Volvo Hatchbacks Always Amaze

Volvo Hatchbacks Never Fail To Amaze

It seems fair to say that the classic Volvo hatchback, in our global collective imagination, is widely regarded as an excellent vehicle. Known for amazing performance combined with proven reliability and time-tested durability, these Volvos have managed to withstand decades of design changes and have come out more impressive, more powerful, and bettered suited for the modern driver than ever.

If one of these great models has caught your eye at your local NJ Volvo dealership in the past, then now may not be a bad time to consider getting yourself into one of these great hatchback Volvos. Here’s a quick look at what’s available these days, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to start seeking out that perfect Volvo for you.

The XC Wagons

When the modern driver thinks of a Volvo, they might just be thinking of the new XC series hatchbacks and SUVs now available from this impressive Swedish brand. Here’s a look at this up-and-coming line, and the great options available under the XC nameplate.



Those looking for Volvo’s most standard hatchback model should look no further than the impressive XC60, boasting some of the most spacious cargo space and most comfortable interior options available on a hatchback today.

Between its 67.4 cubic feet of available cargo space and its comfortable seating for five, the XC60 is undeniably spacious on the inside. Plus, with a 2.0 Liter 4-Cylinder Turbocharged Direct-Injection engine capable of 240 horsepower that can also be supercharged for an additional 62 horsepower as well as an upgraded 2.5 Liter, 5-Cylinder, Turbocharged engine capable of 250 horsepower, this all-wheel-drive vehicle offers plenty of reliable power just about anywhere on the road.

With a fuel economy up to 31 miles per gallon highway and a starting MSRP of just $36,600, the SC60 offers one of the most affordable options for the Volvo lover looking to get the most for their money.



For those looking to improve upon the already-impressive options offered by the XC60, Volvo’s luxurious XC70 is here to answer. Featuring the same 2.0L 4-cylinder and 2.5L 5-cylinder engine options as the SC60, the XC70 improves upon its predecessor in more subtle ways that come together to make a big difference in drivability.

Featuring interior improvements like larger, more ergonomic seating and a heated steering wheel, the XC70 boasts more luxury features than most other hatchback models, while its improved traction control technology provide a better grip on the road in just about any conditions.

Improvements in the Sensus infotainment system make the XC70 more inviting for those looking for improved connectivity and entertainment options in their hatchback, while available premium interior materials can help add some serious class to your Volvo’s overall appearance. Starting at $37,100, the XC70 offers a noticeable upgrade from other hatchbacks.



Enter the newest addition to the Volvo family and the most impressive hatchback model to date: the XC90. Few other vehicles more fully embody the Swedish commitment to detail that make Volvo vehicles so fantastic, and with these improvements, the XC90 elevates itself to one of the most impressive models available today, period.

Although it boasts an impressive 2.0L 4-cylinde turbocharged engine capable of 250 horsepower, what really makes the XC90 so amazing is its driver-focused design. Between its ergonomically designed, heated leather seats with an available massage function to the massive vertical-display touchscreen infotainment center, the XC90 is a fully-realized, driver-focused cockpit meant to be a personal refuge away from home.

This, plus the XC90’s intensive suite of integrated preventative safety technology, have earned the XC90 both Motor Trend’s 2016 SUV of the Year and the 2016 North American Truck Utility Truck of the Year awards. Starting at an MSRP of $43,950, the XC90 is ready to be yours at a Volvo dealer right now. And, for those eco-conscious Volvo lovers, the XC90 also comes in a T8 Twin-Engine Hybrid version for increased fuel efficiency, starting at $68,100.

The V Wagons

Although Volvo has been able to claim an impressive string of successes with its XC hatchback series, the classic hatchback Volvo we all envision is actually from Volvo’s classic V series. Here’s a look at these classic hatchbacks, some of only one of which is even available in this country.



Built to be a small family car that infuses a luxurious interior with a stylish exterior, the Volvo V40 seems to embody the advancing safety and design goals Volvo has been reaching for lately. Redesigned in 2012 as an updated, powerful compact hatchback, this impressive family model boasts a new D2 diesel engine with a 2.0L engine capable of pumping out 120 horsepower for solid power on the road.

The most recent version of this model also boasts Volvo’s impressive IntelliSafe preventative safety technology to help avoid or mitigate crashes on the road, while revised spring and damper settings provide an exceptionally smooth ride on uneven surfaces.

The V40 has also received Volvo’s famed Cross Country upgrades, including a more powerful engine and bigger wheels for an increased ride height on the Cross Country model. This allows the V40 to tackle most light-duty offroad trails with no problem at all.

Although the V40 is currently unavailable in the U.S., rumors have been circulating about a return to America with an updated 2017 model – so keep your eyes out for this one, faithful Volvo admirers.



For American consumers, the V60 is currently the only Volvo hatchback available – and for many drivers, that’s exactly what they wanted. This spacious sport wagon boasts up to 43.1 cubic feet of available cargo space and up to 325 horsepower for total hauling power. Plus, with an excellent fuel economy estimated at 37 mpg highway, the V60 might just deliver everything a driver needs for an excellent ride on just about any road.

Amazingly, the V60 also comes in a Cross Country model, with notable design upgrades to make tackling even the harshest trails much easier. Boasting a 7.6-inch ground clearance thanks to larger wheels as well as standard Haldex All-Wheel-Drive for improved traction, it seems as though the V60 can take on just about any obstacle in its way – and do it with style.



The V70, perhaps more than any other Volvo model, really looks like that stereotypical Volvo, boasting the roomy box-shaped hatch and wide, stern stance up front that many drivers have come to recognize. Don’t let the classic appearance fool you, however: this model is chock full of impressive upgrades that make it an excellent buy.

The V70 is available only overseas, and among them there are many engine options, the most impressive being the T5 4-cylinder engine capable of 237 horsepower and 240 lb.-ft of torque for some impressive on-road performance. Also featuring newly redesigned exterior LED lights and an all-new integrated Sensus infotainment system, the V70 offers a careful combination of classic style and modern flair for one excellent driving machine.

The V70 was also updated to a Plug-In Hybrid model for testing in 2011 which Volvo estimated could reach 125 miles per gallon on a full charge. Although never available in the U.S., this hybrid model has been in production in Europe since 2012.
As you can probably see, Volvo hatchbacks have somewhat of a reputation for being excellent vehicles with impressive capabilities and excellent reputations among consumers worldwide. With more models likely to arrive in America in the next few years, Volvo lovers stateside can wait with high expectations for some excellent vehicles to grace our shores in the near future.

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