The 2016 Jeep Renegade Is Too Cool For Its Price Tag

Just take one look at any of this year’s newest Jeep models and you’ll see why so many Jeep lovers don’t just drive their vehicles – they love them. And it’s not hard to understand why, with such amazing, durable, and well-respected vehicles bearing the Jeep nameplate for so many decades. Boasting some of the best offroading capabilities as well as some of the most admired available upgrades and accessories, the Jeep brand has amassed a loyal following in the auto market.

Few vehicles more fully represent Jeep’s commitment to its consumers like the 2016 Jeep Renegade. Built to be both a fierce offroader and a luxurious daily driver, the Renegade offers some of this year’s coolest amenities at all its trim levels – and all at a price tag that you may find shockingly affordable.

Take a closer look at the 2016 Jeep Renegade, with its MSRP starting at just $17,995, and you’ll see just how impressive this model really is – and why it offers such a good value.

Premium Cloth or Leather Seats

Renegade Seating

The first thing about the Renegade that will grab your attention is probably the seat you’re sitting on – comfortable seating for up to five, in classic Jeep style, and in either the standard premium cloth or optional leather upholstery.

The Renegade, with its accented stitching and colored side panels, just looks really cool no matter what you put on it – whether it be the supple leather, available in black with tan or ruby red accent stitching or in brown with white inserts and tan accent stitching, or in the premium cloth in the same colors or in black with Sandstorm brown inserts and the Jeep logo woven throughout. While the black options all bear the characteristic Jeep front grille logo, the Renegade Trailhawk seats in black and ruby red feature a custom “Trailhawk” badge emblazoned instead.

No matter what you choose, we think you’ll be more than satisfied with your seating options in the Renegade.

MySky Dual Panel Sunroof


When you think “Jeep,” you may envision the classic image of the Wrangler, with the top and doors off and the summer wind whipping through the cabin. That, many say, is the beauty of the Jeep – a ride through the outdoors in a vehicle that can take nature head-on.

For the sake of safety, the roof of the Renegade stays fairly firmly on – just not all of it. That’s thanks to the available MySky dual-panel power sunroof, boasting two massive glass panels that are not only fully retractable but fully removable as well. Pull them back or yank them off completely to open up your Renegade to the wind and the sun on any day trip.

Available Dual Zone Climate ControlDual-Zone-Climate Control

Just as no two Jeep drivers are exactly alike, neither are two Jeep passengers ever exactly quite alike – especially, it seems, if they’re together in the same car for too long. Thankfully, the Renegade meets this challenge with its available dual-zone climate controls, which can independently adjust the temperature of each side of the vehicle at the passenger’s demand. That means the driver could stay bundled up in the chilly AC while the passengers lounge in the warm heat – and all in the same cabin.

For Jeepers who aren’t afraid to take their prized vehicles out to the furthest trails, having a comfortable space is crucial. For many offroaders as well as daily commuters, this dual zone system is just the key to keeping your cabin discomfort-free.

Uconnect 6.5-inch touchscreen


Drivers who like to stay connected and keep total control without taking their eyes off the road can rely on the Renegade’s available 6.5-inch Uconnect touchscreen, boasting all the MP3 connecting, phone syncing, and navigating tools you could want. This system also comes standard with one year of SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and can be controlled through voice navigation.

7-inch full-color driver information display


This display puts everything the driver needs – from navigation display to a vehicle overview – right in front of his or her eyes. This full-color dashboard display can tell the driver the Renegade’s speed, fuel level, engine temperature, and just about everything else he or she might need on the road. Although this feature was built for easy and safe use on the road, we can’t help but think it’s a pretty cool addition to an otherwise amazing vehicle,

BeatsAudio Nine-Speaker Audio System


Looking for a way to really blast your tunes both on road and off? The standard four, five, and six-speaker systems avaiable on the Renegades varous trim levels are great for just that. But for those looking to really pump up the pure audio power look no further than Jeep’s exciting partnership with BeatsAudio, which has produced the whopping nine-speaker BeatsAudio System. Boasting crystal clarity and sharp audio definition, this surround-sound system is guaranteed to not only blow the roof off but to do it with style.

Red Tow Hooks


Then, of course, there are those looking to do with the Renegade what a Jeep does best – take it out into the muck, mud, and up the rockiest crags in search of that ultimate offroading rush.

Thankfully, the Renegade has just the tools you’ll need for the job, including the optional red two hooks – two up front and one in the rear – that are perfect for pulling even huge, heavy loads behind you or for pulling yourself out of a sticky situation. Plus, with a durable red coating you can accomplish all this with impeccable Renegade style.

Although optional on the lower trim levels, these hooks come standard on the Renegade Trailhawk model as part of its overall appearance package – just one of many amazing features standard on the Trailhawk.

Class-Exclusive available nine-speed automatic transmission


Available on all levels of the Renegade is Jeeps’ Class-Exclusive nine-speed automatic transmission which, when paired with the available 2.4L Tigershark engine, offers nearly unnoticeable shifting for an exceptionally smooth ride. Jeepers take note – if you’re looking for the most comfortable Jeep driving experience you’ve ever felt, the Renegade may be just the vehicle to deliver.



And, of course, for those who want to add a distinct splash of personal flair to their Jeep for all others to see, the Renegade features four distinct side decals and two hood decals available on nine different colors. Owners can choose from Black Brush Strokes, Treadmarks, Black BMX, White Snowbording, and a Black or Topographic Hood Decal. These decals add a unique personal pizzazz to your Renegade that few other models can offer.

Apart from all of these amazing amenities, the Renegade also features plenty of other available features, including:

  • Heated Steering Wheel with Controls
  • Rear Backup Camera
  • Wi-Fi Capabilities
  • 17-inch Aluminum Wheels
  • Selec-Terrain Traction Control
  • A Capless Fuel Filler

With so many amazing features, the Renegade comes in squarely as one of the most impressive Jeeps we’ve seen in a long time, and will definitely lead the charge into 2016 with a good footing for Jeep. If you, like us, are sold on the Renegade and want to try one out for yourself, head over to your local Jeep dealer and see what amazing amenities they have on theirs – and you might just find yourself driving away in your new Jeep before the day is through.

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