A red 2019 Ram 1500 on a majestic mountain against a cloudy sky

Why the 2019 Ram 1500 Won Motor Trend Truck of the Year


The Ram 1500 recently saw a bit of an overhaul, with the brand releasing an all-new version of the beloved nameplate in time to hit a local Ram dealership for the 2019 model year. Their decision to revamp the pickup proved to be a smashing success, as the 2019 Ram 1500 ended up winning the 2019 MotorTrend Truck of the Year award.

“The fifth-generation Ram 1500 is the latest in a long line of evolutionary leaps for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ bread-and-butter truck,” the publication said in their announcement. “The newest version, more than any other, seems poised to meet the needs of the 21st-century truck buyer, with more variety, capability, comfort, convenience, and value than ever before.”

Predictably, this isn’t all lip-service. Rather, the nameplate has truly earned this prestigious award. The pickup has established itself as one of the industry’s best options due to top-notch performance, technological offerings, an array of safety functions, and (predictably) an impressive truck bed.

Below, we’ve elaborated on the various reasons why the 2019 Ram 1500 was the perfect choice for MotorTrend Truck of the Year award. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll probably be itching to visit a Ram dealership when you’re finished reading…


The 2019 Ram 1500 has established itself as one of the most powerful pickups in the class, and this is emphasized in each of their three engine offerings. Each of these versatile offerings don’t only deliver top-notch power, but they also manage to promise some surprising efficiency, as well.

It starts with the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 VVT engine, which provides drivers with respectable specs across the board. The unit is ultimately capable of delivering a hulking 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, and these specs end up playing a role in the system promising a 11,610-pound towing capacity. Best of all, drivers can still anticipate a 22-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency (on the 4×2 variation).

If you’re looking to revamp your HEMI experience, consider the incredible 5.7-liter HEMI V8 eTorque engine, which includes the innovative eTorque Mild Hybrid System. The unit is capable of delivering the same 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque, all leading to a best-in-class V8 towing capacity of 12,750 pounds. The system even manages to be fuel efficient thanks to fuel-saving technologies like variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation. Ultimately, drivers can anticipate a best-in-class (among V8 4×4) 22-mile-per-gallon highway fuel efficiency.

The standard 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine manages to build off those efficiency numbers. Thanks in part to the eTorque technologies, drivers can anticipate a best-in-class 4×4 fuel efficiency of 24-mile-per-gallons on the highway, and this leads to a best-in-class 624-mile driving range. Of course, the system still delivers all of the muscle you’re probably seeking, promising drivers up to 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque.


It’s rare that you’ll see a pickup include so many technological amenities, but this is just a major reason why the 2019 Ram 1500 has been touted as one of the top offerings in the segment.

It starts with the brand’s incredible Uconnect system, which is accessible via the accompany touchscreen unit (including the available largest-in-class 12-inch option). The unit will provide quick access to an assortment of applications, and the Apple CarPlay compatibility means drivers can always stay on the grid while they’re operating their pickup. The available SiriusXM radio will be appreciated by those who enjoy jamming out to their favorite tunes, as will the Harman Kardon Premium Sound System. This inclusion delivers an unmatched listening experience thanks to the 900-watt, 19-speaker set-up.

Of course, the technological amenities don’t end there. Drivers will also appreciate the Digital Cluster Display, which highlights an assortment of essential information on a seven-inch display. The various USB ports will assure that your smartphone is always juiced, while the noise cancellation amenities will prevent any disruptions from the roaring engine or howling wind. Drivers can even opt for a sunroof, meaning fresh air can flow into your cabin.

The brand even found ways to boost interior space. Thanks to inclusions like the in-floor storage unit, drivers will be able to capitalize on a best-in-class interior storage volume of 151.1 liters. The center console is also the perfect place to hide your more valuable cargo, including 15-inch laptops.


A black 2019 Ram 1500 from the front in a city alley

The 2019 Ram 1500 is considered to be one of the safest pickups in the industry, and for very good reason. After all, the brand touts that the nameplate features more than 100 safety functions. While these various features will play a role in preventing any injuries during a collision, they should also help to prevent those accidents from ever occurring.

For instance, the brand’s brand-new Blind Spot Monitoring system (with the accompanying Rear Cross Path) will provide the driver with a faux co-pilot, alerting the driver when it’s unsafe to switch lanes. The Trailer Detection system also pairs with these two features, providing drivers with complete control over their hauled goods.

The LaneSense Lane Departure Warning-Plus system is another amenity that will be useful on the highway, as the system will warn the driver when it’s unsafe to switch lanes. The Adaptive Cruise Control system with Stop and Go technology is another appreciated safety function, as drivers can take a brief break without risking their well-being. The system will maintain its speed, and it can accelerate or decelerate based on the flow of traffic. Plus, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, there’s no need to worry. The Forward Collision Warning and Advanced Brake Assist system will assure that you remain out of harm’s way.

There are even inclusions that will prove to be invaluable when traveling in a parking lot. The 360-degrees Surround View Camera allows drivers to constantly monitor everything that’s happening behind your new pickup. If you need some additional help in squeezing into a tight parking spot, you can also turn to the available Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist.

Unfortunately, accidents aren’t 100-percent avoidable, meaning you may find yourself in a crash. Fortunately, in that situation, your 2019 Ram 1500 will keep you safe. The vehicle’s high-strength body will keep dangerous energy away from the occupants, while the advanced airbag system will provide everyone with the necessary amount of cushion.

Clearly, if safety is a priority of yours as you’re shopping for a new pickup truck, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands when traveling in the 2019 Ram 1500.

Truck Bed

Of course, if you’re opting for a pickup truck, you’re surely eyeing the vehicle’s bed. Well, you’ll be impressed by all of the advantages that the 2019 Ram 1500’s truck bed provides to drivers.

Owners can ultimately take advantage of the 61.5-cubic-feet of bed volume, providing them with more than enough room to fit whatever equipment or construction aggregate they’ll need for the workday. The Tailgate Assist system will make loading that equipment a whole lot easier. If owners are equipped with the key fob, the tailgate can automatically open, leading to the utmost convenience.

Customers can even opt for the class-exclusive RamBox Cargo Management System, which allows owners to keep their truck bed fully organized. The pair of lockable drainage bins provide safe spots to hide your most valuable tools, while the LED lighting assures you can access it at any time of day. There’s even an 115-volt power outlet, meaning the RamBox can be your go-to for charging any equipment.

While it’s clear to see why MotorTrend loved this truck we have to agree with them. The 2019 Ram 1500 has something for everyone and enough power to handle most situations. With all these features and comforts you may even find us running to a local Ram dealership!