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How Infiniti Continues to Innovate

Infiniti is one of the more innovative brands in the industry. Whether you’re enticed by the company’s sporty, athletic engines or technological amenities, you’ll undoubtedly be impressed by all the brand can offer.

Of course, Infiniti’s innovations go beyond their vehicles. Rather, the company is revolutionizing the industry by offering a number of specific programs and technologies. For instance, the Amazon Alexa compatibility is a more common innovation, as the technology provides the utmost convenience to owners. Meanwhile, the brand’s Engineering Academy looks to help out some of the world’s best young engineering minds. There’s truly no end to the brand’s incredible innovations.

Below, we’ve explored how Infiniti continues to innovate. While it may not necessarily make you want to pursue one of the brand’s vehicles, you can still appreciate everything the company does to positively progress the entire industry…


Engineering Academy

Infiniti is trying to showcase the best young engineers it the world, and they’ve gathered them all in one place thanks to their 2017 Infiniti Engineering Academy. Earlier this month, winners from around the globe traveled to the United Kingdom to begin exclusive work on “both automotive and Formula One technologies.” This is a unique opportunity for the world’s best young minds to converge and (potentially) revolutionize the entire industry.

“The seven Academy winners from last year’s intake have already been working hard in important roles at our Enstone base, strengthening our technical resource with fresh-thinking engineering ability,” said Cyril Abiteboul, the managing director of Renault Sport Racing. “Attracting top new talent is crucial for success in Formula One, and the Academy helps us to do this. We look forward to and presume the same great levels of talent from this year’s winners. They will be expected to quickly slot into our team and contribute to our 2017 and 2018 Formula One campaigns.”

The winner initially had to complete a grueling puzzle test, and they then proceeded to the recruitment phase of the endeavor. Then 10 finalists were tasked to compete in a “final competition,” and the seven winners were then selected based on their efforts. These individuals will now participate in a 12-month program, and they’ll have the opportunity to work alongside some of the brand’s best engineers. In previous iterations of the program, participants went on to successful careers in the industry, only emphasizing how instrumental the opportunity can be.

“With every edition of the Academy, we are more and more impressed by the amount of interest received from students all over the world and the incredible level of the talent attracted,” said Tommaso Volpe, the global director of INFINITI Motorsport. “Students have seen the accomplishments of our former Academy graduates, who have forged successful careers in both automotive and motorsport. As a result, more students than ever before want to participate to get this once-in-a-lifetime engineering experience to launch their careers. With Formula One becoming more relevant to the automotive industry, and with an increased focus of the placements this year being on the road car development, we are training a new generation of engineers who will play a key role in the crossover between the two industries.”


Alexa Compatibility

Nowadays, car owners are seeking as much remote access as they can get their hands on. Well, Infiniti is seemingly elevating those factors to a whole new level. The brand now allows owners to access their car via the Amazon Alexa technology. With the sound of their voice, owners can requests that Alexa locks their doors or starts their engine. This leads to optimal convenience, especially when you’re tasked with completing other chores before your commute.

“We are pleased to offer this new technology in conjunction with Amazon Alexa to INFINITI owners, who have come to expect exciting innovations and conveniences from our brand,” said Randy Parker, the vice president of INFINITI Americas. “We are not only about bringing premium features to luxury vehicles but we are also looking to the advancements that will take our cars, and the transportation space, into the future.”

Ultimately, the technology teams up with the accompanying INFINITI InTouch Services and INFINITI Connection technology to provide drivers with an unmatched owning experience. While some brands offer similar technologies, they often require the owner to log into an application or program. This specific innovation only requires your vocal cords, optimizing convenience. If you’re one who likes to be connected to their vehicle at all times, you’ll surely appreciate this innovative, technological offering.


Donations to Charities

Well, this isn’t necessarily a technological innovation, but you rarely see car brands giving back to the community. Well, Infiniti is clearly focused on bucking this trend, as they recently donated more than one million dollars to various charities, including Coaches vs. Cancer, ChadTough Foundation (via University of Michigan coach John Beilein), and “various philanthropic organizations individually selected in the INFINITI Coaches’ Charity Challenge.”

While the donations were part of the brand’s relationship with the NCAA and the National Association of Basketball Coaches, the brand has continually been focused on giving back. Since 2009, Infiniti has handed out more than seven million dollars to various foundations, with the hope that the money will raise cancer awareness, end the disease, and ultimately save lives.

“For seven years, INFINITI has been a proud supporter of the NABC and the Coaches vs. Cancer program, and the Coaches’ Charity Challenge is an excellent way to bring coaches, athletes, and fans together in the fight against cancer,” said Phil O’Connor, the brand’s Director Marketing Communications, and Media. “Congratulations to Coach Beilein and the Michigan Wolverines, who once again rallied to win the Challenge in support of the ChadTough Foundation; we are proud to make a donation to such a deserving organization.”

Many car brands could certainly take a page from Infiniti. Beyond the good press that these donations provide, they also emphasize the brand’s dedication to the community. While it may not be the difference for car shoppers, it’s surely something that will stick in the back of these individuals’ minds.