A red 2022 Ford Lightning F-150 is shown from the front driving on an open road.

Your Next Truck Should Be Electric

There was a time many years ago when even the mention of an electric vehicle was cause for a good laugh. Electric cars were something that could never become a reality, or so people thought. At best, they were science fiction fodder, and even if technology could produce a functional and practical electric vehicle, nobody would want one. In hindsight, this was an attitude that made perfect sense. Electric cars back in the day were not exceptionally functional and looked rather silly, to be honest. Then, when manufacturers started to produce better EV models, nobody thought they would apply that technology to the brands we love, yet from your Ford dealership to your Chevy dealership, EVs are filling up the lots.

This brings us to what Ford has in store for 2022, the F-150 Lightning. Yes, one of America’s favorite trucks is going electric, and not only are drivers signing up for it, but they are also already viewing the Lightning as the wave of the future. But there will be the standouts who can’t quite bring themselves to accept an electric truck, especially if it is their beloved F-150. However, we have news for you; there are compelling reasons why you should dump the attitude and get with the times.

EVs Rise to the Mainstream

Electric cars were a lot like the person in school who dressed funny and had a weird name, and that was the only reason they weren’t accepted. Just take a good look at the Mitsubishi i-MiEV, a classic weird-looking electric car with a ridiculous name. And you never know, had manufacturers continued to adopt new models with weird names or styles for their electric lineup, perhaps EVs would still be a fringe buy. There is no doubt about it; Tesla did wonders in shaping how we feel about the electric car, but when we started to see all of our favorite models get converted to electric, that is when things really started to move along.

It’s not a reach at all to say that with the upcoming electric Hummer and Tesla Cybertruck that the EV business is officially starting to boom. When you start attaching EV to popular brands and models, people are going to notice, and their curiosity is definitely piqued. The popularity of electric vehicles is only going to rise, and here are the reasons why.

A red 2022 Ford Lightning is shown parked at a construction site with the hood being used to to store tools.

All Around Cost

The prices of electric vehicles have been coming down, and they are now pretty much on par with traditional gas-powered models. So you can’t use price as an excuse not to buy a Lightning or some other EV model. There are instances in which EV choices are less expensive, but there are different ways in which you will save money buying electric.

Obviously, you will save money at the gas pump. This is kind of a big deal when you consider how much gas prices tend to jump in the summer and during crisis situations. Anybody who has been around for a while will remember the gas crisis in the 1970s that saw Americans lined up for miles at gas stations. Life is much easier when all you have to do is plug in your truck while it sits in your garage overnight.

In addition to the money you will save at the gas pumps, you will enjoy much lower maintenance costs. This is important because it is something that people overlook when they make an auto purchase. Since trucks are often four-wheel drive and are built for off-road applications and towing and hauling, maintenance costs are higher than that of people who own cars. So buying the Ford Lightning makes sense from a cost perspective.

All of the Little Perks

Since the Lightning is an electric truck and gets all of its power from a battery that spews no exhaust, you will never have to wait in line at the emissions testing station. Never. The poor folks with gas-powered trucks dread getting that card in the mail every year, notifying them they have to renew their registration because it means having to dole out money to the state as well as to the emissions station.

Sure, it’s great that when you own a Lightning, you can skip going to the gas station, but it is even better when you drive right by it on your way home from a hectic day at work. The last thing you want to do is stop to fill gas on your way home from work. Come to think of it, there is never really a good time to have to get gas. On a side note, more and more employers are having chargers installed at the workplace. Imagine getting to work in the morning and plugging in your Lightning for the day.

When you own a Ford Lightning, you get to use the word “frunk” as it actually applies to you. For those not in the know, a frunk is the front truck Lightning owners enjoy. The frunk is something you will find sneaking into the vernacular as more and more electric trucks are manufactured. So what is the big deal about the frunk? Well, it gives you what basically amounts to a front trunk in your truck, which can be utilized in several ways. For starters, it’s a great place to store the items you hesitate to put in your bed because you are worried about them getting wet or whatnot. In addition, the frunk gives you added storage space that some drivers will find invaluable.

A blue 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is shown driving through a city after leaving a Ford dealership.

Peaceful Moments

Do you find it difficult to enjoy your Van Halen CD while driving to work because of the engine noise? You might not be willing to admit it, but this has happened to all of us at some point. Now, when you were younger, a loud engine was a status symbol, something to boast about with the boys. But now that you have matured, you care more about the quiet things in life, like an electric truck that offers a noiseless drive. “Running With The Devil” never sounded so good.

The zen driving experience doesn’t end with the quiet ride; there is much more to enjoy. The Ford F-150 Lighting enjoys a low center of gravity thanks to the heavy batteries. The lower center of gravity means you enjoy more comfort, better handling, and instantaneous responsiveness. That’s right, you punch that accelerator, and the reaction is instant. As smooth as the acceleration is, slowing down and coming to a stop is just as satisfying.

Best of all, you aren’t driving an electric truck that looks like an electric truck. So when you slip behind the wheel of the Ford Lightning, there is no doubt you are in an F-150 truck. In fact, many of your friends won’t even know that you are driving an electric truck, they see you smiling behind the wheel of an F-150, and you look great.

In the United States, trucks are the backbone of our country and the automotive industry. Ford’s F-Series is one of the most popular trucks, and that isn’t changing anytime soon. Once you come to terms that eclectic vehicles are the future, you will see that there is nothing wrong with opening one, especially if it is the Ford F-150 Lightning.