A villain is shown standing over a holographic city skyline.

What Cars Would these DC Villains Drive?

Although superheroes are what we should aspire to be, there’s no denying that the villains are often more interesting and compelling. This isn’t a coincidence; storytellers tend to make villains more appealing and “cool” as a reminder that there’s always a temptation to do the wrong thing. How well this works is, perhaps, up for debate, but it doesn’t change the fact that DC has a legacy of fascinating and memorable villains that have taken up residence in pop culture.

Whether you prefer The Joker or Lex Luthor, Poison Ivy or King Shark, DC villains are among the most ruthless and vile characters in modern literature. If you have a weird brain like mine, then you might find yourself wondering what sort of car these characters like to pick up after escaping from Arkham Asylum or Blackgate. Here’s what I think our favorite DC villains would drive, given the choice and opportunity.

The Joker – 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

The Clown Prince of Crime isn’t one that I’d strongly associate with any particular vehicle – his capriciousness, and lack of planning means he’d probably just use whatever is handy. All things being equal; however, I think he’d like the classic style of the ’59 Cadillac Eldorado––those big tail fins even resemble the classic Batmobile, which he’d get a kick out of. It would be a gorgeous purple color, of course, and probably have a big sloppy smiley face painted on the front hood in green and red.

A white 2020 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is shown parked on a sandy area.

Harley Quinn – Alfa Romeo Spider

In action, Harley is known for being nimble and athletic, so I think she’d want a vehicle that handles similarly. The small size of the Spider just seems perfect, and it would give her the speed and precision that she’d want when trying to get away from Gotham PD or The Bat. There are plenty of sports cars out there that would work for her, but I think she’d particularly like the Spider because its two-seat design means there’s only room enough for her and her Puddin’ without having to share him with other passengers.

Two-Face – 1990 Isuzu Gemini Coupe

Known as the Isuzu Impulse here in the US, and by a number of other names prior to 1990, the Isuzu Gemini Coupe is a two-door option that would give Two-Face the speed he needs to get away from the cops. Despite the American name for it, I think he wouldn’t be able to resist the Japanese-titled Gemini and would (of course) have two of these cars: one in pristine condition with the standard gas engine and a beat-up model that looks like it’s about to burst into flames, rumbling to life with a poorly-tuned available diesel engine.

Catwoman – Stolen Jaguar S-3

The Jaguar S-Type models from the 1960s were a gorgeous combination of stunning refinement, sophisticated features, and impressive performance. Catwoman would be drawn to the feline brand name of this car, of course, and the sleek style would perfectly match her aesthetic. It’s important to mention, however, that she’d never buy one of these. Whatever car she’s driving, while not simply hopping from rooftop to rooftop, would invariably be stolen from some privileged driver who didn’t deserve it.

Killer Croc – Hummer, Old or New

For his large size and desire to go anywhere he wants, I can picture Killer Croc in a Hummer since it would be big enough for his needs. This is when he’s not simply tromping through Gotham’s sewers, of course, and has to take to the road to get somewhere. I could see him in a classic H1 from the 90s, as well as in a new EV model – I don’t really think he cares about fuel economy. Whatever’s available is what he’s going to drive.

Poison Ivy – Nothing

While I was tempted at first to put Dr. Isley in an EV model since she would be more likely to choose an emission-free vehicle, I realized that even that was flawed. Considering just how environmentally-minded Poison Ivy is, she would be against EVs due to the impact of developing their batteries – and the poor battery recycling options available. Assuming she’s not cruising around in the man-car that is Sy Borgman, she’d be moving about with the assistance of various vines and trees. Or, in some cases, she’ll ride shotgun in Harley’s Alfa Romeo Spider.

Lex Luthor – 1933 Duesenberg SJ Arlington Torpedo Sedan

As the wealthiest villain on this list, Luthor would likely drive a custom, one-off model from Mercedes-Benz or Rolls-Royce. Other than that, however, I think he’d have this 1933 classic that was effectively the supercar of its time. This is a gorgeous, classic piece of machinery – I think Luthor would have it updated and tricked out with some new tech and features, while keeping the exterior. It was nicknamed the “Twenty Grand” for what it’s said to have cost new – that doesn’t sound like much, but in 1933 that was equivalent to about half a million dollars today.

A silver 2022 Hyundai Accent is shown parked under lights in a courtyard.

Deadshot – Hyundai Accent

Although brash, violent, and somewhat unpredictable, Deadshot really isn’t much for flash and showing off. He’s about action more than words – plus he gives most of his earnings from Suicide Squad missions and other stuff to his daughter to help support her. As such, he’s not going to have something extravagant or ultra-luxurious. I think the reliable and sensible nature of the Hyundai Accent would get his attention, and it would be just enough car for his needs.

The Cheetah – 1960s Bill Thomas Cheetah

I’ll be honest, this almost seems too easy – guess I’m the real “cheat-ah” here, eh?! That “joke” aside, I do think this Cheetah would grab Barbara’s attention (or Priscilla or Deborah’s attention if we’re going back to Golden and Silver Age comics here), and it would afford her with the kind of speed and power she’d want for getting around Gateway City and causing trouble for Wonder Woman. I assume she’d want to find one with a borderline-tacky cheetah-print interior – or at least some equally trashy car seats.

Gorilla Grodd – Anything He Wants

If I might borrow from an old joke: What does an 800-lb gorilla drive? Anything he wants! Gorilla Grodd doesn’t really need a car to get around, but he’s pretty much going to be able to grab any vehicle he wants and just take it – assuming The Flash isn’t there to stop him. Given his size, I think he’d be drawn to large SUVs, though if he wants to cram his frame into a Camaro, no one’s about to argue with him.

Black Manta – 1967 Amphicar

The amphicar is exactly what its name suggests: an amphibious car. This might not be the most powerful vehicle around, but its ability to seamlessly go from land to water and back makes it the perfect choice for Aquaman’s nefarious nemesis. I imagine that Black Manta would trick his out with some serious upgrades and more power to allow him to get around quickly. Legend has it that President Lyndon Johnson, who owned an amphicar, would drive friends around in it and exclaim that the brakes had failed as he drove into a lake, freaking out his passengers. I assume Manta would do the same thing to the other members of the Legion of Doom.

King Shark – Chevy Mako Shark

While Black Manta likes to use technology for getting around, King Shark doesn’t really need a vehicle to help him underwater. That means he’s going to be focused on something for getting around town, and I think the Chevy concept car known as the Mako Shark would be just perfect. He might have a little trouble fitting his significant bulk into this little two-seater, but it’s a convertible, so I’m sure he can figure it out (the same way Tom Selleck managed to fit into a Ferrari 308 on Magnum P.I.). King Shark in a Mako might be a little on the nose, but super-villains aren’t exactly known for their subtlety.