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The 9 Craziest Things People Do to Their Pickup Trucks

Pickup owners are a unique breed. And that’s a well-known fact to top truck brands like Dodge Ram dealers. While the best manufacturers compete to come out with the most capable innovative pickups, owners still find ways to upgrade with mods that are sometimes beyond belief.

Here’s a look at nine of the craziest things people do to their pickups in the never-ending quest to make their trucks the most powerful and original ones on the road.

Over the Top Lifts

Lifts are often the first mod that truck owners go for because they can seriously enhance looks and performance. With more aggressive rubber and taller ride height, trucks offer more capability, especially off-road.

From block lifts that make room for bigger tires to suspension lifts that allow drivers to take on more intense obstacles, there are options available to achieve whatever kind of upgrade you’re interested in.

But then there are lifts that are simply monolithic, taking things from off-road ready into the monster truck realm. Maybe pickup owners who opt for such extreme heights just like riding way up in the air.

Or maybe they’re actually planning on driving over all of the little sedans on the highway. Whatever the reasoning behind it, you’ve got to give truck owners with extreme lifts props for making sure that absolutely nobody will mess with them on the road.

Extreme Lowriders


Low-riding is really all about the swagger when it comes down to it. The juxtaposition of taking a vehicle that’s typically intended for one thing and putting an entirely different spin on it is certainly bound to be eye-catching.

Though the act of lowering a pickup might be shocking or even offensive to some, for those who are part of the large network of lowriders in America, customizing trucks is a craft.

Usually you’ll see low-to-the-ground pickups emboldened with flashy paint jobs, tricked out touches, and modified interiors as well.

Slick unusual looks make the lowrider its own unique kind of animal that’s been turning heads for decades.

Insane Custom Paint Jobs

Custom Paint Job

Okay, so there are plenty of trucks out there with impressive custom paint jobs. You’ve got your flames, the traditional stars and stripes, and of course camo for the outdoorsy types.

But you can’t leave out the rare and impressively creative alternatives that pop up here and there. What about covering your pickup in lightning bolts or decking it out in fish scales?

From wicked to whimsical, the possibilities for outlandish art when it comes to personalizing a pickup are pretty much endless.

Rollin’ Coal


You’ve probably all seen incidents occur between diesel trucks sporting dual exhaust stacks and mini cars bent on keeping the Earth as green as possible.

Rollin’ Coal, otherwise known as “Prius Repellent,” involves a massive truck pumping out clouds of black smoke while riding next to an unsuspecting hybrid.

Coal rollers install stacks and smoke switches which can be flipped at any moment to trick the engine into thinking it needs more fuel.

Pop the switch and voila, you get billowing streams of smoke caused by fuel that has not burned completely. Though not practical or environmentally responsible in any way, exhaust stacks do offer oppressed truck owners a unique opportunity to give the man the middle finger.


Truck Snorkel

Vehicle snorkels are typically used by diehard off-roaders who need to have the ability to ford bodies of water as necessary.

They’re based on the same idea as submarine snorkels which allow underwater vessels to use diesel engines while submerged.

Vehicle snorkels give pickup owners a work-around for the air intake which would immediately bring things to a halt if taken underwater.

However, it isn’t quite that simple. There’s a lot of other modifications involved including waterproofing the engine. That’s a lot easier to do with a diesel engine because you don’t have to deal with the same high voltage components found in a gasoline-powered vehicle.

It’s an involved process that requires meticulous sealing of any parts that could be damaged by water. But you do end up with pretty sweet capabilities for whatever adventures or covert ops you might have in mind.

Onboard Air Systems

There are plenty of times when having easy access to an air compressor comes in handy, especially when you’re off-roading.

Because you need to lower your tire pressure when you hit the trails, filling back up for the pavement can be time-consuming and frustrating.

If there isn’t an air station on site, you have to rely on a low-grade transportable compressor, and that can take forever.

So why not just attach a fully capable setup right to your truck? The tank and compressor can be mounted on your pickup or right in the bed. And then you can determine the most logical placement for the air horn and hose fitting.

Control switches can be installed right in the cabin for easy use, giving you access whenever you need it. In addition to being convenient, an onboard air system can definitely be a lifesaver if you run into trouble when you’re off the grid.

Built-In Welder

Along the same lines, many hardcore pickup drivers who use their trucks for recreation equip their vehicles with built-in welders.

What’s the fun in off-roading if you don’t break a few things here and there? Having a welder at the ready makes repairs a cinch, and it can cut down on the number of spare parts you need to have in tow.

Crate Engine Swap

And now it’s time for the big guns. This one is not for the faint of heart or those who are modifying on a budget. Truck owners who choose to do a crate engine swap are looking for raw unbridled power that will give them mind-blowing results.

The ultimate choice for a truck upgrade, a crate engine swap can deliver more horsepower than you’ve ever dreamed of.

For instance, a Viper V10 Gen 4 directly from the Mopar Pro Shop can furnish you with up to 625 ponies and 670 lb-ft of torque. It comes assembled, internally balanced, and dyno tested when it arrives on your doorstep.

Not enough to satiate your appetite? If you’re willing to take your truck from being street legal to being fit only for the track, the Viper V10 Competition Crate Engine might be right up your alley. It pumps out an unbelievable 800 horsepower and 695 lb-ft of torque. Now we’re talking, right?

Of course, you can’t just stick the new engine in and hit the asphalt. There are a multitude of additional alterations that come with the deal.

But if infusing your pickup with enough power to take down any competition is your passion, nothing can top the performance of a supercar engine.

Make It a Sleeper

sleeper truck

This is by far one of the craziest and most awesome things any owner can do to a pickup. Of course it’s cool to show off your ride and rake in the compliments, but there’s something even more satisfying about driving a “sleeper.”

If you really want to shock people with what your truck is capable of, packing it with power on the sly is the way to go. Keeping a typical or even beat-up looking body but hiding exceptional action under the hood guarantees you the element of surprise.

You know that cocky guy who’s just dying to blow you away in a one-on-one match? Won’t he be surprised when your seemingly harmless pickup wipes the floor with his souped up rig. What better way to prove that with trucks, it’s all about performance?

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