Why Buy a Used SUV?

  Sport Utility Vehicles have taken over sedans and other cars as the most popular vehicles on the road. More than half of the automobile market is now SUVs, and that number is about to climb substantially higher. The major American automakers are discontinuing many of their car lines and focusing their time and money […]

Luxury Car Redux: Used Cadillacs

  Long before Hummers and luxury SUVs, Cadillac was king, the personification of wealth and accomplishment. The brand never lost its focus on opulence. TV and print ads characterized owners of Cadillacs as rich, famous, and most of all, wildly successful. Other manufacturers produced look-alike competitors at lower prices, but nothing ever outshone the prestige […]

Most Popular 2019 Chevy Vehicles

  I’ve noticed recently that the Chevy dealer near me has put a ton of new vehicles on the road. It could be great advertising or honest sales prices, but their 2019 models are worth getting your hands on. Either way, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Traverse This year, I have noticed more Traverse models on […]

Road Warriors: Ford Ranger vs Nissan Frontier

  Once more the field of battle stands ready, a hush descends as the world holds its breath and two gladiators of vehicular carnage step forward to clash and fray. Today we’re talking pickups – mid-size pickups to be precise, so don’t expect any heavy-duty destruction in this battle. And yet, mid-size trucks are becoming […]