A closeup of a Ford F-150 Platinum emblem is shown on a red body panel.

5 Reasons to Own a Ford Truck in Columbus


To be fair, from the outset, a Ford truck is typically a good investment no matter where you live – but there are certain things in the Columbus area that really make it shine. In particular, owning a used Ford truck in Columbus is a great choice because you can save some money on the purchase and still take advantage of everything it has to offer. Reliability, power, and performance are only the tip of the iceberg.

Other reasons to own a used Ford truck in Columbus really come down to what you want to do with the truck and what you need. The good news, however, is that this covers a wide range of drivers, so as long as you are not looking specifically for a sedan or an SUV, these trucks are good options. From going off-road to enjoying a smooth drive through Hocking Hills, living in Columbus gives you seemingly endless reasons to be happy you have a Ford truck. Here are just a few of them…

Reason #1 – Power and Performance

This might not be a reason to own a used Ford truck in Columbus specifically, but it’s as applicable in central Ohio as it is anywhere else. A Ford truck offers power and performance that is generally unmatched and unbeaten by any other truck on the road. Whether you are looking for a reliable mid-size model, a full-size with plenty of power, or a super-duty to handle anything you can imagine, Ford has a great option for you.

Used Ford Trucks, in particular, are a great choice since you can save some money and still get all the power that was originally available in the vehicle. Since the Ford F-Series has been the highest selling truck since the Reagan administration (no, seriously), that means you can find a wide range of used Ford Trucks in Columbus to choose from. Few other types of pickups have so many models on the road – giving you more freedom and more options than if you choose a different manufacturer.

A 2015 Ford F-150 is shown towing a trailer with industrial pipes loaded on it.

Reason #2 – Work and Play

One of the best reasons to own a used Ford truck in Columbus is that it will provide you with the perfect combination of workforce and recreational options. A used Ford is excellent for a lot of different jobs, particularly if you work in a trade like carpentry or plumbing. You can load up everything you need into the back of a Ford truck – or pile a ton of weight (literally) into a trailer and haul it behind you to get the job done. No matter what you need, a Ford truck can handle it – and a used model lets you save money while still getting this power at your disposal.

Better yet, a used Ford truck in Columbus is perfect if you like to go camping, hiking, or tailgating on the weekend. The same power that lets you haul a massive load of lumber in the bed of the truck will also let you pack up coolers, camping supplies, and anything else you want for the weekend. Tailgating is perfect with a used Ford truck since you can load up the bed and even have a trailer or camper filled with coolers, grills, and other supplies. And the money you save on a used model can be put toward that new smoker you’ve been looking at, or perhaps a boat to pull behind you?

Reason #3 – Off-Road Trails

If you like to go off-road, then a used Ford truck in Columbus is the perfect tool to let you explore and see the trails in the area. With the central location, just about any trail in Ohio is available to you within a few hours – sure you might need to get an early start, but that shouldn’t stop you. If you’re willing to head northeast to Garrettsville, you will find the Southington Off-Road Park, which covers 1,500 acres of land and offers trails for all skill levels. It’s a family-friendly location with refreshments and even a campground if you want to stay overnight.

You can also head west to Oxford and Big Maples Farm, which offers some of the best off-roading for SUVs and trucks. There are numerous trails at Big Maples Farm, perfect for different skill levels, so whether you are just starting out or you’re more experienced with handling steep climbs and muddy bogs, this is a great destination. Just make sure you choose a used Ford truck that is designed for going off-road. Trim levels have been available on most recent Ford trucks with an eye toward off-roading, so look for these as you consider your options and make a purchase.

Reason #4 – Perfect for Cruising

Even if you’re not interested in off-roading, but prefer to stick to paved roads, a used Ford truck in Columbus is still a great choice. If you just want to drive around Columbus, then a Ford truck is a solid option, plus many used models get excellent gas mileage on the highway so you can go easy on your wallet if you need to make a trip to Cincinnati or Cleveland. Even running errands is ideal with a Ford truck since you can load up bags or anything else you need in the back and you never have to worry about the weight of your cargo.

But if you really enjoy driving in and of itself, then do not take for granted the beauty of some of the roads near Columbus. In particular, of course, is Hocking Hills, which offers some of the most gorgeous views and exhilarating driving available in all of Ohio. Only about an hour southeast of Columbus, you can hit the US-33 and take it all the way to Rockbridge, where the most popular portion of the road begins.

From there, head west on OH-374 – this will offer you a winding road surrounded by gorgeous hemlock and pine trees. If you are interested in doing some hiking, there are numerous stops along the way that you can make, including Cantwell Cliffs and the Rock House. Where OH-374 ends, you meet OH-664, which you can take in either direction, though many people suggest taking a left and heading north to make a loop through Hocking Hills. Once you pass Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls, you will find OH-374 again and can take it south toward Ash Cave.

Once OH-374 ends at OH-56, take that west to South Bloomingville where you will find the perfect place to stop for lunch before you continue on. From there, you can take OH-664 north again into the park, and either follow it north to Logan or turn off when you first return to OH-374 to go back to Rockbridge. There are more paths you can take and places to stop in the park, but no matter what course you choose, you will be greeted by gorgeous sights while traveling roads that Car and Driver Magazine use for their test drives in the Midwest.

A blue 2017 Ford F-250, popular among used Ford trucks in Columbus, is cruising down a road with trees on both sides.

Reason #5 – The Weather

If you still need a reason to choose a used Ford truck in Columbus (assuming you didn’t stop reading five minutes ago and start driving to Hocking Hills), then consider the weather. I don’t have to tell you that we get a lot of rain and snow in Columbus – maybe not as much snow as Cleveland with so much coming off the lake, but still plenty. A reliable Ford truck is perfect for getting through rainy days and cold winters alike. And with a used model, it won’t lose one-third of its value during the first winter.