side.

For years, Toyota has been the brand known for its exceptional value, so you might not be surprised to find that the Chevy Tahoe is many experts' pick for the best value in a large SUV. With fantastic performance, even better prices, and packages that do not disappoint, the Tahoe offers so much more than [...]