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Hybrid or Electric: Your Next Used Car Bargain

Many people today are out to find alternatives to gasoline-based fuel options. When browsing car lots for cars with alternative fuel systems, keep in mind that two of these options are hybrid and electric.

Both of these models are very popular when it comes to car choices for Americans. Many different brands offer a variety of choices for you when it comes to models they feature as part of gas or electric fuel systems.

With used vehicles being such a popular choice for buyers today, both hybrid and electric vehicles are available to you at a range of prices. The market today is actually featuring electric and hybrid cars at prices that are just a fraction of their new price tag!

So which should you choose for your next used car bargain?

Electric Cars Offer the Best Deal

Full electric cars with low miles happen to be offering some of the best deals on the market right now. These cars feature such makers as Ford, which makes the Ford Focus Electric, and Nissan, which features the Leaf. Other makers include Chevy (Spark and Bolt models) as well as Kia and Volkswagen, which offers the E-Golf.

So you can see you’ve got options here when it comes to cars that are 100% electric and are being offered at great deals. Many of these cars are fairly new and have low miles, but yet are being offered at bargain prices well below what their supposed resale value should be. Although fuel prices have dropped a reasonable rate in the past year, electric cars are still popular among buyers and offer a great option for those who seek to decrease their reliance on gasoline.

Electric Vs Gas

However, don’t look for any luxury car models here. Statistics show that full electric luxury car makers—most notably the Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes—are selling for much higher rates than their competitions and still maintain their resale value at low miles. In fact, many of these models keep over 50% of their original value when it comes to price.

If you’re shopping for a used full electric car, the more luxurious makes might not be within your budget, but you’ve certainly got options when it comes to other brands that make great electric cars and are on the market now for great prices.

Hybrid Cars Give You Flexibility

When it comes to electric cars, there is a snag—when was the last time you saw an electric charging station for your car along the highway? When you’ve got a gas or diesel powered car, your options are pretty much limitless when it comes to where to refuel. You can even refuel at a Costco if you want, but the point is, there’s flexibility.

When you’re driving a car that’s pure electric, you’re limited on the amount of miles you can drive before you need a charge. This can be cumbersome for drivers who like to take trips or have long commutes. Drivers who need to travel frequently may not find a friend in the world of electric cars, as being close to place where you can charge your battery is an obstacle while on the road.

While electric cars get some crazy good fuel mileage and are available for great prices used, these cars are probably ideal for city-dwellers or for those who don’t need to travel very far for work. The electric car can be great if your commute is predictable or you’re taking a well-scheduled trip.

For those for whom the electric car is not ideal, there are the hybrid models. Hybrid vehicles are still selling for great prices and give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to fuel options. Hybrids may be ideal cars for those who are still passionate about decreasing the reliance on fuel, but who also recognize the impracticality of driving a full electric car. Those who need to travel for work or with family or have long and unpredictable commutes would probably fair better with a hybrid model for their next used car.

The other great flexibility factor when it comes to hybrid models is that many more car companies make them. While not every automotive manufacturer has made the push towards full electric vehicles, many of them at least have hybrid models. Auto makers today recognize the importance that lies in saving money on fuel and the demand to have other options besides gas-powered engines. What this means for you is that you’ve got a pretty good roundup of cars to choose from when it comes to your next used hybrid.

Hybrid Models

Let’s start with the luxury car makers. The Audi makes its A3 in a hybrid model, which is a hatchback that gives you the Audi name while still letting you be eco-conscious about your ride. For your American luxury cars, GM has made its Cadillac as an ELR hybrid, which is similar to Chevrolet’s Volt construction and gives you 37 electric miles.

Porsche isn’t going to be left out of the hybrid game either—it offers its Cayenne SUV as a hybrid, even though it only features 14 miles of electric driving. Although this does bump the fuel economy up to almost 50 MPG! Last but not least, Mercedes has its C350 and S550 as hybrid models and BMW offers the i8 hybrid, which is a pretty unique coupe up for your consideration.

Moving on to the more affordable used cars for hybrids. The Chevy Volt is a popular hybrid that gets 38 pure electric miles. The Ford C-Max Energi as well as the Ford Fusion Energi boast popular vehicles for their line of hybrids, particularly the Fusion. Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, and Volvo all offer you hybrid options that likely fall well within your budget for used models.

Either One Is a Bargain!


When you’re shopping for used hybrid or electric vehicles, the fact is that either one you purchase is likely to be a bargain! This is great news for those looking to upgrade to a more modern car with great fuel economy at a fraction of the price tag for when these cars were new.

Your only challenge will be to determine how well the cars measure up on what you’ll be needing them for. If you live in a city and have a set number of miles every day or don’t have far to go for work, then an all electric model could be a fantastic bargain for you and give you everything you’re looking for. For those who require a little more flexibility with their job, family, or traveling, the hybrid might be a better option.

Regardless of what option you decide is best, you’re sure to get a great deal in the used market of hybrid or electric cars. The fact is that these cars are out there right now for amazing deals, and this is the perfect time to buy. Consider your next used vehicle as a hybrid or an electric model—with unsurpassed fuel economy, new models with low miles, and great prices, you’ve got nothing to lose. Many of these cars are still covered under warranty, so what are you waiting for? Choose a hybrid or electric model for your next used car bargain today!

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