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2016 Dodge Journey R/T: A Sporty Crossover Upgrade

To assume that all family vehicles are big, boxy, and slow-moving minivans would be, thankfully, incorrect. These days, there are plenty of young parents looking for safe, reliable family vehicles to handle daily driving, but who also don't want to give up on the fun and feeling of driving a sleek, sporty car. Luckily, the 2016 [...]

2015 Dodge Journey Silver

10 Things You Need to Know about the New Dodge Journey

The Dodge Journey has stood out as a unique offering in the midsize crossover segment ever since it first rolled off the assembly line back in 2008. The long body frame, its distinct Dodge brand appearance, and plenty of interior upgrades, made the Journey stand out for the past eight years. The crossover received a [...]

The overall history of the minivan has been a rocky one. When it was first introduced in the early 1980s, the minivan was well received by the many drivers who appreciated its practicality and functionality. Touted as the perfect family car for many years, somewhere in the nineties, the minivan began to lose its appeal. [...]

Dodge has proven itself time and again to be an automotive manufacturer that is concerned more about the future, and a whole lot less about the past. The company was founded back in 1900, and over the past 116 odd years, Dodge has evolved, transformed, and adapted to the changing climate of the automotive industry. [...]

Football. "Adult beverages." Tailgating. It's one of America's pastimes. If you're a fan of any sport, you know how enjoyable it can be hanging out in the stadium's parking lot before the game. You can grill some hot dogs, play some catch, and jam out to some music. Of course, none of this would be [...]

Ready to say goodbye to that foreign beater that's weighing you down? Maybe it's that you're sick of your European or Japanese model, or maybe it's the call of Ol' Glory urging you to buy one of the great models coming from right here in America. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of excellent American-made [...]

The 2016 Dodge Durango: Best-in-Class SUV

The 2016 Dodge Durango is a work of art, and completely different looking than the one my Grandmother used to drive. Now, it’s a bold and strong looking SUV; with a touch of refinement. The 2016 Durango is the best looking one yet, and it has some qualities too match this redesigned look. Thanks to [...]

How Dodge Engineers Continue to Innovate Technology

Once upon a time, potential car buyers were impressed by power windows, radios, and air conditioning. These features helped revolutionize the automotive industry, and the amenities soon became standard in all vehicles. Nowadays, cars are equipped the most innovative and advanced technology. Of course, Dodge is no stranger to these types of features, as the [...]

The Dodge Durango Citadel: A Fortress on Wheels

For some drivers, anything less than the biggest, badest vehicle on the road is simply not enough. These are the proud SUV owners; the consumers who eschew the efficiency and sportiness of smaller models in favor of the roomy spaciousness and pure raw power of a massive four-wheel-drive behemoth. For these proud few in need [...]

If you're seeking a used car, you're probably not looking to spend a whole lot of money. Even then, if you want to secure a vehicle that works and will last at least a year, you'll have to dish out at least $1,000. Even this may be too much money for some, leading us to [...]