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An empty milk glass is sitting on a railing, getting ready for the 104th Indianapolis 500.

A Need for Speed – The 104th Indianapolis 500

  Please be aware that events and locations may be closed due to growing health concerns. May would have seen America's greatest racing event of the year––the 104th Indianapolis 500, but due to unprecedented circumstances, the race has been postponed to August 23rd. This is not only one of the oldest motorsports races in existence, [...]

A silver 1957 Chevrolet 3100 Custom Pickup, one of the possible style vehicles at the NSRA 50th Annual Street Rod Nationals in Louisville KY, is parked in front of a brick wall.

Every year, the National Street Rod Association (NSRA) holds special events all across the country for people to gather together to show off and lappreciate street rods. Few of these events this year, however, will be as huge as the NSRA 50th Annual Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY. Every year this event has just [...]

Toyota Vehicle on a hill in turkey

How Toyota is Giving Back to the Community

Toyota has clearly reached the pinnacle of car production (although that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to produce innovative vehicles). Now, the brand is focused on helping individuals throughout the United States, whether they be students, children, or women, in particular. These various initiatives are an effective way for the company to promote their brand, [...]

Star Wars Force Awakens Themed Toyota Celia

If you're a Star Wars fan and a car enthusiast, then we have quite the quest for you. A 50-year-old Star Wars-theme Chevy Celica is currently unaccounted for, and the brand itself has reached out to the public in hopes that they'll receive some info regarding its current location. You're unlikely to find this specific [...]

Denver Bronco's Fans at a Football Game

Denver Bronco’s Have the BEST FANS

Searching for used cars around Denver brought a funny little fact to my attention. Scrolling down the page of Google search results I noticed a Pinterest results page. Clicking on the link brought me to a very bright orange and blue pin filled with the Denver Bronco’s emblems, logos, and colors. No this is not [...]

Battle of Hybrid Wits: Prius Drivers Go Head to Head

As a connoisseur of all things automotive, I can’t help but appreciate when car brands do something in an out of the box kind of way. With so much competition in the industry, being the most creative brand in the room will easily translate as the most successful in the room as well. Coming up [...]

Jeep Wrangler 2017 is a Great Choice

Why are you still waiting for the official Jeep Wrangler Pickup when you can have one now? Thanks to AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) you’re able to pick-up a Wrangler Pickup truck today. It’s a Wrangler-based Brute Double Cab, and if you have the means to buy one and have always wanted a Wrangler pickup, it’s [...]

Chevy Introduces Chevrolet Colorado at SEMA

Unless you have been living under a rock, or are otherwise uninterested in the automotive industry, chances are you have heard of the international SEMA Show that takes place in Las Vegas every November. Each and every year, big and small car brands come together, to present their newest and most unique concepts to the world. [...]

Chevy Silverado at SEMA Trade Show

While the SEMA show might not be open to the general public, it’s still fun to look at and fantasize about the different concept models featured there. With last year's show drawing more than 60,000 consumers, it only makes sense that a lot of automakers want to get in on the action this year, and proudly display their [...]

Toyota News From the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show has been a popular venue for car companies to show off their latest cars and prototypes. That includes Toyota, and the brand certainly impressed with their presentations over the past couple of days. Curious what they had to show? Luckily, we've got all of the information for you below! Sure, it [...]