Man hailing and uber in a modern city on the side of the road.

Uber Pushes Forward with Volvo

As widely reported in current auto news, Uber has inked a massive deal with Volvo that will call for 24,000 vehicles to be delivered between 2019 and 2021.

Specifically, this mass pre-orders was for the Volvo XC90 SUV, equating to an investment of around $1 Billion. This is on top of a $300 million deal the two companies inked last year to develop the proprietary technology which would transform these vehicles into autonomous ride-share providers.

Public opinion regarding autonomous vehicles might be described as apprehensive, at best. With most technology existing as a result of partnerships between automakers and tech firms, many are concerned that this pursuit has become the equivalent of a two-legged race for technological bragging rights. After all, once the technology is created and made affordable, it will inevitably determine the future of driving.

But with tests from the likes of Tesla, Google, and even the Uber / Volvo collaboration resulting in accidents, the finish line still feels far off. And very little has been done to reassure today’s drivers of the steps being taken to ensure that tomorrow’s automotive technology (if driverless) is being designed for integration, with passenger safety in mind.

Reminiscent of paranoia resulting from sci-fi staples such as ‘War of the Worlds’ or classic ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes, most driverless will remain apprehensive until real strides are taken to instill confidence as to the trustworthiness of this developing technology.

Are you uncertain about autonomous driving, and why there is such a sense of urgency to develop this technology? In my opinion, it may be best described in the following link, that adds a human perspective to this timely endeavor.  Well worth a watch, we recommend that anyone with anxiety over driverless technology avoids the clip found at 10:33. Let us know what you think!