Buick Is Going All Electric and Is Smart to Do So

Buick recently announced that by 2030, it plans on having an all-electric lineup. That milestone is approaching rapidly and might surprise some drivers. However, trends in American public opinion and policymakers’ actions indicate that Buick is probably headed in the right direction. If you’re planning on visiting a Buick dealer soon, you might see the […]

Koji Sato: Defining the Future of Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation—you might have heard of them. They’re the largest automotive manufacturing company in the world (by volume), and they didn’t get that way overnight. It took decades of hard work from shrewd and passionate people. It took innovating a system of production that has since become the elite model for lean manufacturing around […]

Revamped EV Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

The financial market limped through much of 2022 with fears of a recession and rising interest rates both having a noticeable effect. The trend was especially pronounced in the automotive sector, with electric vehicle manufacturers logging a particularly bad year due to supply chain issues, competition from established brands, rising lithium prices, and Twitter-obsessed CEOs. […]

The Legacy of Shoichiro Toyota

On February 14, Shoichiro Toyoda passed away at age 97. As a prominent member of the Toyota family, Shoichiro Toyoda was instrumental in transforming the Toyota Motor Corporation into the automotive titan it is today. During his ten years as President and seven years as Chairman, he spearheaded initiatives from the creation of the Lexus […]

Are Repossessions on the Rise?

If you’re like me and your various internet algorithms know you read about cars a lot, then you’ve probably seen news stories about a “surge” in car repossessions. Most of them like to say that car repossessions are “surging” or “exploding” to convince us that the world is falling apart, but I’m not convinced things […]