6 RAM Facts Every Truck Enthusiast Should Know

Ram is the fastest growing truck brand in America. The pickup manufacturer has rapidly worked its way up, becoming one of the top three truck makers in the country.

Drawing on the deep-rooted history of Dodge Ram trucks, the brand is thriving and putting the energy from that success right back into their products.

Across the board, Ram trucks hold so many Best-in-Class titles that it’s almost difficult to keep track. This brand clearly doesn’t settle for average results.

Most Efficient Trucks Around

The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is more fuel-efficient than any light duty truck from Chevy or Ford including the Ford 3.5-liter EcoBoost.

Getting 28 miles per gallon on the highway, Ram’s pickup is a leader in the segment when it comes to saving on fuel.

It gets 156 more miles per tank than the Ford EcoBoost, reducing the number of stops drivers have to make and keeping them on the road longer.

Innovative Suspension

Ram truck owners also love having Active-Level four-corner air suspension in their pickups. It automatically levels the truck based on the load you’re carrying.

And you can also use the dashboard controls to adjust the ride height manually in case you want to say, have a little fun off the pavement.

In addition, Ram’s Active-Level four-corner air suspension intuitively lowers your vehicle when you’re driving at highway speeds. This reduces drag and helps conserve fuel so you keep more money in your wallet.



Since 1989, the Ram Heavy Duty with Cummins engine has earned more best-in-class recognitions than any other pickup.

Ram’s engineers listen to what customers want and then work hard to make it happen. Fuel efficiency, unbeatable capability, and unfailing performance are all priorities for the brand’s pickups.

Ram is also the only truck manufacturer that has stated that all of its ratings are aligned with the Society of Automotive Engineers J2807.

For years, pickup makers have conducted their own performance tests and provided consumers with ratings based on their own measures.

With every manufacturer using a different set of standards to evaluate their trucks, how could anyone figure out what the pickups were actually capable of?

That’s why the Society of Automotive Engineers decided to create a set of guidelines for determining a truck’s performance ratings.

But so far, only Ram has fully complied. Other manufacturers are going about the process slowly, concerned that their currently inflated ratings will fall substantially when put to the test.

That was not the case for Ram trucks which still took home Best-in-Class in a slew of categories. And consumers now know they can rely on the accurate numbers that Ram provides instead of trying to compare apples and oranges.

Just check out a few of the facts that make Ram’s pickups the number one choice for so many Americans.

Ram’s heavy duty trucks have been recognized as Best-in-Class for towing with a max diesel rating of 30,000 pounds.

They’ve also been awarded Best-in-Class for payload with a total of 7,390 pounds. And not to sound repetitive, but they also earned an additional Best-in-Class for their diesel’s 865 lb-ft of torque  thanks to what Ram called “more aggressive fuel delivery and turbo boost calibration.”

The list goes on and on, but the facts are clear. Thanks to a great deal of ingenuity and commitment to quality, Ram trucks rise to the top as the pickups with the best performance.

Ram Trucks Remain Steel

Ford has been trying to lighten things up to improve the fuel economy of their trucks. To do so, they’ve decided to move toward primarily aluminum construction for their vehicles.

Ram, however, has found creative ways, like their EcoDiesel engine, to focus on efficiency without having to worry about possibly compromising the integrity of their lineup.

It is true that aluminum builds may become the way of the future, but Ram is concerned that rushing into things could be a really unwise move.

Firstly, the durability of aluminum trucks has yet to be demonstrated, and owners could potentially find themselves loaded down with unexpected maintenance or repair costs.

Auto repair centers also have a lot of trepidations about working on trucks that have a whole new kind of construction.

Many automotive businesses are sending their technicians to specialized training in anticipation of problems with the aluminum trucks.

That training costs money, and guess who’s going to be paying the bill…customers. If the costs of both training and materials are higher for aluminum-based trucks, then consumers will be the ones making up the difference.

Ram is just not willing to put their loyal customers in that position. For the time being, their trucks will continue to be built with high grade steel so that Ram owners never have to question whether their pickup has what it takes to get the job done.



Americans are used to being able to stay connected 24/7, and that expectation now applies to time spent in a vehicle.

That’s why many automotive manufacturers have seen their vehicle reviews suffer quite a bit in recent years. Shoddy infotainment systems without the functionality and aesthetics that consumers want are dragging down opinions about many of the trucks on the market.

Luckily, some brands thought ahead. Instead of criticism, Ram’s Uconnect infotainment system has received high praise from both automotive experts and consumers.

It even topped AutoGuide.com’s list of the best infotainment systems available. It’s intuitive, fast, and responsive, and the screen is clear and crisp.

Ram truck owners enjoy top-notch navigation from Garmin, the company that’s always on the cutting-edge of getting people to their destinations quickly and easily.

And there’s also available Wi-Fi so you can use your truck as a mobile hotspot when you’re on the go. Sync up your smartphone to access all of your contacts and your favorite apps like Pandora.

You can also use your phone to lock/unlock and start/stop your vehicle remotely using Uconnect Access. Life just got a whole lot simpler.

Ram is an All-American Brand

Ram Truck Auction To Benefit Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation

If having Miranda Lambert as a front woman isn’t enough to give away how down home Ram really is, you should take a look at some of the causes they choose to invest in.

Ram is currently partnering with the Texas Rangers law enforcement organization and has donated $100,000 to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum.

Ram’s goal is to help strengthen the nearly 200-year old organization as it continues to take the lead on many of America’s most critical legal issues.

Texas Rangers are on the front lines when it comes to dealing with unsolved and serial crime, criminal investigation of public corruption, border security, and a number of other matters that affect America’s safety and well-being.

With the help of Ram trucks, the longevity of the Texas Rangers’ heritage will be ensured.

Ram also supports the National FFA Organization through The Next Crop Project, a program designed to help the next generation of farmers start out in the agricultural industry.

This country’s working landscape and America’s access to healthy food depend upon the up-and-coming farmers who will carry the nations’ proud agricultural legacy into the future. And Ram intends to help them get there.

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