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2019 Ford Edge is coming soon

What’s New For The 2019 Ford Edge?

We’re approaching the end of the year, and as the autumn draws near, so do 2019’s new model cars. For every new car being released, there’s a number of aesthetic changes and quality of life improvements for consumers to enjoy. Sometimes changes are more conspicuous, and the new version of a vehicle is easily distinguishable [...]

Silver 2018 GMC Terrain in front of building with trees

A Look At The 2018 GMC Terrain vs 2018 Ford Escape

Shopping for an SUV can be a real challenge. There is a dizzying amount of vehicle makes and models to choose from. To help you with your quest for the right vehicle, we compared the 2018 GMC Terrain vs 2018 Ford Escape right here. Read on to see which vehicle is perfect for you and [...]

Closeup of the Ford logo on a steering wheel

A Review of a Used Ford From a Real Driver

My own path to a used Ford involved a series of unexpected and unfortunate events that I did not expect would lead me to the purchase of my first used Ford. I was a loyal and happy Dodge enthusiast, until the fateful day that I received a horrible report from the mechanic whom I attempted [...]

Ford Dealer sign against blue sign

You Can Count On The Customer Care From Ford Dealers

When you are shopping for a new vehicle at a car dealer, you may feel the process is not up to your expectations. You deserve more! The car buying process should be a pleasurable experience. This is an exciting time for you, and you don’t want to leave disappointed with the entire process. When you [...]

2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse

The 2018 Ford Explorer vs. 2018 Chevy Traverse

  When shopping for an SUV, an uneducated buyer might assume that they are all the same. But when comparison shopping, an educated buyer looks very closely when deciding which vehicles are the best. The type of things these buyers look for: horsepower, cargo room, and fuel economy are top of the list. It’s also [...]

Ford Lease Deals

Why Leasing is The New Buying at Ford

  Do you find yourself drowning in car payments? Do you feel the unshakeable desire to get a new car every year or so? Do you have trouble making up your mind about whether you like something or not until you have experienced it first hand? If so you may just benefit from looking into [...]

Ford Dealerships

The environment you live in makes all the difference when it comes to choosing the right mode of transportation. Whether you are a part of an urban, suburban, or rural community, you need a ride that fits your daily stride. Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing you need a smaller vehicle for crowded city streets, [...]

2018 Ford Focus

Discussing The 2018 Ford Focus

I’m a simple guy. When it comes to driving, I don’t have many needs. I don’t often lug around equipment or furniture, so I don’t need much cargo space. I don’t have kids (or friends), so I don’t need spacious rear seating, and I’m not Vin Diesel, so I don’t usually need to race around [...]

Ford Dealership

If you’re a parent, trying to fit shopping for a new car into your schedule can seem, at times, like it is an impossible task. After all, the typical parent is busy, often juggling a work schedule with the schedules of your children, from soccer practices to summer camp, against the importance of family life [...]

2018 Ford Focus vs 2018 Chevy Cruze

Hidden Power In The Ford Focus

The Ford Focus isn't the type of car that you would not initially expect to be a high performance racer. It looks like a small family car with just enough power to get around the city without struggling. It is why so many people choose the Ford Focus in the first place: small, tight maneuvering [...]