2017 Ford Best Used Cars

What Are Some of the Best Used Cars in 2017?

In 2017, finding the right used car for sale can be a daunting process for sure. Everything from sedans and convertibles, to full-size pickups and monstrous SUVs are available on the market for immediate purchase. Finding the right one for your specific needs is going to be a little more about doing some personal soul searching than about going around and kicking tires. So many different vehicles with endless amounts of options, sizes, and uses are available on the market today. A quick suggestion before searching for a “new to you” used vehicle would be to take a notepad and write down the features in an automobile that are important to you, along with those that are absolutely necessary and those that are optional. Organizing this list in order of relevance and importance may help you find the perfect vehicle to fulfill all of your transportation needs.

Let’s Categorize

There are just way too many different types of vehicles to properly categorize in an efficient manner, yet still keep a blog post relatively short, (attention spans are shrinking, look it up.) For the purpose of space, I will only select one vehicle each from two popular categories: trucks and affordable coupes.

The Big Boy Toys

The full-size pickup truck market is jam packed with trucks offering everything from 4G LTE Wi-Fi to cameras that assist in backing up to a trailer or tow hitch. Many auto manufacturers know that the American public loves their pickup trucks and, quite frankly, supply the demand for them. The winner for the best-used car in the 2017 full-size truck category is Ford’s world renowned F150. The F150 has been around for a long time and offers so many different bodies, engine types, cabin styles and bed configurations that I just do not think you could find two F150s that are alike if you tried. Power, comfort, and general reliability make this full-size pickup truck the winner in the heavy truck class. The only major downside to purchasing and owning this full-size pickup is the fact that very low gas mileage is achieved with the F150. Most large truck owners are simply not phased by this, however, I had to add it here, anyway. Fuel station proximity necessity aside, the Ford’s flagship truck, the F150 is a consumer favorite, hands down.

Frugal Speed

This is a personal favorite category of mine. A coupe that offers speed at a price that won’t need a homeowner’s second mortgage sounds like a good deal to me. The class of cheap used speedsters, believe it or not, has some heavy competition. The winner in the class of affordable coupes for the 2017 used car buyer is the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. I know, I know. Believe it or not, this baby has the best bang for its buck in this class. A turbo 4 or a 3.8L motor gives this little speedster enough power to fly over mountainside highways with ease. It has a rear wheel drive configuration, however, which may not be best suited for winter travel in the northern states. For most though, the smile it will instantly bring to your face on a nice, warm day may be well worth it to you.

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