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Which Website Helps Me Find the Best Used Cars Near Me?

Finding the perfect used car in your specific area was once a daunting task. Research into a vehicle’s usage, value, and history could only be done by a dealership before the advent of the internet. Guides, catalogs and subscription services exclusively available to car sales professionals once dominated the industry and hid the true value of a used car from you, the average consumer. The internet has since changed all of that. Service histories, retail value, mileage, and previous owner maintenance records are now available to anybody curious enough to click a mouse or say “OK Google.”

Car lots are everywhere, whether you prefer to shop online or in person, there is certain to be the perfect used car near you. Focusing on the major websites, in no specific order, reveals options and perks of shopping for a used car online.

High Performance Used Car Sites is one of the top used car search sites. Superior search options let you navigate by make, model, or price, just like most sites out there. AutoTrader, though, has additional filters to their search options allowing you to sort further than others by checking off desired fuel mileage, particular vehicle specs, or specific options like a tire pressure monitor on board. Business Elite GM and Chevrolet cars or trucks can also be searched for through AutoTrader. is an excellent resource for anybody searching for a used car in their area. Easily search by make, model, or price to find a local used car. An onsite option that is extra handy has the ability to instant message or email the dealer or private seller that has the car you like. Easy, efficient, and supported by a very user-friendly interface make a great local used car search tool. Fast access to the vehicles Carfax report is a bonus of this site as well.

Nadaguides. NADA stands for the National Automotive Dealers Association and Nadaguides is their official web presence. The best part of using the Nadaguides site for used car shopping is the four-car-at-once comparison tool. Pick several different types of vehicles, either the same model or not, and look at their stats side by side by side by side. This is a great tool if the buyer is not quite sure what they are looking for. And not just auto dealers list here. A personal seller can also list a vehicle, as well as homes, boats, and RVs through Nadaguides. Car loan services, as well as a through record search, are added perks on the NADA official website.

Classic or Original Used Car Sites

Some lesser known sites for finding a used car are and and are tailored specifically to classic or rarer model cars. does not allow any average cars to be posted. Any listings must be sent for review before being posted. also uses a bidding system in which the owner can set a reserve price if desired. is more than a classic used car buying site. It is a collection of blogs, newsletters, and resources for the classic car collector. A tool locator, a parts search platform, and auction links make this site a great place to spend a couple of hours.

Finding the right used car in your area is easier than ever before. Searching with any of these easy to use platforms will guarantee that the used car of your dreams can be found with ease and accuracy. Spending a couple of hours online to research before you buy can save you a ton of money in the long run.

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